Re-Birth of a Genius. Creator/Destroyer

Chapter 4: Spiritual Core Constitution & Cultivation technique

Sam slowly started going through his memories to see what those cultivation techniques are. As soon as he started concentrating on the memory his conscious suddenly drifted into an unknown world where a book is floating in front of his eyes. When he slowly touched the book, it transformed into a beam of light and entered the space between his brows. Then he acquired some previously unknown knowledge.

The information is mainly regarding his spiritual core and body constitution. From this information he came to know that his spiritual core is not useless like the inspectors said. It is just somewhat unique. Basically, after cultivation stage is Initiation stage which consists of further 3 sub-stages. These sub levels are respectively known as initial, middle, late stages. Each of these three sub-stages are divided into further three levels, which are indicated by numbers. Therefore, the initiation stage has a total of nine levels. The initiation stage is common for both Warrior and Mage. In the first three levels of the initiation stage the cultivators don't have to follow any cultivation technique. All they have to do is to collect as much spiritual energy as possible. But after the third stage initiation is completed the every one has to practice a form of cultivation technique in order to open the acupoints until they reach the ninth level and breakthrough to the next stage which is called novice stage. The youth who can cultivate up to ninth level before 16 years of age will be sent to an academy in the city to further cultivate. Sam initially easily cultivated until third stage but his pure transparent core is not reacting with any type of cultivation techniques. At first everyone thought that it is just a defective even until now even Sam had thought so too. But, now Sam understood that the previous thinking is wrong. The core is completely unique. According to the newly acquired information from the weird book every core has different properties and abilities. For example, not every fire core will have same abilities. Some fire cores will provide highly concentrated but smooth flames but some others may produce raging and explosive flames. It can simply be called nature of the core. Similarly, Sam's core also has a type of unique nature. The abilities are Observe, Absorb, Manipulate and Convert. These are the unique abilities of the core. And this core has two properties one is its large capacity to store spiritual energy and another one is it can accommodate any number of elemental properties. That means if other core can be considered as an already drawn painting then this transparent core is a blank canvas. What painting he want to portray, is all dependent on the Sam's choice. And coming to the constitution of his body its even more simple. He has none. No special properties. His body is almost identical to a normal modern earthly being. Without any properties of the people born in this world. The body a person born this world carry a trace of stagnant spiritual energy. The arrangement of this spiritual energy is mostly known as constitution which is highly suitable for warriors. But Sam's body has none. So, both his body and core are completely like a blank canvas and how to paint is up to Sam's decision. But how to paint is the main question. When Sam thought up to this point his conscious jolted and he found himself floating in that space again.

In front of him there were four books floating in the air. There are different titles written on the covers of the books. On the first book there is a title named 'Beastuary'. Second book is 'Bloodline Refinement and Evolution Technique', Third one is 'Myriad Beast Bloodline cultivation' and the last one is 'Divine soul spiritual sense Technique'. Sam slowly moved towards the 'Beastuary' and touched. It disappeared in the form of a beam of light just like the first book. Similarly, the same thing happened to other books. After that Sam opened his eyes in the real world and he laid down on the bed while thinking to himself.

'So, this is my situation. With the remaining spirit stones, I have I can cultivate up to the peak of initiation. But I have to completely keep it a secret. Comparing these cultivation techniques to the techniques given by authorities, the authorities' techniques are utter trash.'

Going through the information obtained from the four books Sam realized something. The 'Beastuary' is nothing but a book of the knowledge regarding various beast. But information it contained is enormous, it contained the origins of the beasts, their habits, likes, dislikes, behavior, abilities and many other details. One could tame any beast if they can properly utilize this information. The second book 'Bloodline Refinement and Evolution' used to purify and upgrade the bloodline of the beasts. Every beast in the lower realms is a descendant of a beast of its superior being so there might be traces of bloodline in that superior being. The beast with these blood lines can be improved and evolved into those of the superior beings. The Divine soul spiritual sense technique is highly suitable for Sam. Because it enhances the observation ability of his spiritual core. Basically, with his spiritual core, Sam can observe the spiritual energy in his surroundings. With the help of this technique he can further differentiate every thing and range is also high. For, example Sam can even differentiate various gases in the air since every thing is made of spiritual energy. And if he has enough control, he can directly separate oxygen from the air. But first he has to have to obtain wing property to his core. With advancement of this technique the effective range will increase.

Last but not least, the 'Myriad beast bloodline cultivation technique'. This technique is the direct cultivation technique only suitable for his core. It is the technique with helps in accommodate the different elemental properties in his core. The 'Myriad beast bloodline cultivation technique' is uses the bloodline of the beasts. After cultivating up to the peak of initiation the cultivator has to select a beast and form a Bloodline contract with it. And both man and the beast will be linked and cultivate together and both of them will advance and breakthrough together by sharing spiritual energy of each other. 'Now I understand what the contract that Ling Tian mentioned. But I have to wait until I reach the peak of initiation. So, I have to check the initiation cultivation first.' Sam thought and again sat cross legged and dove into his memories. But what he seen there made him slightly puzzled. The 'Myriad beast bloodline cultivation technique' is Warrior-Mage technique. Basically, from the previous owner's memories Sam have an idea about the cultivation techniques. Most of the cultivation techniques doesn't need cultivator do anything other than meditating and circulation of the spiritual energy but this 'Myriad beast bloodline cultivation technique' completely destroyed his understanding. In this technique he not only has to meditate but he has to work out while circulating spiritual energy. From what Sam understood, from the technique he has to do exercise while opening the acupoints by circulating the spiritual energy. This will be difficult but the advantage the lack of constitution to become a warrior and make the body tough enough to endure the effect of Bloodline contract. Sam took the spirit stone from the pouch and started to fill his spiritual core. After sometime the spirit stones radiance by reduced by a large margin and Sam opened his eyes. When he saw the spirit stone is sufficient to cultivate from third level to fifth level but now the spirit stone is almost depleted. Sam could only smile wryly. Now Sam has to exercise physically while circulating the spiritual energy. Generally, a cultivator opens acupoints step by step in various body parts one by one for example from 3rd to 4th stage acupoints in hands, from 5th to 6th stage acupoints in legs, 7th stage for torso, 8th stage for chest and finally the acupoints in head. But the 'Myriad beast bloodline cultivation technique' is completely different. All the points will be opened at same time that is the main reason Sam was left puzzled. But he just left it for another time. Now Sam has to think about the exercise he has to do.

'Maybe I can try 'that' training routine.' Sam thought as he felt a little nostalgic. One has to know in his previous life Sam is a super soldier. His training is the most brutal in the world since he has to get results in a short span of time due to his other professions. That is one of the reasons Sam was popular in the Military since, no one other than himself was able to survive the training for a single day. 'Okay then, let's proceed with that.' Sam thought and went outside and started running in the streets. Every person on the street is looking at him as if they were looking at a cray person. But he didn't care and just went along with his run. After running for about an hour Sam went into his house and directly entered his backyard. There he started his exercises until it is noon. After that Sam entered his room and started preparing his lunch on a coal stove. 'I should find some body- weights; normal workout is not efficient.' Sam thought.

Later that evening Sam went to Michael's house. *knock* *knock* Sam knocked the door.

After a few moments Michael opened the door and greeted Sam.

"Hey Sam, come in."

"Hi uncle, I need your help with something." Sam said as he entered the door.

"What do you need? If it is something, I can do I will definitely help you." Michael said as he gestured Sam to sit in a chair.

"I have some drawings here and I need these things made with heaviest metal available to you." Sam passed down some papers after he sat in the chair.

Michael took the papers and started going through the sketches. "It can be done in two days kid but why do you need these for?"

"I have some use for them uncle. How much does it cost?" Sam asked.

"Don't bring up the money kid. Its not much. I have a lot of scraps to cover them since they are not that complex."

"How can that be okay uncle?"

"Its settled Sam. Don't talk about money." Michael insisted.

After some casual chat Sam left to his home but was stopped by someone.

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