I Am A Boss Mommy That Wants To Slack

Chapter 24

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Chapter 24: Knows A Little

Translator: Lordbluefire 

Chu Cichen turned and looked out of the car window, but the joyful voice he was expecting to hear didn’t come.

Feeling puzzled, he turned and saw that Shen Ruojing had returned to her aloof appearance. In her gaze, there seemed to even be a hint of… disdain?

He frowned and heard Shen Ruojing’s cold and distant voice. “I won’t be troubling you.”


She then got off the car, went to her motorbike, and left without any hesitation.

Chu Cichen looked at her suave departing back view. ‘???’

What was she up to again?

While Chu Cicen was in his thoughts, Lu Cheng’s report rang out from his earpiece. “… As expected, we found traces of that group of people, but we didn’t dare to make a move to save Chu Yu. These people are very sensitive and they’ll make a move at the slightest whiff of trouble. Bro Chen, what should we do now?”

Chu Cichen said coldly, “Then let them bring Chu Yu back personally.”

After hanging up the call, he said to the chauffeur, “Go home.”

The car turned around and drove off, arriving at the Chu Manor very quickly.

Matriarch Chu threw an invitation to the butler, frowning. She then said, “Little Yu has disappeared. How could I possibly be in the mood to attend the Lin Family’s banquet? I’m not going!”

Chu Cichen entered and took the invitation.

He lowered his eyes, thought about it for a moment, and then said, “Tomorrow, you have to go.”

After a pause, he continued, “I’ll go too.”

Shen Ruojing drove back home.

When Shen Qianhui heard the commotion, she stretched her head out and took a look. “Jingjing, is the motorbike fixed?”


When she parted ways with Shen Qianhui, her excuse was that she was going to collect her motorbike.

Shen Qianhui was sizing up the motorbike when she heard Jing Zhen’s excited voice. “Honey! Although your interview today wasn’t successful, we won’t need to worry about living expenses anymore! I found work!”

“You’re going to join in a production?”

“No,” He puffed up his chest, “I have a commercial event to attend. Haha, someone offered $200,000 for my appearance for one day! I knew it! I’ve been diligently shooting so many films and must have caught someone’s eye. I always knew that there would be people with a keen eye and a good judgment!”

He looked at Shen Qianhui proudly. “It’s $200,000. I’ll transfer all the money to you after I receive it!”

Shen Qianhui said, “Alright, we’ll buy durians to eat after the money comes in.”

Shen Ruojing raised her brows.

Although her father looked unreliable, at least his love for her mother was true.

As for her mother… as long as someone treated her a little better, she would want to give everything she could to repay the favor.

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Shen Ruojing was planning to head upstairs when she heard Shen Qianhui complaining, “I wonder what Madam Lin is thinking. Our relationship has gotten so bad, yet she still sent me an invitation to her birthday tomorrow. I’m not going!”

Shen Ruojing paused in her footsteps and looked at Shen Qianhui.

Shen Qianhui asked, “Jingjing, what’s wrong?”

Shen Ruojing raised her peach blossom eyes. “Mother, let’s go. I’ll go too.”

“Huh? Oh, then I’ll go.”

Shen Ruojing’s mother never rejected any of her requests.

The next day.

Shen Ruojing and Shen Qianhui arrived at the Lin Manor together.

Shen Qianhui wore a gown and had light makeup on. However, her exquisite features made it hard to tell that she was actually 48 years old. She had just arrived at the entrance when the eyes of Lin Wanru’s father lit up. “Qianhui, you’ve come too? This is really a great honor!”

The countenance of Madam Lin, who was standing beside him, instantly turned very grim.

Shen Qianhui was neither servile nor overbearing. She had always been one to maintain a good disposition. Hence, she smiled gently and maintained her distance. “Mr. Lin is too kind.”

Mr. Lin had wanted to say more when Madam Lin spoke up, “Butler, bring Madam Shen and Miss Shen around. Take ‘good’ care of them.”

“Yes.” The gaze of the Lin Family’s butler swept over Shen Qianhui. When he saw Shen Ruojing dressed in loose-fitting casual clothes, his lips twitched. “Madam Shen, Miss Shen, this way please.”

Shen Ruojing surveyed the Lin Family’s residence

Their villa took up a land area of over 1,000 square meters, and they were considered a wealthy family in Sea City. The living room on the first floor was very spacious, and there was even a platform built on the left where a grand piano could be seen.

Shen Ruojing merely glanced at the piano for a little longer when the butler raised his chin and said, smiling, “That’s our young miss’s piano. Her piano skills have reached the standard where she can give a performance. Moreover, this piano cost several million dollars. Don’t touch it. If it gets dirty or becomes damaged, you won’t be able to afford the compensation.”

Shen Ruojing: “…”

Her gaze then landed on the cello on the balcony.

The butler said, “That’s our young miss’s cello. Her skills in cello have also been recognized by cello masters. Our young miss is really very talented in many areas, unlike someone ignorant and incompetent since young.”

Shen Qianhui frowned and was about to say something when a commotion suddenly broke out near the door.

They turned and saw Matriarch Chu walking in with Chu Cichen by her side.

Matriarch Chu didn’t seem very interested, and her smile seemed to be a little forced. However, Chu Cichen, in his black suit, displayed an extraordinary disposition and immediately became the center of attention.

“Shen Ruojing, did you see that? Today, I’ll let you know what it means to be two parties of equal status! You want to marry into the Chu family? You… are not worthy!”

Lin Wanru suddenly appeared. After saying this, she walked toward Matriarch Chu with a smile.

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“Alright, everyone is here. Let’s take our seats!”

Following Madam Lin’s greeting, everyone took their seats.

The banquet hall retained the style of how big clans in ancient times did things, with men and women sitting separately.

On the women’s side, they used small tables that were arranged in a row, and the dishes were all very sumptuous. Shen Ruojing sat in the last seat, but she wasn’t angry.

Matriarch Chu cast a few more glances at Shen Ruojing and somehow felt a little displeased.

Matriarch Chu could guess what Madam Lin was thinking. Madam Lin wanted to show them that the Shen Family was in decline and wasn’t worthy of the Chu Family!

However, Madam Lin didn’t know one important thing. When looking for a daughter-in-law, Matriarch Chu never cared for the person’s background, but instead their character.

Anyway, if Matriarch Chu really looked at others based on their family background, Lin Wanru would be unworthy before the Chu Family!

Matriarch Chu wanted to display a bad attitude, but at the thought of how Chu Yu was lost and Lin Wanru, as his mother, still wasn’t aware of this, she felt a little apologetic. After some thought, she decided to hold it in.

Thereafter, Lin Wanru played a piano piece for Madam Lin, receiving praises from everyone present.

“Excellent! Miss Lin’s level of skill is really amazing!”

“I’ve long since heard that Miss Lin is very talented. It’s really not bad to have been able to hear your performance!”

“Wanru’s piano skills are getting better and better. I think she can already be called an expert! It’s possible for her to be renowned internationally in the future!”


Those who could appreciate the performance and those who couldn’t all gave praise. However, Madam Lin suddenly looked at Shen Ruojing and said, “Miss Shen, do you know how to play the piano?”

Her question caused everyone’s gazes to land on Shen Ruojing. Then, they frowned in contempt.

Shen Ruojing knew that this was a setup. She slowly raised her peach blossom eyes and looked at Madam Lin and Lin Wanru’s smug expressions. After that, Shen Ruojing said with a faint smile, “A little.”

Madam Lin didn’t expect this reply, so she paused for a moment before smiling and saying, “Oh? Then what grade is Miss Shen at?”

Shen Ruojing rested her chin on her hand. “I never took the tests.”

“You didn’t even pass Grade 1?”


Madam Lin curled her lips and didn’t say anything else. However, she knew that the people she had invited today — the people who wanted to curry up to the Lin Family, would speak up for her.

As expected, everyone started mocking Shen Ruojing.

“If you haven’t learned piano, just say it. Why say that you know a little?”

“Chinese culture is deep and profound. She says she knows a little, so she’s really referring to knowing how to play a little. I know a little too. I know how to play Two Tigers*.”

“Then I can say that I know how to play Happy Birthday…”

“Madam Shen, you should really discipline your child. If she is already so unbridled at such a young age, she’ll suffer when she grows up. Moreover, girls need to have some kind of talent that they can flaunt at others!”

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Shen Qianhui said defensively, “Jingjing knows how to play the piano.”

Madam Lin smiled. “Then why not let Miss Shen play a piece?”


[1] Two Tigers is a popular Mandarin nursery rhyme that adopted the tune of the French melody Frère Jacques.

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