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Chapter 406 - Chapter 406: The Battle Is About to Start

Chapter 406: The Battle Is About to Start

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Chu Bai led Lil Xue’er out of the forest.

In front of them, a huge mountain peak came into view.


Chu Bai was surprised.

Originally, there was no such tall mountain in his sight.

Logically speaking, he should have already seen such a tall mountain from afar.

He was on a mountain range, and he was already on top of it!

It was impossible for a mountain to exist!

Therefore, either this mountain peak was an illusion, or what he saw just now was an illusion.

However, when he used Evil Dragon Snooping earlier, he had not passed through the forest yet. Perhaps he just had not noticed?

“Evil Dragon Snooping.!”

Chu Bai used Evil Dragon Snooping once again!

This mountain was real, not an illusion.

Little Demon had already been released by Chu Bai.

She followed beside Chu Bai.

“It’s so high.”

Little Demon opened her mouth and said.

Moreover, this was a volcano.

“Don’t tell me we’re going up?”

Chu Bai frowned.

There must be a boss in this volcano!

Moreover, since it could live in such a big volcano and it was his territory, he was probably at least a heavenly beast.

The boss should not be a divine emperor. After all, it was an S-rank mission!

If it was SS, it was possible.

Time slowly passed.

On the other hand, a large number of players from the Heaven Alliance had already gathered. They were already standing in the huge space below the Heaven Alliance.

They were waiting for World of Sword’s arrival.

“It’s about time. I’ll ask Big Brother about the situation.”

Then, Playboy gave Chu Bai a call.

“Hello, Big Brother.”

“How is it?” Chu Bai’s voice sounded.

“The battle hasn’t started yet. There’s still half an hour. Don’t worry, there won’t be any problems. How are things on your side?”

Playboy said.

“It’s a bit of a waste of time. I’m at a volcano, and I don’t think I can make it back on time. I’ll rely on you guys.”

Chu Bai said.

“Don’t worry, just wait for our good news.”

Playboy said.


Then, he hung up the communicator!

Actually, Playboy was not too confident.

He dared to fight because he believed in his teammates and himself!

He knew what kind of ability he had!

However, the other party was not an idiot!

He was not sure if he could win or not.

However, he would definitely try his best!

Actually, he was a little worried, so he asked Chu Bai about the situation!

When he found out that Chu Bai really could not come, he did not have any more hope.


Playboy looked at the few people who had been waiting for a long time and said, “Big Brother probably won’t make it in time. He can only rely on us!” “Alright!”

They nodded.

“Leave it to me! Watch me smash their heads!”

Long Mengyi waved her fists.

“Hehehe, Little Dragon wants to knock on heads too! When the time comes, Uncle Bai Ye will definitely reward me for guarding the Heaven Alliance! Hehehe.”

Little Dragon said with a smile.

“Right, Uncle Bai Ye will definitely reward us!”

Long Mengyi also smiled.

“Our people are almost here. There are about 150,000 of us. The other party has about 400,000. They’re on their way.”

Jiang Qianyue said.

“I’m going to buy buffs!”

Then, Playboy walked away.

[Ding. All members of the Heaven Alliance will be resurrected for free for 12 hours!]

[Ding. All members of the Heaven Alliance will receive a 10% damage reduction for 12 hours!]

[Ding. All Heaven Alliance members can block skills once.]

[Ding. All Heaven Alliance members’ ATK and magic ATK are increased by 10% for 12 hours.]

[Ding. The tenacity of all Heaven Alliance members is increased to 30% for 12 hours.]

Playboy had exchanged all the possible buffs.

They were all very powerful buffs!

There was no need to mention the resurrection and 10% damage reduction. Every guild had to get these during a guild war!

The effect of blocking a skill was still acceptable. If hundreds of thousands of players could block a skill once, the combined effect would be much better.

ATK and magic ATK were increased by 10%, increasing group combat power.

Tenacity was very important in a big battle too.

“There’s also life steal and blood-sucking. We can exchange for them when the battle starts. We can only get them once in each guild war, and they only last for an hour.”

Playboy walked over and said.

Other than resurrection, the most expensive buffs were life steal and blood-sucking!

The other buffs lasted for 12 hours, but only these lasted one hour.

The effect was very simple. One could steal 10% of HP. If one hit someone with 100 HP, one could recover 10 HP. It was the same with life steal.

This was very helpful for the overall battle.

“No problem.”

They nodded.

For a powerful player with high damage, blood-sucking was very powerful.

However, it was also a little awkward.

Reducing healing skills and effects was very common.

Up to 90% of the healing effect could be reduced, and some of the more powerful ones could even make the healing ineffective.

Therefore, Chu Bai’s damage was very high, but almost everyone could ignore this point. With so many people, he would not be invincible. The damage could kill him directly.

However, this blood-sucking effect would still be very effective against hundreds of thousands of people in a guild battle.

At this moment, a large group of players appeared in front of them.

“They’re here! The people from World of Sword are here!”

The large number of players who had already gathered around to watch the show were extremely excited when they saw this!

“F*ck! The difference in numbers is too great! 150,000 against 400,000. Dugu Wenjian has found a good opportunity.”

“The Heaven Alliance is done for. Even if Bai Ye wants to take revenge, it’ll take 17 days. At that time, the players’ levels will increase a little, and their equipment will also increase a little. The key is that 17 days is enough for a behemoth like World of Swords to find a large number of items to resist Bai Ye’s revenge! Therefore, once the Heaven Alliance is taken down, World of Sword will probably be unstoppable.”

“Not necessarily. World of Sword will have to develop through a level-five guild. This will take time. If they can’t develop in half a month, they will need a few months or half a year! During this period, whether it’s Bai Ye or the other guilds, they might be able to take down World of Sword.”

“Hello everyone, I’m Xiao Yue. That’s right, it’s me again. I’m at the Heaven Alliance’s side again. I believe everyone already knows the situation between the Heaven Alliance and World of Sword. God Bai Ye is not here now, and he probably won’t be able to return in time. The Heaven Alliance has no leader, and the members of the Heaven Alliance are lacking by more than 250,000 members. Under such a situation, can the Heaven Alliance still bring us a surprise? Let us wait and see!”

Xiao Yue then turned the camera to the front.

“Look, the people from World of Sword are already here. There’s still half an hour before the battle starts.. Although the chances are very slim, if the Heaven Alliance can survive, they will definitely let us see a very exciting battle!”

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