I Am A Boss Mommy That Wants To Slack

Chapter 23

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Chapter 23: Move Into the Chu Manor With the Children!

Translator: Lordbluefire 

Madam Lin’s heart skipped a beat, and she subconsciously looked toward the big door behind her.

Noticing Madam Lin’s anxiety, Shen Ruojing immediately got out of the car. Without any delay, she dashed straight for the door, kicked it open, and then rushed in.

Madam Lin’s legs turned to jelly.


It was over!

Madam Lin now felt a little regretful why she hadn’t dealt with Chu Yu earlier. Once the Chu Family found out the truth, then neither she nor her daughter would have a good outcome!

She entered the room after Shen Ruojing, only to see that… it was empty inside. There wasn’t anyone at all.

Madam Lin was stunned. What was going on?

Shen Ruojing sized the room up with a sharp gaze. The stinky smell of sweat in the room was very strong, and the furnishing was also very messy. Other than a few simple makeshift beds, there was only a wooden table and a few stools.

There were some takeaway boxes on the table with food that had gone bad.

Also, there was a rope left in the corner, the window was open, and a small footprint was left on it.

Through these traces, Shen Ruojing came to an assessment in her heart. Chu Yu had escaped!

Her heart clenched. This was too unlucky.

Shen Ruojing had wanted to catch them unaware and then appear when Madam Lin had let down her guard. However, she didn’t expect that she would miss them!

From the details, Shen Ruojing could tell there were five trained people who were watching Chu Yu. Chu Yu was only five years old, so it was impossible for him to break away from them.

There was a high possibility that Chu Yu had been captured again. Judging by how wary these people were, they had probably changed their hideout but just hadn’t managed to inform Madam Lin about it in time.

Shen Ruojing inhaled deeply.

It hadn’t been easy for her to lure the abductors out, but now, they had been alarmed.

Chu Yu was in a very dangerous predicament!

A few thoughts flashed past in Shen Ruojing’s mind, and she suddenly looked toward Madam Lin while covering her nose. She asked, “Where’s that gigolo? Where did you hide him?”

Madam Lin looked at Shen Ruojing hesitantly. “What gigolo?”

Shen Ruojing raised her chin slightly. “Stop with the pretense. My mother said that you were behaving suspiciously. You must be meeting with a gigolo.”

Madam Lin looked at her doubtfully.

Shen Ruojing said in disdain again, “However, even if you were keeping a gigolo, you wouldn’t keep him here… What did you come here for?”

Madam Lin sneered. “Miss Shen, I don’t think I need to report to you on the things I do!”

Shen Ruojing put on a shameless front and threatened Madam Lin, “This place is a mess. You’re definitely not up to anything good! If you dare to bully my mother again…

Shen Ruojing put out two fingers and did a gesture near her eyes. “I’ll keep an eye on you and expose all the bad things you have secretly done!”

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After saying that, Shen Ruojing pretended to be exasperated from not having achieved her goal. She then kicked over a chair in the room and strode away.

She rode her motorbike and grabbed onto the handlebars tightly.

She knew that if she were to search the surroundings now, she might be able to find traces of Chu Yu, but she didn’t dare to do so.

The abductors had been alarmed and if she were to do anything suspicious, they might take Chu Yu’s life.


She rode on the motorbike and left.

Only after she disappeared around the corner did Madam Lin dial a phone number. “I won’t be looking for you guys for a while in case there are people trailing me. Wait for my news. If you feel that something isn’t right, kill him immediately!”


In a dark basement somewhere in Sea City, five kidnappers threw Chu Yu brutally to the ground. “…You’re quite smart despite your young age. We almost let you escape!”

One of the kidnappers walked over with great animosity and gave him a hard kick!

Bang! Chu Yu slammed heavily against the wall before falling down.

His hands were tied up behind his back, and the fall was very painful. However, the child kept his mouth tightly shut, not crying out in pain nor pleading for mercy.

After Shen Ruojing left the village, she stopped on the main road.

Her gaze squinted slightly.

She was uncertain if her acting from earlier was enough to fool Madam Lin, so she must add another layer of protection for Chu Yu’s personal safety.

Shen Ruojing then took out her phone and dialed Lin Wanru’s number.

Lin Wanru’s voice was filled with strong abhorrence. “Why are you calling me?”

Shen Ruojing spoke in a challenging tone, “Is it because of jealousy that you had your mother bully mine?”

It was as if Shen Ruojing had hit Lin Wanru in her sore spot, hence, the latter shouted angrily, “You’re just a poor commoner with neither status nor identity. Why would I be jealous of you?”

“Jealous of how my reputation was greater than yours in the past and jealous of how I’m better looking than you. Even now, you’re jealous that I have two children, but you only have one! To Chu Cichen, I’m more important than you are!”

Lin Wanru said angrily, “Bullsh*t! Chu Cichen has no feelings for you at all!”

Shen Ruojing was about to say something when she saw a black sedan driving over from afar. She had seen this car at the Chu Manor before. It was Matriarch Chu’s designated car, and she had always had a favorable impression of Matriarch Chu.

This was such a coincidence.

A gleam flashed in her gaze and she said, “Is that so? Don’t hang up the call. I’ll give you a surprise.”

After saying that, she started up the motorbike.


The motorbike swerved and intercepted the black sedan.

Shen Ruojing took big strides to the hind passenger seat, opened the door, and then entered the car. “Matriarch C…”

Before she could finish the greeting with the word ‘Chu’, she saw an icy-cold face. To think that it was Chu Cichen!

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Chu Cichen had received news and came here to look for Chu Yu, so he frowned and looked at the person in front of him. “Miss Shen, is anything the matter?”

Shen Ruojing took a look at her phone. The show must go on…

She spoke tactfully, “Cichen, didn’t you want to bring the two children back to the Chu Family?”

Chu Cichen’s gaze turned cold.

When he went to Shen Ruojing’s residence previously, she had put on an aloof appearance. But now, she suddenly came to look for him… Was she playing hard to get then?

Not knowing whether Chu Yu was dead or alive, Chu Cichen was in a horrible mood. Hence, he said coldly, “What do you want?”

Shen Ruojing ignored his cold attitude and continued to say in a mushy tone, “I want to move into the Chu Manor with the children!”

A sharp gleam flashed in Chu Cichen’s eyes. “That won’t be possible.”

Her fox tail was finally exposed!

Saying that they had been in a relationship for half a year in the past… Acting like a victim… Turned out that she was just hankering for the Chu Family!

However, Shen Ruojing said, “The reason you aren’t agreeing to this is because of Chu Yu, right? But what if something were to happen to Chu Yu?”

Upon hearing this, Chu Cichen’s gaze sank and a killing aura permeated the entire car. “What do you mean by that?”

“Someone poisoned him previously, and other incidents might still take place in the future. Once he dies, Little Ye will be your sole successor! When that happens, you’ll be the one begging to let me move in with the Chu Family!”

Chu Cichen held in his fury and said in a firm voice, “Chu Yu won’t die!”

“Is that so? Then you better pray that he will continue to be fine.”

Shen Ruojing took a look at her phone and then continued to try to agitate Lin Wanru, saying, “Cichen, you can give this matter more thought. If I were to move in with the Chu Family, even if we were to hold banquets, I would still send Chu Yu’s mother an invitation. Don’t worry, I’m not so petty.”

Chu Cichen fell silent, and this silence agitated Lin Wanru.

He must have hesitated because it was unknown whether Chu Yu was dead or alive!

No, Lin Wanru wasn’t going to let Shen Ruojing’s scheme succeed! Neither was she going to allow Shen Ruojing to marry into the Chu Family and look down on her from then on!

Lin Wanru hung up the call directly. She then dialed her mother’s number with no hesitation. “Mother, Chu Yu must be kept alive! He mustn’t die!”

Shen Ruojing threw a glance at the phone and knew that her actions were effective. She then heaved a huge sigh of relief.

Just then, Chu Cichen suddenly spoke up, “Alright. When will you be bringing along the children and moving into the Chu Manor?”

Shen Ruojing: “?”

Chu Cichen turned his head away in disgust when he saw the surprise in the woman’s eyes. He was actually very against this proposal.

However, at the thought that Chu Yu could be her son as well, and also at the thought of Chu Tianye and Chu Xiaomeng… The fact that the Lin Family dared to abduct Chu Yu meant that they could also be capable of doing even crazier things.

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For the children’s safety, he compromised.

Right now, this woman must be feeling proud, right?

It was highly likely that she might move in straight away tonight… Or so he thought.

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