I Am A Boss Mommy That Wants To Slack

Chapter 42

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Chapter 42: Matriarch Shen’s Name

Translator: Lordbluefire 

Madam Yun looked at Chu Tianye. The little fellow was very young, but very intelligent and bubbly. Everyone would dote on him if they saw him. She smiled and asked, “Your maternal grandmother’s foster mother? Who is that?”

Chu Tianye was prepared to say something, but Matriarch Chu interrupted with a laugh. “It’s the Shen Family. Little Ye and Little Yu’s mother is named Shen Ruojing. I’ll introduce you two to her later.”

Matriarch Chu might be acquainted with Shen Ruojing, but since Shen Ruojing and Chu Cichen hadn’t decided to get together yet, it wasn’t too good to introduce the Chu Family’s relatives to Shen Ruojing.


Madam Yun nodded and looked at Chu Tianye. “Does your mother treat you well?”

After all, they were sisters related by blood, so she was naturally concerned about their younger generations. She was afraid that Shen Ruojing might be another Lin Wanru and was using the children in exchange for wealth.

Chu Tianye lowered his head and sighed. “Ever since me and my sister were born…my mommy has to wake up early to scrub toilets…”

Madam Yun’s eyes turned red from the story and directly took a check out, passing it to him. “Before I came here, I had no idea about your situation, so I didn’t prepare any gifts. How about this? Great aunt will allow you to write any number you want on the blank check. Treat this as a meeting gift!”

Chu Tianye quickly rejected it. “This isn’t too good, right…”

“What’s not good about it? This is a gift your great aunt is giving you, so just take it. Hmm, in that case, how about giving you five million to play around with?”

Chu Tianye immediately grinned. “Great aunt, you are simply too good to me. I’ll split half of the money with my younger sister. How much is half of five million?”

He cocked his head and lifted his fingers to count.

Madam Yun began laughing when she saw this. “You even know how to share with your younger sister? Alright, let’s not split it. I’ll give you and your sister five million each!”

As she spoke, she took out her pen and wrote ten million on the check before passing it to Chu Tianye.

Matriarch Chu who was watching from the side: “…”

Why did she see the shadow of her past self from a few days ago on her younger sister?

When she saw Chu Tianye stuffing the check in his pocket, Matriarch Chu coughed. “Where’s Chu Yu?”

“It’s drinking milk above!”

Chu Tianye subconsciously replied before realizing that his paternal grandmother was asking him about Chu Yu and not the puppy Chuyu. Hence, he coughed before explaining, “Mommy said that drinking milk will make people grow taller.”


Matriarch Chu shot a meaningful look at him. “Quickly accompany Chu Yu to play. We still have important matters to discuss.”

Chu Tianye named the puppy Chuyu. At the start, Matriarch Chu didn’t catch it, but after listening to it a few times, how could she not understand Chu Tianye’s thoughts?

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Chu Tianye was a kid that knew how to read the situation very well, or he wouldn’t be so adept in social situations. After receiving the check, he stood up and obediently answered, “Okay, grandma.”

After speaking, he politely bade farewell to Yun Zhengyang and Madam Yun before running upstairs.

Madam Yun stared at his running back and sighed. “This is a good child. He is polite and knows how to speak. It seems that his mother’s education methods are not bad. However…isn’t her background a little too low? No wonder Cichen didn’t want to marry her.”

“It has nothing to do with her background.” Matriarch Chu didn’t seem to want to continue speaking about this, so she changed the topic back. “With Aunt Yun transferring money into the other bank account, you guys should be able to find the owner of the account, right?”

Yun Zhengyang answered, “Back then, my aunt might be afraid of our family finding out, so she intentionally concealed the name of the account holder. I only know that my aunt transferred three sums of money to my cousin. First, it is payment for the servant, and the sum is around $20,000 per month. The second sum is for my cousin’s own expenditure, and it is around $100,000 every month ever since she was young. When she joins a university, she would still be able to claim one lump sum of $1,000,000 and if she gets married, she would be able to claim a lump sum of $10,000,000. In fact, if she gives birth, she would also be able to claim $10,000,000 per child. My aunt planned everything out in detail meticulously.”

It was indeed planned meticulously.

$20,000 for a servant’s pay. This sum of money was considered high-income fifty years ago. Even currently, only a few people could find a job that paid them $20,000 per month in Sea City. So, it could be said that his aunt treated the servant really well.

Matriarch Chu narrowed her eyes. “Was she not afraid of the servant embezzling the funds?”

Yun Zhengyang nodded. “We came here to look for my cousin because of this matter as well. My aunt trusted the servant who grew up with her a lot, but we don’t trust the servant at all. So, we have to personally see my cousin living well before we can relax.”

Matriarch Chu understood. “Sure, I’m considered pretty familiar with Sea City. I’ll help you with the search and will give you the answer within two days.”

When Chu Tianye went up, he saw Chu Yu hugging the puppy. “Mommy, I feel that the name ‘Chuyu’ is pretty pleasant to listen to. It is just like the first time when I encounter mommy!”

His mommy was an angel from the sky, riding on a cloud that was a motorbike, saving him from the truck.

The most important thing was that if the puppy was named Chuyu, his mommy would surely feel heartache for Chu Yu!

As expected, Shen Ruojing patted his head. “Little Yu is so obedient. However, your brother is just too mischievous!”

Chu Yu was very satisfied!

He even leaned forward to help Shen Ruojing pat his head better.

Chu Tianye: “!!”

What a bootlicker!

He then leaned on the wall outside the door and poked his little head out. “Mommy, did you come here to look for daddy?”

Shen Ruojing nodded.

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She was indeed here to look for Chu Cichen. After all, the proof of her relationship back then wasn’t only a single photo. She still had many details to ask him.

Chu Tianye pointed to the floor above. “Daddy is there. He is having a meeting with Uncle Lu Cheng.”

Shen Ruojing nodded and lazily leaned against the sofa. “I’ll wait for a while then.”

Chu Tianye giggled and acted like a master bootlicker, immediately fetching a cup of wolfberry tea for Shen Ruojing. He then acted like the owner of this place. “Little Yu, do you want to eat watermelons?”


Chu Yu fell silent before he spoke, “Little Ye, I heard great aunt saying that she gave you ten million, but five million is for sister, right? Have you split it with her yet?”

Chu Tianye quickly clutched his pocket and just when he was about to speak, Chu Yu already spoke, “As an elder brother, one would never snatch things from their younger siblings. Don’t worry, I won’t touch your money, but you cannot touch our sister’s money too. Okay?”

Chu Tianye: “…dog!”

Shen Ruojing’s lips curled into a smile as she looked at the two brothers.

Little Yu looked pitiful and kind, but he could actually be quite evil if the situation called for it. Little Ye was going to feel the pain this time. But who asked him to name the puppy ‘Chuyu’?

Shen Ruojing ignored the conversation between the brothers. She then took out her phone and saw Lu Hui sending a text to her. [Boss, that old witch of the Shen Family is too shameless. She actually went to gather those news reporters from streaming apps, wanting to force your mother to mend the relationship with her. Luckily, she has no idea that the Z Corporation belongs to you, or she definitely would want a slice of this cake!]

Shen Ruojing opened a streaming app.

She saw a reporter bringing Matriarch Shen to the location outside her house. The reporter asked, “Old Madam, what is your wish?”

Matriarch Shen rubbed her red eyes. “Five years ago, my granddaughter had an unmarried pregnancy. Because of my anger, I scolded them, saying that they were degenerates and had no morals. My daughter and her husband brought my granddaughter away because of this incident. Now, I regretted it and wanted them to come back… Moreover, they have been staying at my house for so many years before the incident. I’m the one who raised my daughter and my granddaughter. Now that I’m already so old, I only wish for my family to be reunited. Reporters, please help me persuade my daughter. She must not be so irresponsible and not provide for me…”

The reporters’ eyes turned red when they heard this. “Old Madam, we will do our best to persuade your daughter. Oh right, is it convenient for you to tell us your name?”

Matriarch Shen’s eyelids fluttered. “My name is Yun Xiu.”

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