Re-Birth of a Genius. Creator/Destroyer

Chapter 3: Business Deal

*chirp* *chirp* *chirp*

Sounds of birds chirping can be heard as dawn slowly arrived. Sun can be seen slowly rising in the east where a volcano is emitting a faint trail of smoke. Word of the village is that this village actually doesn't exist in the first place but for some reason 500 years ago a dormant volcano under sea became active and that lava created this village. That's the reason this is called 'lava rock village'.

Sam is slowly walking through the streets with his shirt on but two gaping holes can be clearly seen on his shirt and it is completely filled with blood stains. Only few villagers can be seen on the streets as it is still early. Sam slowly made his way to his house.

"Hey Sam, you are back. I was just about to come to that clinic to see you." Michael's voice can be heard from behind.

"Hi Uncle Michael. I was already feeling good by the time I woke up so I came back myself." Sam replied.

"Okay you go wash up and come to my house we will go to breakfast for Robert's Inn." Michael said.

"Okay uncle."

Sam walked into his house after Michael left. The room he entered has several dresses hanged and neatly presented for display. There are several other products like gloves, socks, scarves etc.

'Seems like this original body is quite skilled in sewing, weaving, knitting, and embroidery. Even in the modern earth his clothes can be considered pretty decent. Let alone in this medieval world.' Sam thought as he made his way towards his bedroom. After he entered his bedroom he walked towards a mirror and took a look at himself.

'Hmm, Not bad.' Sam thought as looked at his reflection. He is a man with Jet black hair and Same black eyes. He can be considered quite handsome. He has sharp eye brows and perfect nose bridge, sharp jawline there would be very few ladies who wouldn't like him. When he smiled it gave him a devilish charm.

Sam went to take a bath in his bathroom. 'there really is no shower. Why am I not surprised?' After that he took a bath from the stored water in a large container and left to get dressed. sometime later Sam went to Michael's house. Then both of them went to an inn. There a middle-aged man greeted them.

"Hey Sam, Michael you are here. Come, come, sit." Robert greeted them with a smile. Robert is a fat middle aged man with bald head.

"Hi Uncle Robert." Sam replied.

"Hey Fatty, hurry and serve the breakfast." Michael replied to Roberts with a smile.

"Coming. Sam, I heard you were wasted by a 'Blazing earth bull'. It is a level 2 Initial stage magical beast. You are so lucky. You should take of yourself. Luck can't save you always kid." Robert said as he made his way over to the table where Michael and Sam sat. This is world consists of magical beasts. Even though humans ruled over the lands. But about three-fourth of the world is occupied by the endless forest. And forests are ruled by magical beasts.

"Thanks for your concern uncle." Sam replied. Robert brought the breakfast and three of them casually chatted as they ate breakfast. According to Sam's old memories both Robert and Michael are friends but for some reason both of them didn't get married. The previous Sam has pretty good relationship with both of them. After some time, inn is getting full with customers. Both Sam and Michael made their way home after finishing their breakfast.

While walking on the streets everyone is looking at Sam and whispered to each other with surprised expressions. 'Guess this Oliver put some effort in spread the news I was dead.' Sam thought as went to his home.

Both Sam and Michael bid farewell and Sam went inside and observed his house. It has 4 rooms one room in the front which is his shop, a bedroom, a kitchen and a room in the back is his workshop. He slowly made his way to the counter and took the leather pouch he left earlier. In this small village there were very few who could get their hands on the spirit stones. Not only they are used for cultivation but also a form of currency. Basically except for some high-level officials and some rich people no body can get their hands on these stones. The village head issues a spirit stones for the youth who can cultivate until they reach the age of 16. And they can get only 1 stone for every 3 months. Sam can't cultivate. So, he has no access to these stone. A young girl from a noble family in the nearby city came to this village with her guardians to hunt some beasts. Since the village has an active volcano nearby, surrounding woods have more beasts of fire type. So, she came for some beast cores by hunting those beasts. The beast cores contain high fire type spiritual energy so it is beneficial for fire mages. When she came to the village, she accidentally stumbled upon a person who is wearing a scarf made by Sam. And she found her way to his shop. After seeing his skills, she got so impressed she gave an order of a lot of dresses which were currently on display in his shop. For past few months Sam continuously worked on his order that he emptied all the silk in his inventory by the time he completed making his order. The total order is worth a sum of 10 spiritual stones for which he got a 5 spiritual stones in advance. Today is the day that girl will come for the dresses. 'Thank god. If it wasn't for the girl, I would have died again just after I was reborn.' Sam sighed.


Suddenly someone knocked open the door and 3 young men entered the room.

"Take all the dresses and search for the spiritual ston…." The young man in the lead abruptly stopped as he saw Sam in the room.

"How are you still alive?" Oliver exclaimed. The young man in the lead is precisely the one who caused the original Sam's death.

"Good to see you to Oliver. Even though you are the son of the village head you can't take away my products after barging into my shop. Don't you think so?" Sam said with a smile that is not a smile. There is a sharp glint in his eyes. He was always a vengeful person in his previous life. Even though he doesn't have anything to do with the previous owner of the body he at least felt like he should take revenge for previous Sam.

"How can you be alive? I saw with my own eyes that you got pierced by the Bull." Oliver questioned after getting over the previous shock.

"Well, I am lucky, I guess. Don't worry, now that I am alive, I will definitely pay you back whatever I owe you." Sam said with the Same devilish smile.

"Hmph what if you are alive? You can't do anything to me. If you know better you will definitely give me that spiritual stones, otherwise you won't be so lucky every time." Oliver said as turned around and left. Even though he is village head's only son he can't go over board otherwise his father's competitors will use it as an excuse in politics.

Apparently, Oliver just got greedy after he learnt about the business deal between Sam and the Girl from the city. According to him Sam is just a trash who can't even cultivate. So how did he deserve these spiritual stones?

"We will see." Sam muttered as he gazed at the departing backs.

After that Sam started organizing all the goods in the room. Some time passed and a few people entered his house. A red-haired girl who seem to be around 16 to 17 years old is in the lead followed by two middle- aged men who seemed to be in their 30's wearing leather armors. Without any doubts they are her guards. The red-haired girl wore a red colored battle attire and she wore a red colored armor with a flame symbol on it. She exuded a noble aura as her every movement is made with grace. Even Sam who saw so may modern beauties felt she was too beautiful.

"Sam, are my dresses ready?" The red-haired girl asked Sam.

"Yes, Miss Freya. You can take a look yourself." Sam gestured as replied after coming out of his initial daze.

Freya started examining all the dresses nodded several times with satisfaction. After she examined every dress and cloth she turned towards Sam and spoke.

"Well done Sam, you really are good at what you do. Even though you can't cultivate you can still earn well if you come to city. What do you think? Do you want to come to 'Star wood city'? I will help you arrange a shop there. You can earn a lot more than here. Even though the city merchants come here to buy goods, you will lose so much by doing business with them.

Listening to what Freya said Sam started contemplating. 'I really want to leave this city but that Ling Tian guy said that there is still a test and I haven't even seen the so-called techniques he stored in my memory. I will leave after the test that guy said is finished.'

"Thank you, Miss Freya. I really want to move to city. But I still have somethings to do here." Sam replied.

"That's okay. I will be leaving the village tomorrow. Take this token and visit 'Crimson flame' family in the star wood city when you arrive there." Freya offered a token made of wood which has a Same red flame carved on its surface along with a leather pouch which consists of the rest of the spirit stones.

"Thank you, Miss Freya." Sam received the token and pouch and said politely.

"Good bye then." Freya's bodyguards took the packed clothes and left along with her.

"Finally, alone." Sam said as he made his way to his bedroom and sat on his bed crossing his legs. Then Sam closed his eyes.

"Let's see what these cultivation arts you gave me Ling Tian. They better be good." Sam muttered as he went through his memory to see that techniques.

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