The Real Young Miss's Secret Identities Revealed

Chapter 1280 - Special Hospital Appointment

Chapter 1280: Special Hospital Appointment

There were dangers, but there were also more opportunities.

Jiang Li had never been a rash person, so she would definitely want to retreat.

She said to Fu Jiuxiao proudly, “Who said that I met him? It could be any woman who met him, but it definitely wouldn’t be Jiang Li.”

Fu Jiuxiao only needed to think for a moment to understand Jiang Li’s real intention.

Jiang Li had many identities.

“When are you going to see him?” Fu Jiuxiao asked.

He let go.

Just as Jiang Li trusted him, he trusted Jiang Li as well.

Jiang Li leaned close to Fu Jiuxiao’s ear and told him her plan. Fu Jiuxiao agreed, “There’s still time.”

“We’ll arrange everything meticulously so that no one will notice that you left.”

Jiang Li’s heart was warm. She tilted her head and leaned on Fu Jiuxiao’s shoulder. “Xiao, you are so nice.”

“If I’m nice to you, will you be nice to me?” Fu Jiuxiao narrowed his eyes and licked his lips secretly as if he was reminiscing about something.

Jiang Li did not notice Fu Jiuxiao’s expression. She smiled and said, “Of course, I’ll give you whatever you want.”

Fu Jiuxiao nodded with satisfaction and suggested a simple idea to Jiang Li.

Jiang Li was very serious. She thought that Fu Jiuxiao would give her some advice regarding their current difficulties. However, Fu Jiuxiao’s words made her blush, and she instinctively wanted to run away.

“I liked the position in the bathroom a few days ago. Do you want to relive it today?” Fu Jiuxiao did not get an answer from Jiang Li.

It was because Jiang Li ran away.

Fu Jiuxiao shrugged in disappointment, thinking that Jiang Li would not satisfy him.

However, Jiang Li still pulled him into the bathroom at night.

Jiang Li replied to Spade A. They met at a special hospital in China.

Spade A did not refuse. After taking care of the work, they arrived at the agreed place and saw a mature woman from afar.

She had long black hair, wore an exquisite dress, and carried a decorative bag in her hand. She looked like a woman who needed to go to a meeting.

Jiang Li had already found out about some of Spade A’s habits, such as his love for skateboarding and extreme sports. His hobbies were not related to his profession.

“Hello, I’m A, how may I address you?” Spade A took the initiative to greet her. He found that this woman looked to be in her early thirties, but she had an unconcealable sense of youth.

Did she dress up for their meeting?

Jiang Li knew that with Spade A’s profession, it was not difficult to see through her disguise. However, she believed that after seeing the terrible situation in the hospital, Spade A would not be interested in her anymore.

She smiled and said, “Hello, you can call me… whistleblower.”

Spade A smiled awkwardly. “You really know how to joke.”

He looked around, “This is a special hospital. I heard that it has just been established, but it accommodates a large number of patients. Why did you choose to meet here?”

“It’s because this place is full of sin.” Jiang Li’s answer made Spade A frown.

Spade A soon knew the reason for the sin.

All the patients had been injected with illegal drugs. There were people who took the initiative to inject rich people, but most of them were forced to do so.

Most of the people who were forced to do so were young men and women. They were inexperienced and had been forced to become experimental subjects because of their debts.

“Debts? Aren’t they being cheated?” Spade A laughed out of anger.

Jiang Li said coldly, “They are all victims, but the people who scammed them have powerful forces. As long as they have contact with them, they can not escape.”

Spade A became serious and said, “Is Fu Yusheng a member of the Black Crow Organization?”

“Yes, he should have many accomplices, but I haven’t found any of them.” Jiang Li’s tone was filled with disappointment.

Logically speaking, it was not impossible for Fu Yusheng’s parents to know the inside story, but after researching for so long, she did not find anything.

It could only be said that Fu Yusheng hid it well.

Suddenly, someone went crazy.

Spade A nimbly stood in front of Jiang Li and watched the crazy girl attack the medical staff like a beast. Although she was quickly subdued, the whole process was very heart-wrenching.

The girl fell to the ground weakly. When she was lifted up, blood flowed from the wound on her arm and dripped onto the ground.

“Damn it,” Spade A said angrily.

Jiang Li looked at him and said, “The families of these patients hope to receive effective treatment and donate to the Eagle Organisation to research the antidote. The Eagle Organisation also spent a lot of manpower and material resources to make good progress, but…”

Spade A understood that Jiang Li even though she did not finish her sentence, so he continued, “If we don’t catch the person behind this, there will be more victims and…”

He turned to Jiang Li and said, “Madam, I hope you can help us solve this vicious incident.”

Jiang Li smiled faintly and replied, “I have a big accident at home, so I might not be able to reply in time, but I will try my best.”

They reached a consensus for the time being.

Spade A wanted to stay here to get some clues, so he walked to one of the wards alone. Jiang Li stared at him for a long time before leaving by herself.

When Jiang Li got into the car, she said to Wei Ziheng in the front seat, “Try to cooperate with Spade A.”

“Okay, boss.” Wei Ziheng turned his head with a smile and winked at Jiang Li.

He said mysteriously, “Boss, I want to tell you something big.”

“Fu Yunze ran away!”

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