Stop Messing Around, Mr Bo!

Chapter 417 - Unexpected

Chapter 417: Unexpected

“What’s going on?!”

“That foreign judge who has always given low marks gave her full marks?!”

“Oh my god, I can’t believe it! In that case, she’s the champion of this year’s local perfume-making selection?!”

“Yes, 37 marks! Shen Qianrou is far behind!”

Shen Qianrou’s face darkened instantly.

Veins were throbbing against her smooth forehead.

How was that possible?

How could that be?!

“Shen Qianrou… Rosanna lost? She lost to the person who plagiarized her creation back then?!”

Everyone was shocked. Failing by 0.1 point was already a shocking fact. Now, Shen Fanxing received a perfect score of 10! Shen Fanxing had crushed Shen Qianrou!

It was a huge uproar.

Shen Qianrou gritted her teeth and looked up at the reporters not far away. Immediately, a reporter rushed forward and asked the judges,

“What kind of creation would make the judges give such high marks? Can we smell it too?”

Shen Fanxing stood on stage with her head lowered as she stared at the reporter who had rushed over. It was the same reporter who had asked her if she had moved back to the Shen family!

“Sorry, no you can’t. This is the competition’s rules!”

“If I remember correctly, Miss Shen Fanxing plagiarized six years ago. Did she plagiarize this time as well?”

“Then may I ask whose work she plagiarized?” Sometimes, the judges really hated reporters who pestered them.

“I heard that back then, Ms Shen Fanxing plagiarized Ms Shen Qianrou’s formula. I also heard that not long ago before the competition, Shen Fanxing, who has always had a bad relationship with her family, suddenly chose to return to the Shen family’s residence. Doesn’t that mean that the formula was stolen from Ms Shen Qianrou?”

Shen Fanxing narrowed her eyes as she watched the reporter, who was getting more presumptuous. She strode to the edge of the stage and squatted down. She pulled the reporter’s pass from her neck and scanned it before standing up slowly.

“Chen Sijin! Typhoon Media Agency, I remember you. Please return and wait for my lawyer’s letter.”

Everyone was speechless…

Shen Fanxing looked down at the reporter with a lofty manner, her beautiful face devoid of emotions.

Everyone was shocked by her statement and the reporters looked at each other!

Even though this woman was a woman of few words, she was indeed… ruthless!

“You’re saying that I plagiarized? Are you questioning the judges present? Even the judges can’t tell, but a reporter like you wants to frame me?”

The reporter’s face and ears turned red and he noticed that the few judges on stage were looking at him unhappily.

“Then why did you suddenly return to the Shen family before the competition?!”

“Do I have to report to you when I go back home? What makes you think that I returned to the Shen family so that I could plagiarize Shen Qianrou’s formula again? You’re asking me if I stole her formula. Why don’t you ask her which formula I’ve lost? Or rather, since she has the ability to research and get a higher score for the formula, why did she choose to compete with a formula that failed?”

Shen Fanxing fired successive questions and caught the reporter off guard. He panicked and his face turned red. He couldn’t even lift his head because of shame.

Compared to him, Shen Qianrou was even more embarrassed.

Everyone shifted their gaze to Shen Qianrou. Their faces were filled with mockery, sarcasm and gloating…

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