The Marriage of an Esteemed Supreme Healer, a Noble Ruler

Chapter 895 - Who Dares to Say No?!

Chapter 895: Who Dares to Say No?!

The majestic voice covered the entire land and reached everyone’s ears clearly. Everyone looked up in shock to see ripples in the dark sky and a tall figure slowly appearing. The person seemed to be an apparition, but he exuded so much authority that one couldn’t help but submit to him. In fact, the people standing close to him almost fell to their knees due to their legs growing weak from the immense pressure.

Countless eyes remained fixed on him as various emotions—shock, surprise, unease, excitement, respect, and admiration—played out on their faces.

The apparition was a tall and handsome man—who was wearing a long, dark olive robe and looked like he was in his late thirties. He was translucent like a soul, and there weren’t any force fluctuations around him. Still, he carried an air of nobility even if he just stood there in the air doing nothing.

Just as many people were guessing this man’s identity, Shangguan You’s eyes widened in shock as he exclaimed, “Ancestor?!”

Ancestor… Ancestor?! Everyone was rendered shocked as the only person who could make Shangguan You call out this title was none other than Shangguan Jing, the founder of the Tianling Dynasty. W-wasn’t it said that he passed away in the Tianling God Realm a long time ago? How come he’s here now?!

“Are you Shangguan You?” Shangguan Jing’s expression became gentler. From what I saw just now, he treats Yue’er pretty well.

He was actually slightly upset with Shangguan You at first because he felt that the latter had a large responsibility for the way things turned out to the current state, but his dissatisfaction considerably diminished upon seeing how the latter seemed to truly love and care for Shangguan Yue. Thus, his attitude toward Shangguan You became a lot better as well.

The natural ties between people with the same bloodline instantly made Shangguan You convinced that the person in front of him was Shangguan Jing. He couldn’t hide his excitement and thrill as he immediately kneeled down on the ground to pay his respect to the latter. “I, Shangguan You, pay my respects to the Ancestor!”

As the current Emperor had gone down on his knees, the rest of the people naturally had to follow suit. Everyone in front of Lang Kun Hall hastily dropped to their knees in unison and greeted in what seemed to be an ear-splitting shout. “Greetings to the Great Ancestor!”

“You may rise.” As Shangguan Jing said this in his mellow voice, everyone felt a gentle force lifting them up.

T-this is the Ancestor’s force! Many people marveled inwardly. Rumors say that his cultivation level is at the peak of stage nine and that he’s just one step away from breaking through to reaching the realm of God. It looks like the rumors are true! He can easily crush everyone here with just one hand!

“It’s the Ancestor… It’s really him!” Elder Chen Ke and the others had tears in their eyes as they said this excitedly. As the royal elders, they were considered to be the Tianling royalty’s most loyal servants. Hence, it wasn’t hard to imagine how excited they were to be able to see Shangguan Jing in person.

Shangguan Jing sighed gently as his eyes swept across Yuwen Wei and the others. “This child must be from the Yuwen family, right? He bears a striking resemblance to Mingchen.”

Yuwen Mingchen was an ancestor of the Yuwen family.

Yuwen Wei was in reverence. “Greetings to the Ancestor!”

Only a few families managed to stand against time. Among them, it was rare to find those who still remained loyal to the Tianling Dynasty to this day.

Shangguan Jing nodded in acknowledgment.

Everyone present—be it the courtiers or the clan members—was still in a state of shock, and they couldn’t help but be quiet and respectful in front of the legendary ancestor.

Only Shangguan Wan remained kneeling on the ground, her eyes wide with shock as she dumbly watched this scene with a blank mind. Her limbs grew numb, her heart skipped a beat, and her blood seemed to be frozen. W-what did the Ancestor say just now? ‘Who says she isn’t worthy?!’ W-was he… speaking up for Chu Liuyue? Is he also on her side?!

Just as doubt crept into her heart, she saw Shangguan Jing move and land next to the Tianling Power Staff.

Although Shangguan You was standing next to him, his presence immediately faded into the background a lot. As expected of the Ancestor! He doesn’t need to say anything—just his presence alone is enough to overwhelm everyone!

“It’s been so many years, yet you’re still behaving recklessly like a kid.” Shangguan Jing shook his head at the sight of the Tianling Power Staff, having clearly seen what it did earlier with his own eyes.

The glowing Tianling Power Staff didn’t seem repentant though. I was bored to tears from helping you to watch over the Tianling Dynasty for so many years. Can’t I even have a little fun?

Shangguan Jing let out a helpless chuckle before turning around to look and beckon at Chu Liuyue. “Come here, Yue’er.”

Everyone’s tense expressions cracked once more. W-who is the Ancestor calling? Chu Liuyue? The way he called her sounds so intimate and indulgent, which is a far cry from the way he treated His Majesty!

Chu Liuyue blinked. She didn’t want to trouble her ancestor at first since this was her own affair, and she had the ability to solve the matter entirely on her own. Moreover, Jiang Yucheng and Shangguan Wan’s evil plans had completely fallen through. But it was clear that Shangguan Wan’s words had infuriated Shangguan Jing.

She glanced at Shangguan Wan—who was kneeling on the ground—and realized that the latter’s face was as pale as a sheet. The latter’s eyes were also blurry as if she had been dealt a great blow.

Apparently, Shangguan Wan was too mentally and physically drained to even cause a scene.

After putting the Long Yuan Sword away, Chu Liuyue walked forward under countless watchful eyes as if they were afraid to miss out on something. Once she was at the bottom of the stairs, she stood still and bowed. “Ancestor.”

Shangguan Jing beckoned to her once more. “Come on up.”

Chu Liuyue hesitated for a moment because no ordinary person was supposed to go up these stairs under normal circumstances—only the Emperor. Although she had revealed her identity, it wasn’t appropriate for her to go up, especially in the presence of Shangguan Jing and her father. If I go up…

Still, she finally decided to go ahead after much thinking. But unlike how Shangguan Wan had much difficulty climbing the stairs, she did it easily as if she were riding on the wind. The only thing the crowd saw was the hem of her clothes fluttering, and she was atop the nine flights of stairs the next second.

“Although I haven’t appeared in a thousand years, I believe I still have some speaking rights regarding the Tianling Dynasty’s affairs. Am I right?” Shangguan Jing smiled at Shangguan Wan. “Were you the one who said that the Tianling Dynasty’s ancestors would be infuriated if Shangguan You acknowledged Yue’er?”

Shangguan Wan was trembling badly, and her face was pallid.

“I now announce to the world that she is the most outstanding descendant of the Shangguan family! Not only is the ‘Crown Princess’ title hers, but the throne will be hers as well! I’d like to see who dares to say no in my face?!”

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