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Chapter 405 - Chapter 405: Passive Skill; Infernal Spirit

Chapter 405: Passive Skill; Infernal Spirit

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It was true.

Chu Bai realized that it was impossible for him to lose Lil Xue’er.

He would not have any means of recovery!

Except for HP potions.

However, even an advanced HP potion could only heal 500 HP at a time and had a five-second cooldown.

He had close to 30,000 HP. How long would it take to heal?

Moreover, Chu Bai would often face bosses that could easily wipe out several thousand of his HP. It was too uncomfortable!

Chu Bai had no other choice when facing the Flame Soul Beast earlier. He had used Blood Sacrifice due to his mistake, causing his HP to be too low. He did not have a good way to recover his HP, so he had to worry about being instakilled by the Flame Soul Beast!

Although the Flame Soul Beast was basically all fire attribute damage, the physical damage of a boss of this grade and level was already high enough.

This Flame Soul Beast was more like a mage. Otherwise, its physical damage would be even higher.

“Lil Xue’er, just pull away.”

Chu Bai said to Lil Xue’er.


Lil Xue’er naturally understood and dodged.

Chu Bai’s HP was protected by Lil Xue’er’s Light of the Holy Spirit, recovering 10% of his maximum HP every second. He had already entered a completely safe state!


After that, Chu Bai rushed over.

The ultimate skill, Soul Flame, that he had obtained, was of no use to him. This skill might be of greater use to him in the future. After all, this Flame Soul Beast was not Chu Bai’s ultimate target in the entire Land of Fire Dragon.

Soon, Chu Bai killed the Flame Soul Beast.

The Flame Soul Beast had wanted to run at first, but it was trapped by Chu Bai’s Ruling Strike.

A piece of celestial-grade equipment dropped.

[Fire God Scepter. Grade: Celestial. Status: Unidentified, can’t be used.]

Chu Bai could not use a mage’s staff, but Xiao Xiao and Lu Yufan could. If they did not want to use it, he would leave it to Jiang Qianyue to handle.

After all, celestial-grade weapons were still very precious and sought after.


Inside, Chu Bai saw a scroll.

Scrolls were items that any player would love.

No matter what the effect was, it definitely would not be too bad.

Once it was dropped, it could be sold for a very high price, not even lower than the price of some equipment.

For example, the large guilds were buying scrolls at a high price at every moment!

For example, Invincibility Scrolls. A single-player Invincibility Scroll that could last three seconds could be sold for 100,000 to 200,000 or even higher. Every additional second could be sold for 100,000 more!

If it was group invincibility, then it would be even more expensive!

If there was a limit to the number of people, such as a hundred people, it could still be sold for millions!

However, if one wanted to make all allies invincible, it might cost at least three or five million, depending on the duration.

No matter how expensive it was, the guilds were still buying them!

It was because they were too important!

Whether it was to save their lives or to use them at a critical moment like in a guild war, if they used these scrolls well, the benefits were unimaginable.

For example, Dugu Wenjian had spent money to obtain the scrolls in his hands.

There were so many players and monsters. No matter how rare such scrolls were, they would still be able to get them.

On the other hand, Dugu Wenjian might have spent some money to buy these items, but he was aiming to take over a level-five guild. Was this not a profit?

In his eyes, that was the case.

Chu Bai took the scroll.

“So, it’s a skill book.”

Chu Bai glanced at it.

[Infernal Spirit Skill Book: After using it, you’ll obtain the passive skill

Infernal Spirit.]

Chu Bai was speechless.


He was stunned!

To a player, which skill of this Flame Soul Beast was the most awesome??

In fact, it was this passive skill.

Each layer of the Infernal Spirit’s effect lasted for ten minutes. It could reduce all of the opponent’s attributes, excluding HP, by 1%.

At most, 80 layers could be stacked.

It was really fierce!

To Chu Bai, this skill was not very effective against players because the damage he dealt was overflowing.

However, it was a good skill for him to kill bosses.

Without thinking, Chu Bai crushed the Infernal Spirit Skill Book.

[Ding. You’ve obtained the skill—Infernal Spirit.]

[Infernal Spirit: A passive skill. Once a fire-type attack hits, all attributes of the target will be reduced by 3% (excluding HP). The skill lasts for one minute and can be stacked up to ten times. You can only trigger the Infernal Spirit effect once a day.]

This Infernal Spirit skill was slightly different from the skill of the Flame Soul Beast.

Every time the Flame Soul Beast’s Infernal Spirit attacked, all attributes would be reduced by 1%. It could be stacked by 80 layers, which would reduce all attributes by 80% at most!

However, Chu Bai’s Infernal Spirit reduced the target’s attributes by 3% when a fire attribute attack hit the target. At most, it would reduce the target’s attributes by 30%.

The upper limit was much lower, and the number of layers stacked was also lower. However, the difficulty of stacking was reduced!

There was still a huge weak point, though.

Chu Bai could only trigger the Infernal Spirit effect once a day.

Moreover, if the Infernal Spirit of the Flame Soul Beast was added with an additional layer of the Infernal Spirit effect, it would refresh for another ten minutes!

However, Chu Bai’s skill did not have this!

In other words, it could only last for ten minutes at most.

If used well, it could reduce all attributes by 30% for nearly ten minutes!

Chu Bai had to apply ten layers of the Infernal Spirit effect in a short period of time.

If he applied a layer in the first second, the reduction effect would be 3%. If he applied the second layer after almost ten minutes, the reduction effect would be 6% but everything would be gone after a few seconds.

Therefore, the faster the better.

“That’s normal.”

Bosses usually had very powerful skills. 95% of the skill books obtained were not 100% the same as the boss’ skills.

It was normal.

However, it was a passive skill. It would be a waste not to use it.

“I do have a fire attribute attacks.”

Triple Flame Slash was a fire attribute attack. If all three hit, it could be applied three times.


He still had more!

There were also the few moves of Ode to the Phoenix.

“Does the burn effect count as adding an Infernal Spirit?”

Chu Bai muttered to himself.

He was not sure.

For example, if he applied the burn effect on a boss, would he gain an additional layer of Infernal Spirit every time he burned the boss?

However, that was not important.

The Infernal Spirit was a passive skill, and he could deal fire attribute damage using Wild Wind Dance. The third skill, Phoenix Possession, had a cooldown of one or two days. Even with Super Reduction, it was still as long as 12 hours or one day!

It could be used against top-tier bosses!

“However, my Triple Flame Slash has a short cooldown, so I don’t have to find a fire-type method!”

Chu Bai muttered.

It was simple.

15 seconds of Triple Flame Slash. He could achieve it in a minute even if he applied ten layers of Infernal Spirit.

Lil Xue’er ran to Chu Bai’s shoulder and lay on it.

The leaves that could turn into flames also returned to normal.

“Let’s go to the next place.”

Chu Bai did not delay.

As for the guild, it would be best if he could clear the mission quickly so that he could go back as soon as possible..

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