I Am A Boss Mommy That Wants To Slack

Chapter 41

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Chapter 41: Shen Qianhui’s Background

Translator: Lordbluefire 

Ye Wei nodded. “Correct.”

He frowned and felt extremely puzzled. “Chaotic memories are something that only happens to mental patients. You are also a divine doctor and you are so young. How is it that you doubted yourself?”

His sentence was like the lightning bolt that woke Shen Ruojing from her dream.


Shen Ruojing nodded. “You are correct. My thinking is wrong.”

It was impossible for her memories to be problematic.

Chu Cichen also said that he had no problems on his side.

In that case, the only thing questionable was the incident itself.

The two of them went to school and took a photo. There must be a special connection and reason within. Why did she come here instead of going to investigate the truth?

After thinking a bit, she stood up straight. “Uncle Ye, I’m sorry to have wasted your time.”

She then left the clinic and rode with Chu Yu to the Chu Manor.

The large iron gate of the Chu Manor opened up as she drove closer. The guards were standing at the entrance and respectfully welcomed Shen Ruojing…the person behind Shen Ruojing, Chu Yu, home.

The two of them drove to the villa’s entrance, and Matriarch Chu who received the news quickly came out. Her eyes shone when she looked at Chu Yu. “Little Yu, you want to come back here to stay?”

Chu Yu looked at his paternal grandmother before looking at Shen Ruojing. He hesitated for a while before shaking his head. “No…I only came here with mommy for a look.”

Matriarch Chu’s eyes flashed with disappointment, but she still smiled. “Mn, I heard your parents calling you Jingjing. Can I call you the same too?”

“Up to you.”

“Jingjing, you can treat this place as your home in the future and come whenever you want to.” Matriarch Chu held her hands. “You didn’t manage to have a proper tour around this place when you came earlier. How about this? I’ll get Chu Yu to bring you around. There are actually two more esteemed guests visiting us right now.”

“No worries, please go ahead with your own stuff first.”

Those who were addressed as ‘esteemed guests’ by Matriarch Chu would surely not be simple characters.

However, Shen Ruojing didn’t expect Matriarch Chu would have such high regard for her—leaving her guests aside to personally welcome her.

Chu Yu stretched out his little hand to hold hers. “Mommy, let me bring you to see my room!”


Shen Ruojing followed Chu Yu and entered the living room by a side door before directly entering the lift and heading up to the third floor.

The design of the Chu Manor was very complicated. There were a total of four entrances. When there were guests at home, the occupants in the house could choose to leave via the side doors for convenience.

The people in the living room wouldn’t be able to see people inside the lift, but the people in the lift were able to see the people below.

Right now, there was a middle-aged couple seated on the sofa. Their ages were similar to Matriarch Chu and the appearance of the female also bore some resemblance to Matriarch Chu, but she was now frowning.

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Chu Yu asked with bewilderment on his face, “Who are those two people?”

“…The second younger sister of paternal grandma who married into the Yun Family of Ford City.”

Chu Tianye sat on the sofa in Chu Yu’s room as he shook his little legs. He then started gossiping, “Mommy, do you know of the Yun Family? It’s said that half of the entire entertainment circle belongs to them. They are the boss of Prosper Entertainment!”

His eyes then brightened. “They are surely very rich!”

However, he pouted. “Mommy, I remember that the old witch of the Shen Family was also surnamed Yun before she married into the Shen Family. She was also from Ford City. Later on, I will go and ask great aunt later if she knows that old witch~”

Chu Yu was stunned when he heard this. “How do you know?”

Usually, his paternal grandmother was very strict so she wouldn’t casually reveal such relationships.

Chu Tianye puffed his chest out, “Oh, I asked her. Earlier, I’m already familiar with great aunt. She likes me very much!~”

Shen Ruojing narrowed her eyes.

Prosper Entertainment?

Wasn’t that the entertainment company Jing Zhen was in?

While she was pondering, a chubby puppy ran in and started barking.

Chu Yu patted the puppy on the head as he asked happily, “Little Ye, what is its name?”

Chu Tianye stared at the sky and guiltily said, “Oh, I haven’t given it a name!”

Chu Xiaomeng, who had been reading in the study, carried her dinosaur toy and came from behind the puppy. “Chuyu, are you hungry? It’s time to drink milk.”

Chu Yu: “??”

He started. “I’m not hungry?”

Shen Ruojing then educated her. “Little Meng, you have to call him elder brother. You can’t address him by his name directly.”

Chu Xiaomeng: “??”

She stared at that little puppy in confusion. She had many things she wanted to say, but it was hard to put them all in a nutshell.

When he was at the airport, a strange uncle told her to address his dog as ‘brother’. Now, her mother actually also wanted her to refer to the puppy as ‘elder brother’?

Chu Xiaomeng took a bottle of milk in her hands and walked to the puppy. After that, she crouched and said, “Elder brother, drink some milk.”

Shen Ruojing: “…”

Chu Yu: “…”

The two of them fell silent before suddenly understanding something. When they turned to look at the sofa, Chu Tianye had long disappeared from the location where he was sitting.

Chu Tianye had his back against the wall as he tip-toed to the room’s entrance. When the two glanced over, he quickly rushed out. “Mommy, I’m heading down to help grandma with the guests~”



Matriarch Chu’s younger sister was now the current leader of the Yun Family. She sighed. “Sister, we came to Sea City this time because we have a matter that we need your help with.”

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Matriarch Chu was stunned. “What is it?”

“Help us to find a person.” Madam Yun then looked at her husband Yun Zhengyang.

Yun Zhengyang was wearing glasses. He was a fifty-year-old man that had a dignified and elegant demeanor, and he looked extremely polite. He sighed. “Help me find my cousin.”

He then introduced the situation in detail. “Sister-in-law, you should know that the Yun Family was helmed by my aunt previously. She wasn’t married and I finally learned that she actually has a daughter after so many years have passed. Her daughter should be 48 years old this year.”

Matriarch Chu was extremely shocked. “Aunty Yun has a daughter? How did you guys know she is in Sea City then?”

Yun Zhengyang sighed. “I discovered that she has a trust fund when I was tidying her inheritance. Every month, a sum of money would be wired to an unknown bank account in Sea City, and I only found out that she has a daughter after I looked for her lawyer.”

He fell silent before continuing, “Maybe my aunt was pregnant before marrying. After all, this was a very embarrassing thing for the entire family back in that era, so she might have decided to hide her daughter’s existence. She eventually found a loyal servant and got the servant to bring her daughter here to Sea City to live.

“That servant’s ancestors have been working in our family for generations, so she was given the ‘Yun’ surname. I think she was called Yun Xiu or Yun He, but the older generation in my family can’t remember it clearly anymore as almost fifty years have passed after all…From our investigations, she married someone after coming to Sea City. But we are not familiar with Sea City, so it’s difficult for us to start the search.”

Matriarch Chu frowned. “It has been so long, is there any meaning even if you found her?”

Yun Zhengyang replied, “She is the only bloodline of my aunt. My aunt has given her entire life to the Yun Family, including the company that I inherited. So, I have to find my cousin no matter what and check to see if she has been living well…”

As the sound of his voice rang out, Chu Tianye dashed in and shouted, “Great aunt, Great uncle-in-law! You guys are from Ford City? In that case, are you all acquainted with my maternal grandma’s foster mother?”

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