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Chapter 1794 - Chapter 1794: The Knot in the Magic Beasts’ Hearts (2)

Chapter 1794: The Knot in the Magic Beasts’ Hearts (2)

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Yun Feng didn’t go out often. With her instructions, these old servants in the Yun family’s mansion didn’t dare to ask anything easily. They could only pay attention all day and nobody dared to knock on the door. The Young Lady didn’t seem to be in a good mood when she came back this time. This was what all the old servants were thinking.

Compared to the emotions she felt when she just came back, Yun Feng was much better right now. Her initial anxiety and worry had already been eased slowly. She was focused on taking care of Qu Lanyi right now and waiting for the day he woke up.

It was inevitable that she would encounter awkward situations when she took care of Qu Lanyi. It was the same when Yun Feng washed up for the unconscious Qu Lanyi for the first time, especially when he took a bath. He couldn’t keep lying without cleaning for a long time, so Yun Feng could only do it for him. There was a wooden bucket for bathing. Yun Feng first introduced the water element to the wooden bucket, then used the fire element to make water at the appropriate temperature. Then, she undressed the man and brought him into the wooden bucket.

However, the small wooden bucket could barely accommodate Qu Lanyi’s slender body. The man’s feet and hands swayed outside just like that. Yun Feng could only wash him with a red face. If such a good thing happened at another time, Qu Lanyi would definitely use some bad ideas to take advantage of Yun Feng. But now, he was just lying there quietly and breathing gently, asleep just like that.

Yun Feng wiped his body carefully with gentleness in her black eyes. Her hand wandered on this extremely charming man’s body. Yun Feng couldn’t help but wonder if it was her turn to take advantage of him now. Thinking of this, she couldn’t help but chuckle softly. Ignoring the water drops on the man’s body, Yun Feng hugged his shoulder.

“Lanyi… If you open your eyes, what kind of expression will you have? You’ll definitely say something with a mischievous smile, right?”

The man leaned in Yun Feng’s arms quietly. Yun Feng chuckled and washed his black hair. Unknowingly, his hair seemed to have grown a bit longer.

In the blink of an eye, more than three months had passed. Qu Lanyi was still asleep, and Yun Feng was still here.

“He’s still not awake?” Little Fire looked at Qu Lanyi on the bed with its black eyes and said in a rather rude tone. It was truly strange for this man to lie like this. Now, the five contracted Magic Beasts were all in Yun Feng’s room and had all come out of the Rings of Contract.

“Why isn’t Brother Lanyi opening his eyes yet?” Yaoyao retracted her little hand and looked at Yun Feng with her big blue eyes. “Xiao Feng, Brother Lanyi’s injuries have already healed.. ‘

Yun Feng smiled wryly. Yaoyao held Yun Feng’s hand with her little hand. “But it’s fine! Xiao Feng, Brother Lanyi will definitely be fine!” Yun Feng nodded and touched Yaoyao’s little head with her hand. Yaoyao smiled sweetly, which comforted Yun Feng a bit.

Lan Yi frowned and didn’t say anything. Er Lei glanced at Qu Lanyi impatiently. “Is this kid staying unconscious on purpose? With his personality, he might have done such a thing.”

“Monster, can you be kinder? If he’s really such a person, Little Yun Feng wouldn’t have liked him anymore.” Sister Hua glared at Er Lei, who immediately roared, “Stupid transvestite, try calling me a monster again!”

Sister Hua grunted and ignored her. She looked at Yun Feng with her green eyes and sighed slightly. “Little Yun Feng, if he doesn’t want to wake up, what will you do? Will you stay here forever?”

Everyone was stunned, including Yun Feng herself. She had never thought about this question. What she wanted in her mind was to stay with Lanyi until he opened his eyes! “No, he’ll definitely wake up!” Yun Feng said. After saying that, her heart trembled fiercely.

Sister Hua’s green eyes glittered and she sighed again. “If he really doesn’t wake up, are you really going to put everything down and stay here? Are you not going to care about the Blood Souls anymore? What about the Element

Seeds? Are you not going to find them anymore? Are you going to let the Blood Souls develop until you can’t stop them at all?”

Yun Feng was speechless!

“No! Brother Lanyi will definitely wake up!” Yaoyao raised her little face and said loudly, as if she wanted to cheer for Yun Feng. Sister Hua shook her head. “Little girl, don’t think I’m being mean to little Yun Feng. I also hope that this kid can wake up, but what I said just then was the truth. We have to consider the situation.”

“Master, Sister Hua is right,” said Lan Yi as he looked at Yun Feng with his green eyes. “Master, are you really going to abandon everything and stay here?”

The five contracted Magic Beasts all looked at Yun Feng. Yun Feng sat there quietly and didn’t say anything for a long time. She raised her black eyes and looked at the man who was sleeping quietlv on the bed at this moment. Yun Feng smiled. “He’s always stood by my side silently along the way and moved forward with me without abandoning me. He’s been by my side for three years in the Dragon Palace and countless years after that…” Yun Feng suddenly clenched her fists. “Even if we’re separated, even if we can’t meet, he’s always thought of me as the most important person in his mind. Doesn’t he have his own responsibility? Has he really never taken his identity as the Young Master of the Naxi family to heart? He’s carrying the same thing on my shoulder and it’s never changed!”

Yun Feng clenched her fists fiercely. “Why can he do everything for me without complaints, but I can’t?”

The five contracted Magic Beasts were all silent. They didn’t understand human emotions and couldn’t understand Yun Feng’s feelings at this moment. Lan Yi frowned. “We might not be able to understand Master’s feelings completely, but what Sister Hua said just then is indeed the truth. I hope Master can consider it carefully.”

“I’ve already thought about it carefully.” Yun Feng raised her black eyes. “If it weren’t for Lanyi, Yun Feng wouldn’t be who she is right now! If he doesn’t open his eyes, I wouldn’t leave! Even if the Blood Souls grow up and become so powerful that I can’t stop them in the end, I won’t regret it at all! The alliance to resist the Blood Souls has already been formed. I’m not indispensable to them! But I am indispensable to him.”

The five contracted Magic Beasts fell silent again. In the end, Sister Hua chuckled. “I’m just saying. Since you’ve already made up your mind, Little Yun Feng, just ignore what I said just then.”

Er Lei frowned tightly. “Yun Feng, I have to say that I’m a bit disappointed in you for what you said just then. You can’t escape the shackles of humans.

Emotions are such a troublesome thing that you’ve become weak.”

“Monster, what did you say?” Sister Hua was immediately enraged and Yaoyao was also anxious. “You don’t understand Xiao Feng’s feelings at all.. Xiao Feng is also very uncomfortable and it’s very difficult for her to make the decision!”

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