Watch Out! Danger Ahead

Chapter 544 - Chapter 544: Evolution (1)

Chapter 544: Evolution (1)

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After the trial on the demon Island, song qingxiao had gone through two more trials in a row. As she got along with the silver Wolf more and more, she rarely thought about her first acquaintance with the silver Wolf.

This Sliver Wolf had first appeared and attacked the camp to take revenge for its tribe.

That day by the stream, they were attacked by a pack of mutated wolves. Mr. Zhou’s bodyguards had defeated most of the wolves.

However, these genetically mutated creatures had extremely strong vitality. The bullets might not have been able to kill all the wolves in the first place, especially in the critical situation at that time. Everyone was in a hurry to ’ escape, so no one could determine whether the wolves were alive or dead. After the incident, song qingxiao rarely thought about this problem, but she was sure that the wolves were not all dead after the escape.

Song qingxiao remembered very clearly that she had plotted against number two, causing him to be dragged into the bushes by a gray wolf to avoid the pursuit of bullets.

In other words, other than the mutated wolves that were injured by the bullets, the Wolf Pack and the wolves were hiding in the bushes at that time and avoided the disaster.

However, when the silver Wolf appeared, it was already a lone wolf that had left the pack of wolves.

Later on, when he encountered the flood Dragon on the other side of the island, the silver Wolf followed it alone. He could be sure that it had no companions.

Wolves were pack animals. If its companions were still alive, it would be impossible for it to be a lone wolf that left the pack. The only possibility was that before it took action, the pack of wolves had already been wiped out, and it was the only one left.

However, song qingxiao had been with the silver Wolf for a long time and knew how strong it was.

This Wolf was extremely arrogant, and it was not afraid of death in battle. It was also extremely vengeful and petty.

It dared to confront the creature on evil demon Island that had evolved to the level of a Wyrm and even dared to fight it head-on. It tried to snatch the food from the Wyrm’s mouth. In addition to courage, its strength was also not to be underestimated.

If there was such a King among the wolves, there should be very few natural enemies in the jungle on another demon Island.

In other words, these destroyed wolves were unlikely to die in the mouths of other creatures. Instead, it was very likely that they were buried in the mouths of silver wolves!

It was too proud! They shouldn’t allow such a weak person to be among their companions.

When she was at her peak, she had the ability to counterattack and suppress the silver Wolf, so she was on par with it. Therefore, when they fought, it was a comrade, a companion, and a reliable shield.

However, she was severely injured and on her last breath. To the silver Wolf, she was likely to be a weakling and a burden. Her flesh contained the blood of a flood Dragon and the evolution potion, which could help the wolf King evolve. In the world of wolves, the strong preyed on the weak. If she continued in this state, she would be in danger!

Song qingxiao was extremely anxious. At this time, her meridians were seriously damaged, the spiritual power in her body was empty, and her primordial spirit and divine sense had been consumed a lot in the battle with the consciousness. At this time, she could only place all her hope on the blue blood that spilled from the seal.

If her meridians could be repaired and she could recover some spiritual energy without showing any signs of fatigue, she might be able to escape from danger. However, this wisp of flood dragon blood was really too thin. She had suffered two fatal injuries, and her situation was really terrible.

In addition, the existence of that thread of flame poison caused her recovery to be extremely slow.

Meanwhile, the silver Wolf had already combed its fur. Most of the blood that had flowed out of song qingxiao’s body had been licked clean by it. The fur that had been soaked in blood had a strange light pink color in the bamboo forest.

It raised its head and stared at song Qing. The moonlight shone through the gaps in the bamboo forest, making its eyes glow a creepy green.

Song qingxiao closed her eyes. She could feel the Wolf’s gaze on her. Her body tensed up and she instinctively summoned the mysterious dagger.

The silver Wolf lay on the ground for a while and slowly got up. As it walked it stepped on the broken bamboo on the ground, making a ‘Xi suo’ sound.

It stopped at the spot where blood had dripped from song qingxiao’s wound. It licked the blood clean, looked up at her, and lay down again.

It was getting closer to him, and this distance was really dangerous.

Song qingxiao gritted her teeth and took a deep breath. The blue blood in her body moved slowly. Under such circumstances, her veins had only been repaired by a small half. It was too slow.

She scanned her body with her divine sense and found that the seal in the middle of her heart was still motionless. The blue blood that had saved her life several times before was actually just a drop in the ocean in this seal.

It was not realistic to completely remove the seal at this time. She simply could not find a way to remove the seal, but she remembered that every time the seal was activated automatically, it was at the moment of her life and death.

Her eyelids concealed the ruthlessness in her eyes. She clenched the dagger tightly, covered it with her divine sense, and used all her strength to raise her arm.

The blade reflected light and the silver Wolf that had been watching her was shocked by her actions. It subconsciously got up and retreated. Its four limbs bent and it opened its mouth to reveal its fangs. Its eyes were sharp.

Just as he was about to pounce, he saw song qingxiao holding the dagger and stabbing it into her own heart!

The tip of the knife pierced through her flesh with a Puchi’ sound and went straight into her internal organs, destroying the little life force that she had left.

Song Qing’s heart was severely injured. As his heart beat wildly, a large amount of blood began to flow out from the wound. With every beat, song Qing spat out a large amount of blood.

The divine sense covering the dagger stimulated the motionless seal suspended in her heart. As she felt a large amount of life force flowing away, her hands and feet were cold and her body began to Twitch instinctively, the seal that had been motionless all this time suddenly moved!

Song qingxiao grinned, and a small stream of blue blood flowed out. It first flowed through her injured heart, dying her internal organs light blue!

The moment the silver Wolf felt that she was even weaker, it let out a low groan. When it pounced on her, song qingxiao’s closed eyes opened.

His eyes turned golden and his pupils shrank to the size of a needle tip.

Large blue scales appeared on her cheeks and body. The Big Hole in her chest that was clawed open by the silver Wolf was quickly squirming and closing up, and soon, she was wrapped in scales!

The damaged internal organs were forcefully repaired by the flood dragon’s bloodline, and the broken tendons were reconnected.

Song qingxiao felt as if she was surrounded by Ice and Fire. A violent energy filled her body with the blue blood!

Her upper body felt like it was being roasted by a raging fire, but her lower body felt like it had fallen into an ice cellar. The energy that could not be vented flowed to her lower body, causing her legs to merge together. The scales that covered her long legs wrapped around her, and a thick and long snake tail formed under her body!

When the silver Wolf pounced, she reached out her hand like lightning and grabbed its neck, pressing the wolf King, which weighed more than a few hundred pounds, into the mud with a bang!

A violent force burst out, cutting the surrounding bamboo from root to root,

and the sound of it collapsing could be heard.

“What do you want to do?” She spoke coldly, and the long tail under her body slowly moved, sweeping away the bamboo forest that was in the way, suppressing the silver Wolf’s struggling body, and slowly tightening the tail..

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