What Do You Mean My Cute Disciples Are Yanderes?

Chapter 961: They're Starting With The Big Guns

Chapter 961: They're Starting With The Big Guns


"Daddyyy~ Your sexiest daughter is here for some sexy time!" Lilith exclaimed, throwing open the doors of my room as soon as it was bedtime.

She immediately noticed something was wrong when she found me still dressed in my robes and sitting on the bed while Iris watched her with mild amusement. Even Akari and Shiori were there, their gaze shifting to her the moment she opened the door.

"Umm… Is something wrong, Daddy?" Lilith asked, concern slipping into her voice.

"Ara, ara? I never knew she was so good at acting too?" Iris giggled, though the mockery was clear in her voice.

Lilith ignored her in favour of sending me a questioning glance.

I raised an eyebrow at her, "Unfortunately Lilith… I don't think we'll be having 'sexy time' tonight… I know about the rendezvous."

She sighed, "Well… I'm not surprised… So what is Daddy going to do? I doubt you're going to lay in bed and let me ride you till tomorrow?"

"Of course I'm going to follow them to their little rendezvous. You coming?"

"I would very much like to be cumming all over the bed but I suppose that's not an option?"

I stood up and made my way towards her, pulling her in a hug and kissing Lilith on the lips.

The demoness moaned and kissed me back, keeping me there for a good long minute before I pulled away from her.

I tapped her on the nose, "I can make this a five minute quickie or a good, long lovemaking session after this. Choose one."

She turned to look at the bed and it looked like she was about to go for the quickie option before sighing, "Let's go, Daddy. I suppose you already know where they're meeting?"

"Not really, but I'm about to find out I guess."

Our group flew up into the sky after I made all of us invisible, right as my disciples were gathering outside at my courtyard.

Hmm? There's a girl who I don't recognise with iridescent hair… For some reason, I have a feeling that I should know who she is but I've definitely not met this young woman before… Is this the person my disciples were meeting?

Right as I was wondering about such a possibility, Manami activated her teleportation Technique and whisked everyone away from my courtyard in the blink of an eye.

I reacted by checking the Origin of her teleportation target and teleported my group nearby as well, which turned out to be a destroyed section of the Death Mountains.

This place looks… Familiar?

"Ugh… Could they not have picked a better place? This gives me such unpleasant memories…" Lilith sighed.

"Hmmm? Why?" I asked.

"Did Daddy forget? This was the place I foolishly attacked Daddy… Ugh… Just remembering how stupid I was acting is so embarrassing!"

Ah… We're at the former Dark Sect's base inside the Death Mountains. Of course…

Although… Is this even a good place for a rendezvous? Is the other side into outdoor play or something?

Right as that thought came into my mind, three flashes of light fell from the sky to land in the middle of the ruins.

The light dissipated to reveal three women standing there, looking visibly upset by my disciples' presence.

"So you're finally here," Lian Li growled.

"I have no wish to be here as much as you do," The one with the platinum blonde hair spat.

Err… Is this going to be some swinger orgy or something? What is even happening here? I am so confused.

The one with the ponytail strolled forward, "We will prove to you all, right here and now, that none of you are fit to even gaze upon our darling."

Wait… Holy shit. Are my disciples trying to woo a group of married men and these three are their wives coming to stop them? What is up with this situation?

I know my disciples are quite the group of deviants, especially in bed… But I didn't think they were really seeing someone else outside? Actually… When the hell did they get the time to do that?

Short of some kind of mind manipulation involved, I definitely can't see them falling for anyone else. Not that I'm being vain or anything, but I don't think my disciples would seriously go behind my back to see someone else.

My thoughts were disrupted when everyone here settled into a combat stance, obviously they weren't here to have a civilised discussion like I thought.

Err… Hold on a minute? I thought they were planning to rendezvous? You know? Like a secret meeting between boy and girl where they… Ah… They were actually just referring to a normal meeting… For a fight. Yeah… Sounds about right.

No! Wait! What the hell?!!

How the hell did this happen?! Who the hell are these three girls?!! Why do they look so pissed with each other?!! What happened while I was gone?!!

Also, what's with this amount of murderous intent?! It's practically filling up the entire place! Look! Look! Even my cute little Brendan has a weird smirk on his face! What is… What are those bottles you're pulling out from your storage ring?! Those kinds of poisons can wipe out an entire city!! When did you make those?!!

And wait just a moment!! Don't think I didn't hear you muttering under your breath Elaria!! You're using some kind of hidden communicator in your ear aren't you?! What did I just hear you say? 'Bring the orbital satellite cannon online'?! Since when did you even have an orbital satellite cannon?!!

I most definitely do not remember you doing anything to propel yourself to the space… Age… Ah.

That floating castle in the sky… You used that as an orbital launch platform didn't you? Fuuuuck…

I looked up into the sky and squinted my eyes. Sure enough, there it was… An orbiting platform hovering right over this location… Tungsten rods I see… I was expecting some kind of laser or something but it seems she went for the kinetic weapon route.

At least I don't need to worry about the fallout… And I guess having a giant beam of light coming down from the heavens is more conspicuous than just something falling and rearranging the environment…

Wait… There's more than one orbiting satellite… This one without any tungsten rods inside it. I take back what I said about being less conspicuous.

As the thought went through my head, I realised that the first satellite had opened up and one of the rods was propelled out of the orbiting satellite, rushing straight towards where the three women were.

Oh damn… Big F for this mountain range…

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