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Chapter 1999 - Chapter 1999 The Extract

Chapter 1999 The Extract

The captain was killed?

It was just one move and they didn’t even see how the woman attacked!

They had long sensed a terrifying feeling from that woman.

Now they were very sure that this feeling was not wrong!

That woman was too terrifying!

While the Fox Hunting Squad was fighting with demi-humans, they kept glancing at Gu Qingzhu from the corner of their eyes with exceptional fear in their hearts.

It was over!

Even the captain was no match for that woman.

Moreover, that woman had sealed the entrance of the teleportation passage!

What should they do?

They couldn’t escape!

In the chaos, a player from the Fox Hunting Squad shouted, “Kill her! Avenge the commander!”

That’s right!

Kill her!

“Attack together! Kill her!”

If she was not killed, everyone would die here!

No matter how strong that woman was, she was just one person!

If everyone attacked together, there was still a chance of survival!

The threat of death temporarily suppressed the terror in their hearts. Ignoring the demi-humans entangled nearby, they rushed towards Gu Qingzhu despite their injuries.


Gu Qingzhu let out a contemptuous snort.


In the next moment, Gu Qingzhu’s figure quickly disappeared from their sight. It was so fast that the naked eye couldn’t catch it, and only a shadow could be seen!

Fang Heng was secretly speechless as he watched from the dense forest.

“Fang Heng, do you remember what you saw in the petri dish of CXX Research Trading Company last night?”

Fang Heng furrowed his brows and nodded. The petri dishes were filled with demi-humans who had lost their souls. They were used to continuously charge the teleportation passage.

“Opening teleportation passage will consume a lot of our demi-humans strength. Once the consumption is excessive, the demi-human’s body will collapse first. Therefore, demi-humans who are used as consumables generally can’t survive for more than a week.”

“Miyamoto Teru couldn’t find so many demi-humans to supply, so he used the dragon soul crystal extract to forcefully maintain the demi-humans’ vitality.”

“Many of our tribesmen died due to insanity because they could not bear the pain. To better control the energy infusion, Miyamoto Teru developed a special method to completely erase their souls and transform them into power supply devices for the teleportation passage.”

Gu Qingzhu looked very calm as she explained everything.

In fact, after just learning this information, she was so angry to the extreme that she couldn’t control her emotions and wanted to directly massacre the entire CXX Research Trading Company.

Gu Qingzhu had already sworn in her heart.

She wanted to tear Miyamoto Teru into pieces!

Fang Heng let out a deep sigh in his heart. Looking at Gu Qingzhu’s calm face, he didn’t know how to persuade her.

Perhaps killing Miyamoto Teru would be the greatest help to Gu Qingzhu.

The demi-humans quickly searched the camp for any remnants. Jite quickly returned to report, “We’ve checked. There’s a map of the nearby area and a part of the security inspection records in the camp. We can confirm that the other end of the teleportation passage is the headquarters of that old fellow, Miyamoto Teru, Frostmist Island. The Fox Hunting Mercenary Group has been in this world for more than two months and has already carried out a detailed exploration of the nearby area.”

Gu Qingzhu’s expression was cold as she asked, “Where’s Miyamoto Teru? Is he on Frostmist Island?”

“We are not sure. Teleportation will consume extra energy from the teleportation passage. This team spends most of their time in the game and is only responsible for collecting information in the game. I’m afraid they don’t know anything about the situation outside the game.”

Jite paused and continued, “However, they have indeed become more cautious. They strengthened their guard today, probably anticipating us.”

“Okay,” Gu Qingzhu shifted her gaze to the other side of the teleportation passage and said, “Get ready to make a move. There might be an ambush from the Federation on the other side of the passage. Be careful.”


The demi-humans gathered behind Gu Qingzhu with solemn expressions. They were all prepared to sacrifice themselves before coming here.

Gu Qingzhu looked at Fang Heng and said in a deep voice, “Fang Heng, this battle has nothing to do with you. It’s a matter between us and the Federation. Thank you for your help all this time. It will become very dangerous later. You better stay here.”

Fang Heng shook his head.

What did she mean?

At a time like this, why would she want him to stay here?

What’s the matter? Was he not good enough?

“Alright, there’s no need to say anymore. I’ll go with you. You guys don’t know anything about the teleportation passage. If I don’t go over, what if you guys don’t come back? If you don’t come back, who will help me open the teleportation passage here in the future?”

Fang Heng walked to Gu Qingzhu and said, “No need to persuade me. I’m quite curious about the dragon soul crystal, so I’ll go over and take a look. I’ll gather more information that will be useful in the future.”

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