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Chapter 995 - Two Invitations Come Together

Chapter 995 Two Invitations Come Together

Shao Wanru, not surprised by Rui’an Great Elder Princess’s question, responded calmly, “Grandma, it’s good that Prince Chen is recovering, but others will be more and more afraid of him. If he doesn’t go up, he will be trampled on in the end!”

Her meaning was clear, so how could her grandma not understand?

Rui’an Great Elder Princess got tensed and then slowly relaxed. She had been holding Shao Wanru tightly in her arms and had no intention of letting go of her. After a long while, Shao Wanru heard that her breathing became steady. She finally accepted these words.

She accepted it quickly.

“Zhuozhuo, don’t worry. I know!”

If it was Zhuozhuo’s intention, she would try her best to fulfill it. Judging by Chu Liuchen’s situation, Rui’an Great Elder Princess knew they could only choose to go to the upper level instead of staying behind. Otherwise, they would come to no good end.

When the Empress Dowager and the Emperor were still in power, Chu Liuchen would be fine. But in the future, neither Prince Zhou nor Prince Yue would be kind to him once they ascended to the throne.

The more the Empress Dowager and the Emperor disliked them now, the more unfriendly they would treat Chu Liuchen in the future, or even worse, they would take revenge on him.

Great Elder Princess was not stupid. It was just that she had never dared to think like this before. Now that her granddaughter had said so, she accepted it courageously with ease.

For the sake of her granddaughter and little grandson, Great Elder Princess even dared to do more.

Feeling Great Elder Princess’s pacified mood, Shao Wanru became calmer. In her last life, without her, Chu Liuchen won the supreme power and defeated every rival step by step. Finally, he became the crown prince as the Emperor’s nephew and gained a firm foothold as the Southern Palace crown prince. This time, it could only be better.

Rui’an Great Elder Princess and Shao Wanru held each other close. After a long while, Rui’an Great Elder Princess asked, “We will go on striving for the noble title for Hao’er, just like it before. It’s just that we can’t let others find out any differences. Thus, we can just leave the noble title undecided. If Hao’er can’t get it, they won’t get it either. Zhuozhuo, do you think it’s reasonable?”

It was not a good time to change. Even a slight change might arouse others’ suspicion. Whether they chose to go further or withdraw on this matter, it was not appropriate to make a sudden change at this sensitive period. They could only wait and do nothing, as Great Elder Princess suggested just now.

“It’s best for you to think in this way. Do whatever the way you’ve done before. Let Hao’er study hard. If he is promising, he can earn a title of nobility for himself in the future. As for the noble title of the Marquis Xing’s Mansion, it will be good if we can get it, but it doesn’t matter if we can’t. But one important thing is that we can’t let others get it, lest they do something bad.” Shao Wanru calmly analyzed.

Since Old Madam tempted her with the noble title of the Marquis Xing’s Mansion, maybe, in the minds of her and other people in the mansion, all things that Shao Wanru had done were to get the title.

It was not wrong for them to think in this way. She wouldn’t let the title of nobility fall on Shao Hua’an. Giving them such an illusion would also make it convenient for her to do other things.

Great Elder Princess didn’t say anything but just hugged Shao Wanru hard. After a pause, she said, “Don’t worry, I will protect you and your brother!”

It was a great pity that she didn’t protect her only daughter. If she failed to protect her two grandchildren this time, Great Elder Princess felt she would die with regret.

She was willing to do anything for her grandchildren.

Shao Wanru was lying in the arms of Rui’an Great Elder Princess. She felt like crying, with the rims of her eyes slightly red and her nose twitching. In her previous turn of life, she got separated from her grandma, who loved her most. Neither of them had a happy ending. This time, she would never repeat the tragedy in her last life. She would protect the families she cared about.

“What was going on with Infanta Yuan’an that day? Second Young Master Qu, living a promiscuous lifestyle, is never good. His sister plotted against him. How dare they bring it up in front of me?” Rui’an Great Elder Princess suddenly sneered and changed the topic.

She was clear about this matter, but she didn’t ask more after Chu Liuchen handled it.

“Did they go to you?” Shao Wanru immediately understood what Great Elder Princess meant. With a smile, she came out of Great Elder Princess’s arms, and her eyes lit up. She was not surprised at all.

“After what happened before, you told me to ignore this matter, saying that you didn’t suffer any loss and Prince Chen had taken revenge for you, so I didn’t take any action. I didn’t expect that they would come to my mansion.” Rui’an Great Elder Princess was in rage whenever she recalled it. As soon as she heard about the matter between Infanta Yuan’an and Shao Wanru, Rui’an Great Elder Princess wanted to talk it through with Ruiping Great Elder Princess.

Although both were princesses, they were not close to each other in the past and even had some disputes in secret. When Ruiping Great Elder Princess talked about Rui’an Great Elder Princess in private, her words were not pleasant to hear. She always started with the fact that Rui’an Great Elder Princess had no child and then mentioned her grandchildren with great pride.

Merely because of this, they couldn’t be close to each other.

“They looked for you because they wanted you to persuade me to make peace with them,” Shao Wanru said affirmatively.

“That’s right. She said it was a misunderstanding that was not good for you. That playboy, Second Young Master Qu, wouldn’t pursue the matter. They just hoped that you could get along well with each other in the future and not talk about the misunderstanding, lest it should cause friction between the Prince Zhou’s Mansion and the Prince Chen’s Mansion. Besides, she said that Prince Zhou had always been taking good care of Prince Chen.” Rui’an Great Elder Princess said.

As soon as she thought of this, Rui’an Great Elder Princess would get angry. How could they say Prince Zhou had been taking care of Prince Chen? Did they think she knew nothing about the truth in the Palace? Prince Yue and Prince Zhou didn’t hold any good intentions toward Prince Chen. At present, they didn’t dare to do anything against Prince Chen, just for fear of provoking the Empress Dowager and the Emperor.

“Did they attempt to reconcile with me?” Shao Wanru raised her eyebrows.

“Yes, they hoped a reconciliation. Besides, they said they didn’t know about the following things. There must be someone secretly stirring up some troubles. They thought it had nothing to do with Ruiping Great Elder Princess’s Mansion!” Rui’an Great Elder Princess said disdainfully.

In the past, Shao Wanru thought that Infanta Yuan’an was not bad and was much better than her grandmother. In the past, she seemed very steady and generous, but now Shao Wanru realized that she had misjudged her. A dog that didn’t bark would bite.

“Which place did they choose to reconcile with me?” Shao Wanru didn’t take it seriously.

“They invited you to enjoy the flowers and have a meal in the Ruiping Great Elder Princess’s Mansion. Together, they would solve the misunderstanding happily with you, and everyone could leave the matter behind and move on.” Rui’an Great Elder Princess said discontentedly, “It seems they have made some troubles again?”

Rui’an Great Elder Princess didn’t know what had happened in the Butterfly Clothing Shop. But when it happened, Ruiping Great Elder Princess didn’t say anything. Now, they mentioned the past again, which showed that something else must have happened.

Regarding this matter, Shao Wanru did not keep it a secret and briefly told her what had happened. Prince Yue’s Mansion was behind it, but they shifted the blame on Ruiping Great Elder Princess’ Mansion, which made them anxious. They worried someone would use this matter to deal with Infanta Yuan’an. The Empress Dowager and the Emperor would not be happy about it.

Infanta Yuan’an, who had a high status, was about to marry into the royal family. If she offended the Empress Dowager and the Emperor at this time, she would have a hard time in the future. It might bring some unfavorable effects on Prince Zhou, so they were worried.

“Grandma, tell them I’ll go,” Shao Wanru said confidently. Ruiping Great Elder Princess was really needed to deal with this matter. Only she could deal with Chu Liuyue.

“Do you really want to go?” Rui’an Great Elder Princess frowned and asked. She was worried that Shao Wanru would suffer losses, so she thought she’d better not go.

“Grandma, how about going there with me?” Shao Wanru smiled.

“Okay, great, I’ll go with you, and then I can rest assured!” Rui’an Great Elder Princess nodded, thinking that it was the best way. With her accompany, even if Rui’an Great Elder Princess wanted to play tricks, she could fight back in time. Anyway, Rui’an Great Elder Princess knew she was rumored to be a hard woman, but she didn’t give it a damn.

“Infanta Yuan’an will marry into the Prince Zhou’s Mansion in a few months. You have to be more careful. Prince Zhou is the legitimate son of the Empress. The throne will pass to the legitimate son instead of the concubine’s sons. Even if the inheritance of the crown prince has little to do with the legitimate or illegitimate, you should be careful of them.” Rui’an Great Elder Princess was worried and reminded her again.

Prince Zhou’s succession to the position was more in accord with tradition. If there was a legitimate son, he would become the crown prince unless something terrible happened to him.

Hearing Rui’an Great Elder Princess’s words, Shao Wanru admired. She was indeed a great royal family princess because she could see through the chaos. In her last turn of life, Chu Liuzhou fell from power for plotting a rebellion, after which Chu Liuyue became the most likely candidate for the crown prince. However, because of Chu Liuchen, Chu Liuyue still didn’t become the crown prince in the end. So, he should feel very aggrieved.

Just when Chu Liuyue reached out to fetch the victory, Chu Liuchen snatched it away from him. It turned out that all his elaborate plans were done for Chu Liuchen. At that time, Chu Liuyue must have been totally freaked out.

The invitation card of Ruiping Great Elder Princess’s Mansion arrived very quickly in the afternoon. She was invited to enjoy the flowers in the Ruiping Great Elder Princess’s Mansion tomorrow. Of course, in the name of enjoying the flowers, they hoped the two sides could reach a compromise, which was their most important purpose.

The invitation from Marquis Xing’s Mansion actually came with their invitation! It happened that the time was also tomorrow. Shao Wanru scanned through the invitation and sneered, raising the corner of her rosy lips.

“My Lady, shall we go to the Great Elder Princess’s Mansion or the Marquis Xing’s Mansion tomorrow?” Yujie came in with two invitation cards and asked curiously.

“The Marquis Xing’s Mansion!” Shao Wanru said decisively.

“But what about the invitation card of Ruiping Great Elder Princess? But before Rui’an Great Elder Princess left, you agreed to it!” Yujie looked at the invitation card. It seemed Old Madam just wouldn’t give up. She had adopted hard means but failed, so she tried mild measures. But when none of her soft ways worked, she resorted to using both the hard and the soft way.

From tomorrow on, they would do a religious ceremony for the former Heir of Duke Xing. In this way, Shao Wanru and Shao Yuanhao must attend. How could they be absent from a religious ceremony for their parents?

However, when Rui’an Great Elder Princess left the Prince Chen’s Mansion, Princess Chen agreed to appreciate the flowers in the Ruiping Great Elder Princess. That was why they had sent this invitation here. If she didn’t go there, she was going back on her word, which would displease Ruiping Great Elder Princess.

“Even if I go there, will Infanta Yuan’an be truly friendly to me?” Shao Wanru said indifferently. It was good the two invitations clashed, which saved her from a lot of trouble.

“No!” Yujie shook her head decidedly.

“Then it’s settled. No matter what I do, Infanta Yuan’an and I can’t get along well. So, why don’t we let it be?” Shao Wanru said casually. If she didn’t do it on purpose, they may be fine or maybe not. However, if she did it with any purposes, something interesting would happen!

Yujie felt that these words made sense, and she couldn’t find a way to argue against that. Sure enough, Shao Wanru was indeed her superior master…

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