Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao

Chapter 1800

Chapter 1800: Double Loss

They definitely had to capture this Celestial medicine. However, the most important thing was, how would they do so?

Sure enough, he couldn’t rely on the large black dog.

Ling Han shook his head and cast these thoughts from his mind. He then directly charged over.

As he leaped forward, he unleashed his Flame Control Technique, immediately transforming his Nine Heavens Flame into a flaming blade that slashed at the Celestial medicine. However, he certainly didn’t want to damage the Celestial medicine, so he would immediately retract his attack if it were truly about to strike the Celestial medicine.

Upon seeing Ling Han’s attack, the large white rabbit immediately stopped nibbling on its carrot. It then quickly turned around to flee.

Its speed was far too high. In fact, it was several times quicker than Ling Han even though it had only started moving after he had unleashed his attack. The large white rabbit forcefully created a huge distance between itself and Ling Han.

“Banish!” Ling Han roared as he unleashed his Regulations of Space, and made a pressing motion at the void.

However, the large white rabbit’s reaction was extraordinary, and it managed to smoothly dodge this attack with a sudden stop and a quick turn. It then calmly bounced away, instantly disappearing into the distance.

Ling Han was dumbfounded. This was the first time that his Banishing Technique had failed to work. Moreover, it was also the first time that it had failed to hit its target.

The Banishing Technique wouldn’t be effective simply after being unleashed. Rather, this technique had to strike its target for its effect to take place. For example, one could unleash this technique on themselves, on oncoming attacks, or even on the power of Regulations. Everything could be banished. The only difference was how long different things could be banished for.

In fact, even attacks from Celestial Kings could be banished. However, perhaps they could only be banished for one-trillionth of one-trillionth of a heartbeat before the Banishing Technique was comprehensively crushed.

Anyhow, the problem right now was that the rabbit would evade the Banishing Technique before it even landed. As such, Ling Han’s technique was rendered completely ineffective.

The large black dog had said that this Celestial medicine also possessed a lightning element Regulation. By the looks of it, he wasn’t wrong. Otherwise, there was simply no way the rabbit could be so agile and quick.

The large black dog howled with laughter, and said, “Hahahaha! Little Han, hurry up and give chase! Go on, give chase!”

Ling Han rolled his eyes, and said, “It’s as if you can eat the Celestial medicine if I can’t capture it or something.”

“Of course!” the large black dog said with a solemn nod. However, he immediately started to howl with laughter again, saying, “Anyway, I find it extremely funny. What are you going to do? Are you going to bite me?”


Ling Han didn’t want to stoop to the same level as the large black dog. This Celestial medicine possessed the speed of lightning, so it was genuinely extremely difficult to capture.

He had to think of another method.

After a short while, they caught up to the Celestial medicine once again. Perhaps the Celestial medicine was stupid, or perhaps it was purposefully provoking them. In any case, it surprisingly hadn’t run too far into the distance. Right now, it was squatting on the ground, and pretending to nibble on some medicine.

Ling Han retrieved the Seven Lives Divine Cloud, and commanded it to persuade the large white rabbit. When it was necessary, he wasn’t afraid of selling the body of his Celestial medicines.

“I won’t sell my a*s!” the Seven Lives Divine Cloud said gravely. However, Ling Han immediately kicked its bottom and sent it flying toward the large white rabbit. “Ow! Holy mother of God!”


It crashed into the ground before the large white rabbit.

“Hi, I’m Little Seven,” the Seven Lives Divine Cloud said with an obsequious smile. “Brother, what’s your name?”

After staring at it for a moment, the large white rabbit’s ruby-red eyes instantly lit up. It then lunged over and bit down at the Seven Lives Divine Cloud.

“Good Lord!” the Seven Lives Divine Cloud exclaimed as it frantically turned around to flee. However, the large white rabbit was far too quick. With a crunch, it bit down on the bottom of the little deer that the Seven Lives Divine Cloud had transformed into.


The Seven Lives Divine Cloud reared its deer head and furiously tried to break free.


It dashed forward, yet there was a gaping wound on its bottom. Medicinal juice spurted into the air, and was quickly sucked up by the large white rabbit. Not a single drop was wasted.

“Holy sh*t! Save me!” the Seven Lives Divine Cloud shouted as it frantically sprinted toward Ling Han. “I’m not playing with that rabbit anymore! This isn’t a case of selling my a*s at all! In fact, my a*s has been f*cking bitten off!”

However, the large white rabbit wasn’t willing to spare its prey, and it speedily chased after the Seven Lives Divine Cloud.

Ling Han immediately lashed out. After all, he naturally wouldn’t allow the large white rabbit to engulf his Celestial medicine. His fist shot forward, and his Nine Heavens Flame transformed into a long whip that cracked down at the large white rabbit.

The large white rabbit hadn’t been interested in fighting before. After being pursued by the large black dog for so long, it had still quickly spat him back out after swallowing him. This time, however, it was brimming with fighting spirit. It furiously opened its giant black-hole-like mouth.

However, right after biting down, it immediately released its grip again. This was because the Nine Heavens Flame was far too terrifying. Fortunately, its Toatie[1] Mouth was only a Mystical Power, and not its actual body. Otherwise, it would have been burnt to a crisp.

Even so, it still suffered severe wounds. After all, that was the Nine Heavens Flame!

“Brat, my a*s has been devoured!” the Seven Lives Divine Cloud wailed in agony. Even though it could regrow its damaged body parts, each part of its body possessed a portion of medicinal essence. In other words, losing a part of its body was equivalent to losing a part of its essence.

Ling Han was also extremely unhappy. This was a loss on top of a loss. He tossed the Seven Lives Divine Cloud back into the Black Tower before casting his gaze toward the rabbit. There was great animosity between them now, so he definitely had to capture this Celestial medicine.

“This Celestial medicine has definitely undergone some peculiar transformation,” the large black dog said with absolute certainty. “Theoretically speaking, a Celestial medicine can only contain a single Regulation. However, the environment here is far too harsh and complex. As such, it’s caused this Celestial medicine to undergo some kind of mysterious transformation.

“In fact, this Celestial medicine is definitely a tyrant among Celestial medicines. It wants to engulf other Celestial medicines to rapidly evolve!”

As if proving the large black dog’s point, large lumps suddenly started to appear on the rabbit’s body. They were like scuttling rats, and with a violent roar, the head of the rabbit instantly transformed into a wolf’s head.

“After absorbing a wisp of the Seven Lives Divine Cloud’s essence, it’s actually obtained the Seven Lives Divine Cloud’s ability of transformation!” the large black dog exclaimed. His eyes lit up, and he shouted, “Rabbit, transform into a dog head for me!”

Ling Han couldn’t help but chuckle, and say, “Dogs and wolves are fairly similar. Cut the rabbit some slack.”

“Piss off! They’re completely different! Even 10,000 wolves are worth less than a single hair of Grandpa Dog!” the large black dog said in disdain.

The wolf-headed rabbit wore a cold expression as it stared at Ling Han, and there was surprisingly a hint of human-like brutality in its expression. However, it resolutely turned around and bounced off into the distance.

It knew that Ling Han was no pushover, and Celestial medicines weren’t skilled in fighting, either. If it weren’t for the peculiar transformations that it had undergone, it could have only fled if it had come across any cultivator. Now, however, it was able to engage in several exchanges with Ling Han. This was fairly incredible.

“It’s developed intelligence, so it won’t be easy to capture!” Ling Han said in disappointment.

He didn’t pursue the Celestial medicine anymore, as doing so would simply be a waste of time and effort.

He decided to capture the Celestial medicine after he became stronger.

They continued to venture toward the depths of the plain. After five or so days, a small village suddenly appeared before them. However, this village was abandoned and run-down, and only a stretch of ruins remained in its place.

A wizened white tree stood in this village, and it appeared extremely uncanny and out of place.

“Brat, have you realized? That’s a White Demon Tree!” the large black dog suddenly exclaimed. “Although White Demon Trees don’t have a long lifespan, and although they’re useless while they’re alive, they can absorb all kinds of violent and chaotic auras after they die. By doing so, they can grow a Demonized Tree Heart.

“This tree heart… can boost a man’s sex drive!”

‘Holy f*ck!’

[1] An ancient Chinese mythological beast associated with greed and gluttony.

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