Blood Warlock: Succubus Partner in the Apocalypse

Chapter 1137 World Tree Heart

Just when Saint of the Absolute Felix was in a dilemma about whether or not to accept while the Mana Eater Tree was mocking the two of them since Bai Zemin’s condition had practically put an end to any kind of alliance even before it started, they were both surprised to see the latter shaking his head.

“I won’t kill the Mana Eater Tree either.”

Forget the Saint of the Absolute who simply could not find any sense in the words of the young human in front of him, even the Mana Eater Tree froze and looked at Bai Zemin as if it was some human looking at aliens.

“What did you say?” Mana Eater Tree even asked this in a low voice as if it could not believe what it had just heard.

Bai Zemin ignored the Mana Eater Tree and let it regenerate its hand silently as he explained to the Saint of the Absolute, “I have a skill that allows me to end the lives of my enemies, but not in the way you and everyone else are used to.”

“Oh?” A flash of interest and curiosity shone in the eyes of the Saint of the Absolute.

Bai Zemin continued, “This skill of mine allows me to contain the deepest records of my enemies in a pearl, so the records of the Mana Eater Tree will not be absobated but locked in this pearl. Of course, its life will be over once its deepest records get taken as its Vitality will fall to 0 at the end of the day.”

Saint of the Absolute Felix was a smart existence so, how could he not understand what was happening after hearing Bai Zemin’s words? 

“… So, this skill of yours allows you to capsulate the selected enemy’s records into a consumable pearl. Am I correct?”

“You’re right.” Bai Zemin did not hide it not because he did not want to but because he knew that he was facing an extremely strong, powerful, and clever ancient being. So far, the Saint of the Absolute had been reasonable… but Bai Zemin could not say for sure what his attitude would be if Bai Zemin lied to him.

At this critical moment, Bai Zemin could not afford to antagonize the Saint of the Absolute no matter what. This was because he was already quite worn out after fighting for hours against the Mana Eater Tree, and with Soul Manipulation still in effect, there was no way Bai Zemin could upgrade other skills to fight against an extremely fast and agile enemy such as the Saint of the Absolute.

If Bai Zemin and the Saint of the Absolute clashed today, Bai Zemin’s chances of victory would be extremely low. Therefore, he had to be careful without letting the other party see weakness in him.

After thinking about it for a few seconds, Saint of the Absolute Felix nodded: “Alright. Let’s have it your way in that case.”

“You two damned good-for-nothing bastards!” After successfully regenerating its right hand, the Mana Eater Tree immediately exploded in fury: “Keep talking and deciding about other one’s life while you still have mouths to talk!”

The giant monster suddenly leaned its body forward and easily grabbed a mountain about 1000 meters high. 

The ground rumbled as the plant-like beast roared, and with a strong pull it managed to tear the entire mountain loose. The Mana Eater Tree grabbed the mountain as if it were a normal stone, and with great strength split it in two before throwing both pieces towards Bai Zemin and the Saint of the Absolute.

Instead of taking the attack head on, Saint of the Absolute Felix seemed to be more willing to use his high Agility and movement speed to get out of trouble. The same dark blue light circled the edges of his pigeon wings and his body disappeared from its previous position before appearing more than 500 meters away.

After dodging the attack of the furious Mana Eater Tree, the Saint of the Absolute turned to look at Bai Zemin but when he saw that the young human had no intention of dodging he was astonished.

Even if it was just a mountain split in half, it was still being thrown by a giant monster thousands of feet in the air! 

Bai Zemin naturally preferred to dodge the attack instead of taking it head on, it was just that he decided to take this opportunity to display his abilities a little. Only then would he feel more assured that the Saint of the Absolute would think three times before trying to attack him.

With his hand extended outward, Bai Zemin used Gravity Manipulation and what little spatial knowledge he had to raise a barrier in front of his body. 


Half of the mountain thrown towards Bai Zemin seemed to meet some sort of invisible wall, and when it was only 20 meters from crushing his body it exploded into millions of pieces.


Saint of the Absolute Felix’s eyes narrowed slightly and a glint of caution shone in his clear pupils. Although he didn’t know what skill the other party used, it was clear that it was something related to one of the most powerful and terrifying laws in the world; the law of space.

“Saint of the Absolute, you take care of holding back the Mana Eater first. I have other things to do!” Bai Zemin shouted before flapping his wings vigorously.

“Ah? Wai-” 

When Felix came out of his inner thoughts after hearing his temporary ally’s request it was already too late to say anything. This was because Bai Zemin did not wait for a reply from him and after dodging the swing of the Mana Eater Tree’s giant hand he disappeared beyond the sea of flames at the enemy’s head.

The Saint of the Absolute smiled bitterly and shook his head as he muttered to himself.  Unfortunately, the Mana Eater Tree was not a vegetarian despite being a giant plant so Felix had no time to grieve at all.


Soon, the two terrifying level 400 soul evolvers began to fight in earnest.

In the distance, 40% of the Russian troops lost their lives in the first 5 minutes as they couldn’t get away in time before being hit by the lingering power that spread out in a fan shape everywhere.

The sky rumbled as the Saint of the Absolute slashed with his sword, releasing rays of white light from his fingers and the blade of his precious weapon. When his attacks failed to hit their target and struck the mountains in the distance, it didn’t matter if it was a mountain 100 meters thick or 300 meters thick; they were all pierced from side to side by the rays of energy shot by him.

The earth sank and wailed with every step the Mana Eater Tree took. A single footstep of it gave birth to craters over 3,000 meters wide and at least 7 kilometers long. There were countless beasts that were trampled to death by the Mana Eater Tree as each movement of its legs meant a new battlefield due to its enormous size.

More than 50 kilometers away, Khristina watched the combat between two beings of disproportionate size. Her clothes were gone and her beautiful body looked even more beautiful now that it seemed to be made of divine crystal. 

Although she had no way of following the movements of the Saint of the Absolute, she could still see the giant Mana Eater Tree swinging its hands and slashing with tens of thousands of giant branches in the air.  Occasionally, one of those branches would fall to the ground after being struck by a ray of white light, but not even two minutes later, a new one would grow back.

No one of the two was weaker than the other, but their strengths clearly differed. 

Agility and Magic vs. Stamina and Vitality.

Bai Zemin quickly returned to the head of the Mana Eater Tree and immediately headed to where the girls were.

Seeing him return, Shangguan Xinyue asked with some caution, “Hey, Little King… That Saint of the Absolute really is our ally?”

They had all heard the conversation earlier. The fact that Bai Zemin accepted an alliance with another living being meant that the other newcomer party was really powerful, and worst of all, they had seen the flash of white light that cut off the Mana Eater Tree’s giant hand.

“Only until the Mana Eater Tree falls. After clearing out the common enemy, we and him might not be enemies right away but we definitely won’t be allies.” Bai Zemin replied as he hurriedly headed towards the large hole he had drilled earlier with his spear.

Seeing that Bai Zemin was walking down towards the large hole he had made earlier when she enclosed the jade tree using her Sacred Ice Charm skill, Shangguan Bing Xue quickly asked, “What can we do to help you?”

“Bing Xue, Aunt Xinyue, you two help Feng Tian Wu first.” Bai Zemin increased his Agility to the maximum possible using Overlap Regeneration. He also made sure his Strength stat was at the maximum possible point before raising his spear engulfed in purple flames with the tip pointed at the ground, “Don’t let the Undying Forest recover no matter what or it will be impossible to defeat the Mana Eater Tree!”

The Undying Forest was where the ability to own and devour mana practically without limit resided. As long as the Mana Eater Tree had enough mana, recovering from its wounds completely and returning to its peak would require no more than a few minutes at most so no matter how much damage they inflicted it would still recover like a cockroach that would not die.

Shangguan Bing Xue and Shangguan Xinyue nodded and quickly went to support Feng Tian Wu. The crimson-feathered giant bird and the silver-scaled great flood dragon also went to support them as they began to unleash all kinds of destructive attacks whenever they saw the slightest green shoot showing signs of blooming.

Their combined attacks could shatter everything within 10 kilometers around with ease, but it was still no more than a drop of water in a lake compared to the size of the Undying Forest. Therefore, the main attacker was still Feng Tian Wu with her flames merging with the Endless Blue Lotus Flame.

“Xia Ya, use Heavenly Bond on me and Little Snow!” Bai Zemin called out urgently as he tirelessly stabbed at the Mana Eater Tree’s head.

Each attack of his was capable enough to shatter a 1000-meter mountain but was barely able to pierce about 5 meters into the Mana Eater Tree’s head. In fact, each stab became less effective and Bai Zemin was forced to put out more power with each passing second.

Xia Ya immediately activated Heavenly Bond, and Bai Zemin immediately used Piercing Gaze; Little Snow’s exclusive skill. 

For the next 5 minutes, Bai Zemin would be able to see the weak points in the enemy’s defense better so he would have no problem digging into the Mana Eater Tree’s head with greater ease.

Meanwhile, Xia Ya stayed around the ever-deepening pit, and every time a root appeared underground trying to stop or disturb Bai Zemin, she took it upon herself to turn it into ashes using her magic skills.

After 15 minutes and with his body bathed in sweat, Bai Zemin could not help but feel joy in his heart.

The Mana Eater Tree was truly the worst opponent one could have. If not for the fact that fate seemed to line up and set all the necessary requirements to finish it off, Bai Zemin firmly believed that even a Higher Existence would have headaches dealing with such a monster.

Bai Zemin could only think of Blazing Punishment of Divine Blood to kill it, but even then he could not completely guarantee it’s death. After all, the Mana Eater Tree could weaken the attack by absorbing the Mana that composed it; that was the reason why the skill Devouring Mana was so terrifying!

π‘»π’‰π’Šπ’” πŸ‡¨β€‹πŸ‡΄β€‹πŸ‡³β€‹πŸ‡Ήβ€‹πŸ‡ͺβ€‹πŸ‡³β€‹πŸ‡Ήβ€‹ πŸ‡Έβ€‹πŸ‡Ήβ€‹πŸ‡΄β€‹πŸ‡±β€‹πŸ‡ͺβ€‹πŸ‡³β€‹ πŸ‡«β€‹πŸ‡·β€‹πŸ‡΄β€‹πŸ‡²β€‹ n0ο½–ο½…ο½Œο½‚ο½‰ο½Ž

Approximately 2 minutes later, Bai Zemin finally managed to pierce through the entire head of the Mana Eater Tree. However, he naturally did not find a brain there.

What he saw made him shocked at first, but the next instant, his heart began to beat fiercely as he was overwhelmed with incredulity.

“That’s… Why is a fragment of the World Tree Heart in this place?” Fire Sorrow gasped in shock as she stared at the object in the Mana Eater’s head.

* * * * * * *

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