Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao

Chapter 3290 Queen Bee

3290 Queen Bee

Ling Han did not leave the gourd again, and began to eat honey inside.

It was sweet and fragrant, and the taste was really, extremely good. After a while, he felt his entire body burning, as if he had drunk strong wine. His entire body was warm, and he felt indescribably comfortable.

He could feel the strengthening of his cells. Not only were the cell walls tougher, but the cells themselves were also growing in size. Ling Han had a kind of enlightenment. Body Arts improved the cells, while mystical power was used on the level of being. Theoretically speaking, it was definitely mystical power that was more important. It was just like how an ant would develop intelligence after cultivating mystical power. In the end, it would become a human, and it wouldn't be strange even if it actually surpassed humans.

And in the case of Body Art, it could only help this ant become stronger, but could not help it cast off its essence of being an ant. 

However, these two did not oppose each other, but rather complemented each other. Advancing into a new level of being could open the upper limit of the physique, and the toughness of the physique could also safeguard the advancement of the level of being. Both were equally important.

Ling Han thought internally. At present, the mainstream was cultivating mystical power, and this was not advisable.

However, there was nothing that could be done. At present, there was absolutely not enough resources to support the cultivation of Body Arts, and there was also no powerful Body Arts Technique either. This would mean half the effects with twice the work, and waste a lot of resources.

Otherwise, why would Xuanyuan Dingguo and the others take such a risk? They didn't lack the resources to cultivate mystical power.

From this, it could be seen just how lucky General Vajra was to have obtained a massive Crimson Clouds Stone.

Ling Han swept his gaze over the nearly 90 pieces of honey around him. Each piece was as large as a cattail leaf fan, and though the amount was slightly lesser than the first time, this was an amount that Ling Han had monopolized. Furthermore, the quality was even higher.

Thus, the gains this time definitely surpassed the total of the first harvest.

Ling Han broke into a grin. There was still the third level, and he was sure that there would be more and higher quality honey there. After obtaining so much honey, he was sure that it would be enough to complete his Body Arts at the Blood Transformation Tier.

That night, Ling Han slept very soundly, and his strength increased very quickly. This came from the aspect of Body Art.

The next morning, Ling Han exited the gourd and started to cultivate.

This half an hour was the most precious time for cultivators to cultivate, but at the same time, it was also the least valuable. Anyone could use the power of heaven and earth, wherever they were, and there was no difference in wealth or poverty.

The heavens were heartless, and were incredibly fair.

After he finished cultivating, he was also discovered by a few patrolling demonic bees, and began another mad dash.

The strength of the demonic bees on the third level was much  stronger, and there was no shortage of Blood Transformation Tier elites. Their speed was extremely fast, and they even caught up to Ling Han, launching attacks at him repeatedly, so Ling Han had no choice but to frequently enter into the Essence Nurturing Gourd.

It could not be helped. This place was too dark, and the terrain was too complicated. Ling Han could not unleash any real speed at all, and these Demonic Bees were born and grew here, so they naturally had long since adapted. Even in this place, they could still unleash the maximum speed.

Moreover, the intelligence of Blood Transformation Tier beasts was considerably higher. After Ling Han dodged a few times, these demonic bees circled around the gourd, unwilling to leave.

They were determined to drag things out with Ling Han to the end.

Ling Han waited for half a day, but not a single bee left. Instead, their numbers increased.

He couldn't go on like this.

Ling Han gritted his teeth, and came out of the gourd. With a wave of his hand, he shot out a Weapon Nurturing Leaf. Instantly, a brilliance flickered, and the leaf turned into a divine saber that slashed down madly.

This was a three patterned tree leaf, which was enough to unleash the might of Extreme Bone Tier.

The Talisman Weapon didn't have any vital points, it would be the only one attacking.

The more bees gathered, the more unwilling they were to leave, and the more they were at a disadvantage. Furthermore, after Ling Han threw out the Talisman Weapon, he had already hidden into the Essence Nurturing Gourd. These demonic bees didn't even have the chance to fight him madly even if they wanted to.

When the Weapon Nurturing Leaf's power was completely expended, there was also a thick layer of demonic bee corpses piled up nearby, and only a few hundred managed to escape.

Ling Han hurriedly began to journey again, feeling heartache.

There were only seven three-patterned Weapon Nurturing Leaves left - he had given four two-patterned leaves to Huan Xue. In any case, he had no use for them, so it was just right for Huan Xue to have them.

There had to be great gains, or it would be too much of a waste.

In fact, Xuanyuan Dingguo and the others could also afford to squander the power of an Extreme Bone Tier Talisman Weapon. However, there was one thing that they couldn't compare to Ling Han, and that was without the Essence Nurturing Gourd, when the Talisman Weapon went on a killing spree, they would also be counterattacked by the demonic bees. In the end, it was highly possible that they would die together.

Thus, this kind of method could only be used by Ling Han.

He once again ran madly, and the demonic bees naturally attacked him again very quickly. However, Ling Han was not willing to throw another Weapon Nurturing Leaf. Instead, he tried his best to protect his vital points, and flee madly.

The cave on the third level was much larger, so Ling Han ran for a whole three hours before finally arriving at the end of the cave. 'Holy mother!'

There was indeed a lot of honey hanging here, but there was also an astonishingly large number of demonic bees on guard. Each of them was the size of a human head, which meant that they were all Blood Transformation Tier-level.

He had to throw away another Weapon Nurturing Leaf. Ling Han sighed. He was really being wasteful.

However, if he didn't use it now, when should he use it then?

However, these demonic bees were surprisingly calm, and did not attack at the first instant.


Ling Han was just thinking about this, when he heard a buzzing, and extremely noisy sound.

At this time, there was naturally no need for him to hide his tracks. He turned on the light function of the optical computer, and saw that from a corner of the cave, there were at least a few thousand demonic bees flying over with a colossal white creature on their backs.

Ling Han's eyes narrowed. That was the queen bee!

Good lord, its body was as long as nine meters, and its round body looked like it was about to explode, and unlike ordinary queen bees, it actually had a lot of claws growing from its body. They were like sharp hooks, and its whole body was covered with sharp spikes, making one panic at the sight.

Yi, an enemy had invaded from outside. Shouldn't they have immediately hidden the queen bee? Why had they brought her out instead?

Realization immediately dawned on Ling Han. This meant that the swarm thought that his strength was not enough to threaten the existence of the queen bee.

Weng, weng, weng. Thousands of demonic bees worked together to carry the queen bee over. Ling Han could clearly see that the queen bee had two massive compound eyes that were staring at him with a disdainful expression.

This was an Extreme Bone Tier Demonic Beast!

Ling Han immediately thought. That terrifying aura could not be faked.

It was no wonder then; an Extreme Bone Tier Demonic Beast didn't need to fear him.

Ling Han's eyes swept around. He discovered that Vermillion Fruit. A demonic bee was flying over and plucking a bright red fruit. Then, it flew in front of the queen bee and fed it.

The queen bee only took a bite, and didn't even need to chew, and this Vermillion Fruit was eaten by it whole. Then, with a 'pu', it laid a series of eggs. The demonic bees behind it immediately began moving them, and sent them to a place that was specially used to nurture the young bees.


Ling Han really wanted to rush up and snatch the Vermillion Fruit from the queen bee's stomach. Such a precious Treasured Fruit was actually used by it to recuperate in confinement or something[1]? It was too wasteful!

He glanced over, only to see that there were still 10 or so fruits on the Vermillion Fruit Tree. Judging by their density, there should have been at least 50 or so previously.

"Ah, ah, ah!" Ling Han was furious. He was angry.

[1] Confinement refers to the traditional Chinese form of postpartum recovery after childbirth.

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