Re-Birth of a Genius. Creator/Destroyer

Chapter 5: Breakthrogh

Just as Sam was entering the gate of his house somebody blocked him. When Sam saw who it was, he immediately recognised them. They are the two lackeys of Village head's son, Oliver. Just as he was about to ask what do they want he was punched by the guy in left and two of them started beating him up. Sam just fell on the floor while gritting his teeth and not even letting a groan of pain, while still looking at them straight in the eyes with a cold. After beating him up black and blue both of them stopped. One of them spoke.

"This is the initial warning. We can't do anything to you in the house due to laws. But we will beat you up every time we see you until you hand-over the spirit stones. You better know what is good for you.". After that both of them just left with look of disdain in their eyes.

Sam didn't say anything and just silently walked inside his house and slowly went inside his bedroom. After closing the door, the expression slowly changed and the pain on his face is replaced by an intense cold. "Damn it, just how many days I have to keep this act?" Yes, Sam is acting. Right now, he is trying very hard to act as Dead Sam so that others won't recognise anything. What type of person was he back on the earth? Was he a person that will make a small talk with his neighbours with a smile? Was he a person who keeps a low profile to avoid trouble for offending a powerful person? Was he a person that will just grit his teeth and swallow the humiliation of getting beat up right at his door step? Absolutely not.

Right now, Sam is looking at the Village head's mansion. His gaze is filled with hatred and cold raw arrogance. "Oliver, at first I just wanted to teach you a small lesson. Then when you warned I just wanted to kill you directly. But now I will make you regret living. You think that just because your father is village head that you can do anything with his help. I will let you know how useless your father's position is when the time comes. Just you wait." Sam said to himself. Sam slowly went to his bed and slowly fell asleep.

After two days Michael deliver the products that Sam wished to make. Sam thanked him and opened the package. After that Sam took some cloths, he sewn for the past two days. They are pockets of different sizes and shapes that match the current products he got from Michael. After Sam arranged the products in the cloths and wore them, he looked like fully equipped American foot ball player except he got no helmet. These are the body weights he asked Michael to prepare for the training. After fully wearing every thing Sam was barely able to stand with difficulty. From then onwards his training began. Sam closed his shop completely for the following month. His daily routine became extremely simple. Wakeup-absorb energy from Spirit stone- Exercise and deplete all his energy- Eat- Absorb- exercise- eat – sleep. He just kept on repeating this process for twenty days. All this time whatever he is doing he never took off the weights from his body even while sleeping he just slept like that.

Finally, on the twenty first day, Sam is doing push ups on his fingertips while the spiritual energy is flowing all over the body while he was sweating profusely. After some time, spiritual energy is completely depleted and sat cross legged on the floor reaching out to the final spirit stone in the pouch. 'This better be the sufficient otherwise if I have to absorb spiritual energy from the surroundings, I don't even know how many months it takes to open all the acupoints.' Sam thought as he closed his eyes and started absorbing the spirit energy. Actually, for a normal guy it would be easy to breakthrough up to 7th level of initiation stage with the same amount of spirit stones Sam has used if he has a high enough talent. But Sam is still at 3rd level of initiation stage. Because for him there are no levels in the Initiation stage. He has to directly open all the acupoints at the same time. This requires a lot of concentration to achieve as it is not an easy task to distribute the spiritual energy to all acupoints at the same time. That is the reason why Sam is also mentally exhausted other than fatigue due to training. After some time, Sam opened his eyes and stood up. He immediately started exercising. Until sky turned dark, he performed various type of exercises. Suddenly, Sam stopped exercising and stood up without any movements while closing his eyes. An abrupt explosion of energy occurred inside his body as spiritually energy can be seen intensely drawn into his body from all the meridians. With *puff* all the blockages on his acupoints cleared at the same time as an extreme pain attacked him from inside as if all the muscle fibres in his body were being torn apart bit by bit. Sam closed his as faced the sky and gritted his teeth. Then suddenly Sam suddenly opened his eyes and easily took off all the body weights on his body with a single hand. The previous too heavy set of pieces were as light as feather in his hand. Even Sam himself felt astonished by this development. When his looked at his bare upper body. He saw a greyish black matter is covered all over his body. They are emitting a filthy smell. But Sam felt quite pleased because according to the cultivation manual the huge amount of impurities is an indication of success of the break through to the 9th kevel of the initiation stage. Sam felt the circulation of spiritual energy is also so smooth and pure. He stretched his body and went to take a bath.

After some time, Sam slowly came out of his bathroom and lay on his bed. His body undergone a major transformation in a single day. His body almost contained no fat. His muscle density increased exponentially. Even in his past life he never felt this strong before. He felt like he could control every part of his body and its so free to control it. 'Now its time to take revenge.' He thought and went to sleep with a faint smile on his face.

Next day morning.

Sam just got ready to leave home in a sleeve less vest and normal pants. His well-defined arms can be seen completely and with his chiselled chest almost tore the vest away. Sam just locked the gate and went outside. Just when he went outside, he saw two people waling towards him. They are lackeys of Oliver. They came straight towards him and the one in the front said. "I thought you would turtle yourself in your house. If you haven't come back today, I would have just bared in and kicked your ass. Now just cough up the Spirit stones so that you can live your life freely. What can you piece of trash who will forever stuck up at the third stage of initiation can do with that spirit stones?"

Sam just stood there looking at him like he saw a pig. He inwardly thought 'what did these guys see in themselves that they think too highly of themselves. Where would he keep his face if he knew I was at the 9th stage of initiation.' As Sam thought up to this point, he inwardly snickered and with a hint of disdain he threw a leather pouch towards lackey. Then without even regarding them he turned around and left in his own way. The lackey thought Sam was really afraid and just felt the pouch from outside. Seeing that it was full with stones he left without looking back with a proud smile. Perhaps he should have just looked back because, just now Sam took the which leads to the woods.

After Sam walked for around a half an hour. He reached the woods and went to the previous place where 'he' was killed by the Blazing Earth Bull. The place is still in a mess after what happened last time. So, Sam started searching where the Blazing earth bull was now. After intense searching he found something. But its not the Blazing earth bull, the silk moths' nest which Sam usually collects silk from. When he saw the next, he was dumbfounded. Even though Sam knew that the silk worm are the ones 'Sam' used to collect silk but he didn't pay much attention to it. But now when he saw them directly, he understood what they are. These silk worms are called 'Heaven spirit silk worms'. They are not much useful in combat but when they reach Level-3 beast the silk they produce is of very high level one which can be used for many purposes. Even then this is not their main advantage. The main advantage is which ever type of Elemental energy they absorb their silk and their nature will turn into that nature. For example, if these silk worms are reared in a fire essence filled place then their silk will be compatible to the robes of fire mage or arrows made for users of fire element. 'Before I leave, I will definitely collect all these worms and rear them.' Of course, Sam doesn't know all these things inherently he learned all these things from 'Beastuary'. Just when Sam is thinking how much money is, he going to make from these worms a sound suddenly startled him.


The Blazing earth bull which 'killed' him previously is looking at him angrily as if his existence itself is an insult to it. Sam also looked at it coldly. "I was just looking for you and you came to me yourself."

As if it understood what he said the angry bull came at him with heavy force and him directly. Sam instinctively used his arms and blocked in front of him. He skids his feet about a meter along with the bull. The bull looked at Sam disbelievingly. Sam looked at with disdain as he slowly said." They said you are a Level-2 Beast at initial stage. But look at you, you can't even kill a guy an Initiation stage cultivator. You are a shame to your race." Then an intense amount of spiritual energy gushed out from his body as he looked at with a provocative smirk on his face as he gestured with his hand to come. Bull really got angry and with a furious roar it directly dashed towards him. But Sam stood there unfazed by it completely and blocked it a single hand.

*BOOM* the sound was like a thunder as dust trailed from the ground. At this time there were a group of people passing by, who were alerted by the loud sound immediately rushed over and when they saw the dust cloud they stopped and try to peer through it. After a moment when the dust finally settled, they the scene and dumbfounded. A man is standing there with a torn sleeve less vest with a cold smile while, his hand blocked a gigantic bull. In front of the bull that man looked like a 8 year child standing before an a.d.u.l.t. The scene left all of them stunned. Before they came back to their senses, the bull immediately stepped back and looked at Sam a bit afraid. Sam then released his aura and looked back at the bull with a huge evil grin. That devilishly handsome face and that evil grin made him look so attractive that the newly attractive spectators almost forgot their initial shock. Just when they lost themselves in the scene, Sam suddenly moved. He took a step forward and leapt toward the bull and just when he reached the bull, he made a fist and punched with all his strength. The bull was in so much daze that it can't even move and took the full force of the punch.

*Bam* *Crack*

With a loud sound the bull wobbled on its legs before falling on the ground with a loud thud.

*thud* Sam moved towards the bull and confirmed its death. Meanwhile the people who came are talking.

"Senior brother, did I see this right or am I hallucinating?" A fat guy in the group said to a handsome young man in the front who is their team leader.

"You haven't seen it wrong." Leader replied.

"Damn it. Where did this guy even come from? A young man whose looks are similar to the leader said.

"Taking out a Level-2 Beast when he is at 9th level initiation that to with brute force that's really something. The leader said with an interesting look in his eyes. "Haley what do you think?" the leader asked the final and the only female member of the group. The girl who seemed to be around 17 years old has an indifferent and cold aura around her. Her beautiful face aand jade like smooth skin and deep blue eyes made her look like a cold princess. Still looking at Sam she indifferently nodded showing her approval to his words. The team leader really didn't mind. At this time Sam is already getting ready to take away the corpse of the bull. Just when he was about to lift up the corpse, someone called him.

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