Watch Out! Danger Ahead

Chapter 543 - Chapter 543: Crisis (1)

Chapter 543: Crisis (1)

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For many people in the imperial capital, that night was destined to be a sleepless night.

When ‘su Wu’ used the ‘God annihilating technique’, his aura spread out and immediately woke up many people who were hiding in the dark!

Not long after the silver Wolf left with song qingxiao, many auras rushed over like meteors.

Song qingxiao could no longer care about the mess she had made. The silver Wolf was unusually fast. It ran in the night, and its long fur flew up and patted her body. It was cold and smooth.

Blood kept flowing out of the Big Hole in his chest. The wind blew in, making it cold and painful.

She could feel her life force rapidly draining away as her blood flowed out. Every time her consciousness was about to sink into darkness, she would bite her tongue to keep herself awake.

However, her mouth was filled with the taste of blood, and her tongue was numb. She trembled all over and smiled bitterly.

He did not die at the old man’s hands tonight, but it was very likely that he would die under the silver Wolf’s claw.

However, if it wasn’t for the stimulation brought by its claw, perhaps her divine sense would have been swallowed up by another more powerful consciousness. The silver Wolf’s claw at least gave her some chance to survive She didn’t know whether she should be worried or happy about the current situation.

She definitely couldn’t go home. The battle tonight had caused too much of a commotion. When she woke up, she didn’t sense the aura of the three people who were chasing her. It was very likely that something had happened.

Once the three of them died, the underworld clans would definitely come to investigate. She was the one who started the whole thing, and song qingxiao was worried that she would be caught when she returned.

There was no place for Captain an to hide. If she was exposed, Captain an would probably be implicated by her.

She forced herself to focus and thought about it. Finally, she came up with a hiding place.

The most dangerous place was also the safest place. If the person who had assassinated her and nurse Lin was indeed related to the Shi family, then what had happened tonight would definitely attract the Shi family’s attention.

The old man and the other two were quite powerful, and they should be quite famous in the Shi family. If something happened to the three of them, the Shi family would definitely send people to investigate, and then some of the experts in the Imperial City would be drawn out.

She endured the intense pain all over her body and reached out to Pat the silver Wolf’s neck, signaling it to turn around and head in the direction of the city center.

Song qingxiao’s slap was weak. After a few slaps, her arm drooped weakly. The silver Wolf was instructed by her and understood her intentions. As expected, it took her to the city center.

Its sense of smell was extremely sensitive. Although it was injured, its movements were still fast, and it knew how to avoid interference from people and surveillance cameras.

In addition, as song qingxiao had guessed, the Masters of the major families in the imperial capital were alarmed the moment the ‘God destroying technique’ was released. They all rushed to the battle in the western suburbs, so the man and Wolf didn’t attract anyone’s attention along the way.

Song qingxiao felt as if she was riding on clouds on the back of the wolf, and it didn’t take long for them to reach the center of the Imperial City.

This place was once the heart of the Empire’s power. However, after the Shi family had released their control over the Empire, the new political center had long been moved away. This place had only become the spiritual symbol of the Empire.

But even so, because the city center was occupied by the nobility of the royal family, the security was still very tight, and there were guards patrolling from time to time.

In the past, song qingxiao was just an ordinary citizen of the Empire and would not have dared to barge in.

However, even though she was severely injured and her life was in danger, these Imperial Guards were still useless to her.

The silver Wolf brought her to the center of the Imperial City, avoiding the patrolling guards like a ghost.

The deeper they went, the fewer Imperial Guards there were on patrol, but this did not mean that the guards were lax. On the contrary, it was possible that there were more guards hiding in the dark.

However, the real experts had all been lured away, leaving behind only some mediocre secret guards. Therefore, a man and a Wolf had barged in without causing any noise.

The silver Wolf kicked its hind legs and flew over a ten-meter-long alarm. It landed steadily in a quiet courtyard. It looked around with its head high, then shook its body and threw song Qing to the ground.

With a loud bang, song Qing let out a muffled groan. Blood gushed out from the wound on her chest, bringing with it a heart-wrenching pain. Her back was once again covered in cold sweat.

She gritted her teeth and held the wound on her chest in pain as she slowly sat up and moved her body to lean back.

She did not know where she was, but since the silver Wolf had put her down here, it should mean that she was safe for the time being.

It was quiet all around. The man and Wolf were hiding in a large, dense bamboo forest. The night wind blew, and there was an endless rustling.

Perhaps because of the silver Wolf’s presence, she could not hear the sounds of snakes, insects, rats, and ants around her. Song qingxiao could only hear her heart beating against her broken chest, making ‘bang bang bang’ sounds.

Every time she hit him, blood would flow out, causing her limbs to turn cold.

She tried to raise her spiritual power, but her body was empty. Her severely damaged veins and arteries were damaged more every time she tried to raise her spiritual power.

The most terrifying thing was that the damage caused by the silver Wolf’s claw was not just a superficial wound. It had once devoured the Cerberus ‘internal organs, and after its evolution, it had obtained the Cerberus’s power of fire. Coincidentally, song qingxiao’s back had been scratched by the Cerberus when she was escaping from the trial at the terror Battalion. There were remnants of the flame poison in her body that had never been dispelled, and she had only been suppressing it with her spiritual power.

After tonight’s battle, her spiritual power had been exhausted, and she could no longer suppress the flame poison. The flame poison on the silver Wolf’s claws reflected each other, burning her veins and vessels. The pain multiplied, making her body drenched in cold sweat and trembling.

At the same time, the blue blood that gushed out of her body began to repair her damaged internal organs.

The continuous healing and injury process caused song qingxiao’s veins to feel like thousands of ants were drilling into her heart, and she was in excruciating pain.

She stepped back, leaving a deep bloody mark on the ground.

After the silver Wolf put her down, it slowly lay down and began to lick its own body.

The first thing it licked was the fur on its back. When it escaped with song qingxiao, its body was stained with song qingxiao’s blood.

Some of the blood came from her wounds, and some came from the blood she spat out after her internal organs were crushed.

The silver Wolf licked its fur and made a ‘shua shua’ sound. It was about two to three meters away from song qingxiao. It seemed to have lowered its head, but song qingxiao felt that its attention was always on her.

Her hair stood on end. Her intuition, which had been honed from several life-and-death situations, made her feel a faint killing intent.

Although the wolf had gone through life and death with her, saved her, and treated her like a companion, song qingxiao did not dare to let her guard down.

If it were any other time, she would have absolute trust in the silver Wolf. However, at this moment, she could not help but think of the Wolf’s pride and the group of mutated wolves on the demon Island..

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