Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith

Chapter 4776 - Chapter 4776: Second Spirit Artifact

Chapter 4776: Second Spirit Artifact

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Li Moying was naturally very clear of the seriousness of the matter as he swiftly brandished his sword a few times and the sword light skyrocketed. In between breaths, the large number of Devil Beasts behind him disappeared.

Only then did the two of them have a chance to catch their breath.

Li Moying said in a low voice,” We have to retreat now. There are too many Devil Beasts! If not for the existence of this grey fog, we wouldn’t have been able to hold on until now.”

Hearing the two words ‘grey fog’, Huang Yueli suddenly had a flash of inspiration as her eyes lit up.

“Husband, you’re right. Why are you so smart? Grey fog! Oh right, why didn’t I think of that just now! These Devil Beasts are most afraid of the grey fog!”

” Li ‘er?!” Li Moying couldn’t keep up with her train of thought as he turned around in astonishment.

But Huang Yueli had already leaped up and turned around, dashing towards the direction of the Energy Void.

Although it was said to be sprinting, but in fact, Huang Yueli’s current running speed wasn’t much faster than an ordinary person’s as the surrounding chaotic energy had created too much pressure.

Huang Yueli sprinted forward with all her might and when she was less than a hundred meters away from the Energy Void, her footsteps suddenly halted as her right wrist flipped gently.

In the next moment, a scimitar appeared in her hand.

The scimitar was shaped like a crescent moon, but its entire body was covered in a rich and gorgeous green colour. The position of the blade had not been sharpened, so it was still very blunt. However, the sharp killing intent emitted from the blade was clear and sharp, as if it had substance.

Huang Yueli held the curved blade in her hand and even in such a gloomy environment, the brilliant green light still penetrated through the grey fog, illuminating the surrounding area.

Li Moying’s pupils contracted as he instantly recognised that this was one of the ancient Spirit Artifacts that Huang Yueli had kept.

This Zephyr Jade Scimitar was of a higher quality than the wrist guard which she had thrown into the Energy Void previously. Even in Huang Yueli’s collection, it was already a rare top grade treasure.

Li Moying had already understood what Huang Yueli wanted to do and wanted to persuade her to reconsider.

However, Huang Yueli had already made up her mind and didn’t give him the chance to speak as she pushed her right hand forward forcefully…

Under the control of her pure Yin Energy, the Zephyr Jade Scimitar steadily flew forward, resisting the huge resistance of the energy storm and flying towards the Energy Void bit by bit.

Li Moying took a step forward but the Devil Beast behind him immediately took the opportunity to pounce over.

He could only stop and turn around to intercept them.

Just as his sword light flashed, the Zephyr Jade Scimitar had already fallen into the Energy Void. In an instant, it was swallowed by a black fog.

After a brief moment of silence, a loud explosion suddenly sounded, and a green mist suddenly spewed out from the Energy Void.

The momentum of the mist was very strong. It instantly passed through the grey fog and spread into the dark Devil Territory.

At the same time, waves after waves of shrill and sharp screams rang out from all directions, causing Huang Yueli and Li Moying’s eardrums to hurt.

All the Devil Beasts that were hit by the green mist turned into dried corpses in a very short time, and then quickly weathered into dust.

The eruption of energy lasted for a while before it finally stopped.

However, most of the surrounding Devil Beasts had been consumed in the process. Only a few scattered Devil Beasts were still unwilling to leave, roaring and surrounding the central area.

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