Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 2255 - Untitled

Chapter 2255: Untitled

“Lady Gu’s son came with her to Fallen Star Yard. Because Lady Gu has always been very friendly, we let our guard down.”

Granny Zhao grew angry. “Miss Wu, we locked your room after you left.”

Feng Wu nodded.

Granny Zhao said, “But your cousin picked the lock, opened your door, and broke one of the figurines on the table. Your mother was very angry.”

Feng Wu wasn’t surprised. Her mother cared about her very much. Of course, she was angry.

Granny Zhao said, “My lady was so angry that she shook. Young Master Qi was there as well, and he beat up your cousin. Young Master Qi is very capable now. Those people weren’t his match.”

Feng Wu glanced at Granny Zhao, who seemed very proud of her brother.

Granny Zhao frowned. “Of course, Lady Gu and your uncle wouldn’t have it, so they came back here and wanted to punish Young Master Qi.”

Feng Wu frowned. Jun Linyuan had given Chang San to her, and she had left him in Fallen Star Yard to keep her family safe.

What had Chang San been doing?

Granny Zhao said, “Qingyi, the one whom Qiuling kicked away, was the guard Lady Gu and Miss Qi brought with them. He almost took apart our Fallen Star Yard. He wanted to take Young Master Qi away to punish him!”

Feng Wu frowned. “Where was Chang San? I haven’t seen him since I came back.”

“Master Chang stepped in and beat up Qingyi. He nearly hit Lady Gu and Miss Qi as well. Master Chang threatened them, saying that he would break their legs if they returned. He was quite scary.”

Feng Wu nodded. “It’s his job to guard Fallen Star Yard. What happened next?”

Granny Zhao sounded concerned. “We thought that Lady Gu would stop trying after that, but someone tried to invade Fallen Star Yard at night, and Master Chang went after them. That was a few days ago, and he hasn’t come back yet. I don’t know what happened to him.”

Had someone deliberately lured him away? Feng Wu decided that she would go to Jun Linyuan and find Chang San after everything settled down.

Her family was her priority.

“Go on.” Feng Wu grabbed a chair and had Granny Zhao sit down.

Qiuling had made them some tea.

Although she was a Level 7 Spiritual Elder and a rising star, she still behaved like an ordinary maid.

Granny Zhao said, “Once Master Chang left, we were defenseless. Lady Gu got wind of it and came back. This time, she brought with her the elders of the clan!”

Although the Feng clan was no longer what it used to be, many elders still thought very highly of themselves.

Granny Zhao said, “The elders were on Lady Gu’s side and kept saying that Young Master Qi needed to be disciplined. Otherwise, he would grow up just like…”

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