Watch Out! Danger Ahead

Chapter 545 - Chapter 545: Suppression _1

Chapter 545: Suppression _1

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A large amount of Blue Frost mist emerged from the long tail, freezing the torn doth, the surrounding ground, and the silver Wolfs body that was half-buried in the soil!

The silver Wolfs bone armor under her palm was compressed and made a ‘clucking’ sound. The silver Wolf let out a low groan of unwillingness and blood came out of its nostrils. It was obvious that it had been injured by her palm.

It was Struggling with all its might, but under the suppression of absolute power, it simply couldn’t compete with her extraordinary physical body after her evolution.

The soil on the ground was cracked by its claws, and a low roar came from its throat. Its claws occasionally scratched song Qing’s small tail and waist, but they could not penetrate the thick scales at all. It only made a rough and unpleasant ear-piercing sound.

Song qingxiao was enjoying the feeling of her evolved body. It was as if her strength was endless, and the fierce Silver Wolf seemed to be squashed to death by her palm with just a little force!

This feeling was too good. The strength of her body resonated with the violent power in her body. It reminded her of the time when her body had just received the evolution potion on demon Island. She felt even better now.

Because she was clear-headed, she could feel the absolute confidence brought about by the unparalleled power. At this moment, she had an instinct to look down on all living things!

It was as if she had transcended all living beings and become a God!

Under the stimulation of power, it made her extremely excited, which gave birth to her killing instinct.

The more the silver Wolf struggled, the tighter her long tail clenched. The wolf King’s throat let out a low growl. She looked down at it from above, her eyes cold and ruthless.

The commotion here seemed to have attracted the attention of some people hiding in the dark. She heard the sound of someone approaching. Song Qingxin’s killing intent was overflowing. Not only did she not feel nervous, but her blood began to boil. The pleasure of a hunt was coming.

W..’The silver Wolf made a sound. It tried to raise its head several times, but she pressed it deeper.

The mud mixed with the blood it spat out stained the corners of its eyes and mouth, making it look a little embarrassed.

It should be proud. It had encountered strong enemies several times and was covered in injuries, almost losing its life, but it had an unyielding battle intent!

No matter how serious its injuries were, it would still shake its body, not show any fear, and stand firmly, unlike now, when it was pressed into the mud by her, and could only breathe with difficulty.

Song Qing’s small eyes squinted. The scene of him barging into the battlefield on the demon Island and fighting the evolved Wyrm together with her appeared in his mind.

She recalled the fighting spirit she had when she escaped from the terror Battalion and fought alongside Wolf King.

When he was besieged by the old man and the other two, it did not leave him,

as if he was a companion and a family member.

She thought of Zhou xueli’s teary eyes on the demon Island. She had blocked Mr. Zhou’s bullet for her and called her ‘child’. In the cold experiment, human emotions could not be erased.

Powerful strength did not allow her to do whatever she wanted. Even if the Nuwa project was successful and her body evolved to the extreme, as professor Yan had said, she was still a human and should not lose herself in power. She should not follow the law of the jungle and treat life like grass. She should be heartless and act based on her instincts. That would be no different from a beast and would be meaningless.

The boiling blood in her heart began to cool down, and the dark golden color in her eyes gradually faded away, turning into black.

The killing intent receded like the tide. Once she controlled herself, the violent power began to be guided by her and no longer rampaged.

The scales on her body also began to fade slowly, and the long tail that was suppressing the silver Wolf slowly loosened. As the power calmed down, the cold air emitted from the tail no longer carried the fierce killing intent as before.

Song qingxiao loosened her grip on the silver Wolf’s neck. Her eyes flashed, and she raised her long tail and smacked it on the ground!

The frozen earth on the ground was shattered by her powerful long tail, and the bamboo forest swayed from the aftershock of her power.

As the mud flew, she reached out and grabbed the back of the silver Wolf’s neck, lifting its huge and heavy body from the mud pit and throwing it to the side. The collapsed bamboo frame was crushed by its strong body, making creaking sounds.

With her back to the silver Wolf, song qingxiao heard the sound of it trying to get up but falling down several times.

“You have to be good and don’t make me angry.”

She took a deep breath and suppressed the churning of her internal organs. She opened her mouth calmly and lowered her head to check her body.

Under the stimulation of the blue blood, her heart was beating extremely intensely. The power of the blue blood that flowed out of the seal today was not something that she could fully accept at the moment.

As soon as she calmed down, she no longer released a large amount of excess power. After the scales fell off, the violent energy turned into two opposite forces of Ice and Fire and was locked in her body. They attacked her veins and body. The flames caused her skin to crack. Just as blood flowed out, it was repaired by the cold force. The cycle repeated, forming an extremely torturous and long process.

If it wasn’t for the fact that she had already advanced to the spirit focus realm, she probably wouldn’t be able to hold on for long and would explode to death if this continued.

However, this power was extremely turbulent. If he didn’t control it in time, the consequences would be dire!

She endured the torture in her body and tried her best to keep her breathing steady. She didn’t show any weakness and used her long tail to sweep the surrounding soil to fill up the hole she had made!

There were too many traces left behind, so it was impossible to clean them up completely.

The people nearby had heard the commotion and rushed over. She had to leave this place as soon as possible.

After struggling a few times, the silver Wolf stood up on its four trembling limbs. When it heard what she said, it grinned and let out a fierce low howl from its throat.

Song qingxiao struggled to turn her head and look at the silver Wolf. At this time, the silver Wolf looked quite embarrassed. Its four limbs seemed to be unable to support its strong mountain-like body at any time, and its long tail hung on the ground.

There was a large amount of ice, mud, and grass between its fur. Its nostrils and cheeks were also stained with a lot of bloody mud. As it growled, a few bits of mud floated up and down in its nostrils.

Song qmgxiao’s previous attack had caused great damage to it. When the man and the wolf were besieged tonight, and it was hit by the old man and the big man, it didn’t even look so bad.

But even so, it still bared its teeth, and the fur on the back of its neck and back stood up like needles, showing a fierce look.

When song qingxiao turned to look at it, it instinctively lowered its body and opened its mouth even wider, ready to pounce.

For some reason, song qingxiao chuckled when she saw it.

Her smile triggered the chaotic energy in her body, causing her internal organs to be attacked. The intense pain caused her to suck in a deep breath of cold air.

“What are you looking at?” She endured the pain and growled,” you hit me first!

‘Awooo!’ The silver Wolf howled at her. Although it was still baring its teeth and looked like it was preparing for an attack, the hair on its neck and back slowly calmed down..

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