Genius Summoner

Chapter 1463 - 1463 Qu Lanyi Is a Man (3)

1463 Qu Lanyi Is a Man (3)

“F*ck, you’re making fun of me!” Er Lei roared in dissatisfaction. Ao Jin burst into laughter. The joyful atmosphere between the two of them infected Yun Feng and the uneasiness in her mind was completely put down. There was no time to lose. It was time to leave the Dragon Palace. “Then let’s go!”

Ao Jin and Er Lei nodded. Yun Feng closed her eyes and took the two of them out of the Dragon Palace. A beam of light flashed out of the dust on a certain water plant and turned into three figures. The moment they came out, the dust turned into a dragon-shaped jade pendant that landed in Yun Feng’s hand. Ao Jin looked at it curiously. “Is this the key to the Dragon Palace?”

Yun Feng nodded with a smile and put away the dragon-shaped jade pendant. She looked around. They were in a relatively desolate place and there didn’t seem to be any signs of activity of the Sea Clan. “Where are we going now?” Er Lei looked at the scenery around and asked. Ao Jin looked at Yun Feng. “Kid, I’ll listen to you.”

Yun Feng said, “We’ve already got the map fragment of the West Sea, but we haven’t found any traces of Blood Souls. We should explore other seas, but… Uncle Flirtatious, are you satisfied with the West Sea? If you are…”

“Here? Forget it!” Ao Jin curled his lips. “This area isn’t to my liking. I’ll go to other seas to take a look.”

“That’s good. There are more choices if we look at more places. We have to find the most suitable place to live,” said Yun Feng. “We’re leaving the West Sea right now. I think… we should go to the North Sea.”

Previously, Qi Luo had told Yun Feng the general situation of the Endless Ocean. The North Sea was the place where there were the most conflicts. People came to provoke you from time to time in that place. If you didn’t accept the challenge, all the Sea Clan would look down on you. On the contrary, if you won in battle, you would be respected by the other Sea Clan members. The way you interacted with them was a bit barbaric, but it was also very straightforward. If you wanted something, you could come to the North Sea. As long as you were strong enough, there was nothing you couldn’t get.

“A place of dispute? I like it!” Ao Jin immediately agreed after hearing Yun Feng’s description. “Such a place is suitable for the Dragons. The Dragons must be the kings of a place!” Ao Jin’s thought was very simple. It was very difficult for them to occupy a territory elsewhere, but in the North Seas, you didn’t have to care about anything. You only had to show your strength. How strong you were was a necessary condition for doing anything. As long as he won a piece of land for the Dragons, the Dragons could live in peace.

Yun Feng’s thoughts were similar. Even though the North Sea sounded like a place of conflict, it was the fairest place in its bones. The powerhouses should like this place. There should be a lot of powerhouses gathered here. If the Blood Souls wanted to establish a base, they certainly had to choose such a place. There would be conflicts at all times and the activities of the Blood Souls would be covered up silently.

The Blood Souls had always been hidden and strange. It was impossible for them to stand in front of the stage. They were very afraid of being discovered, especially in the Endless Ocean. If the Sea Clan knew about it, they would definitely swarm to eliminate them. Yun Feng had the same thought. Once she found traces of the Blood Souls, she wouldn’t go there stupidly. The Endless Ocean was her natural reserve army. There would be as many hunters as she wanted. By then, the Blood Souls would be in an extremely sorry state under the pursuit of the Sea Clan no matter how capable they were.

After deciding to go to the North Sea, Yun Feng thought that it was better to leave the West Sea as soon as possible. The three of them continued to the north of the West Sea. After a few days of traveling quickly, they soon arrived near the border between the West Sea and the North Sea. Yun Feng knew that no matter what, she was still later than the Clam Phoenix Tribe.

In the area near the border of the North Sea, Yun Feng didn’t expect the Clam Phoenix Tribe to set this place up as a heavily guarded area. Looking from afar, this area was completely occupied by the Clam Phoenix Tribe. If this was the North Sea, the Clam Phoenix Tribe would have already become the target of everyone if they dared to do such an arbitrary thing. However, in the West Sea, the Clam Phoenix Tribe could be said to be the boss here and said whatever they wanted.

“It seems that it’s a bit difficult to pass through fair and square.” Ao Jin looked at the heavily guarded area in front of him, but Yun Feng chuckled. Which area couldn’t be passed through with the Dragon Palace in hand? No matter how capable the Clam Phoenix Tribe were, would they be able to find the Dragon Palace?

Er Lei was put into Yun Feng’s Ring of Contract. Yun Feng was about to put Ao Jin into the Dragon Palace too, when Ao Jin suddenly lowered his voice and said, “Kid, I’ve always wanted to ask you something.”

“Tell me.”

“…Is that kid good to you?”

Yun Feng was startled. Looking at the extremely clear golden eyes in front of her, she smiled warmly. “He’s very, very good to me. Really.”

The corners of Ao Jin’s mouth moved slightly, as if he wanted to say something else, but in the end, he smiled helplessly and rubbed Yun Feng’s little head with his hand. Because Meatball didn’t come out, Ao Jin got what he wanted this time. “That’s great.” These words weighed heavily on Yun Feng’s heart, making her feel complicated.

After entering the Dragon Palace, she temporarily put aside her emotions. This time, the Dragon Palace turned into a water drop and completely merged with the seawater of the Endless Ocean, floating slowly towards the border. The closer they were to the border, the more Yun Feng could feel the layers of defense set up by the Clam Phoenix Tribe here. Many masters lingered here and monitored every inch of land near the border, not letting go of any small fry that tried to pass through here. If Yun Feng and the others really wanted to cross the border openly, there would probably be a huge battle.

Looking at the border not far ahead, Yun Feng knew in her mind that as long as they could cross the border safely and reach the territory of the North Sea, the Clam Phoenix Tribe wouldn’t be able to do anything even if the three of them appeared. They could only stare. The most important thing right now was whether they could pass through successfully.

“What should we do now?” asked Er Lei. Yun Feng said in a low voice, “We can’t panic. It’s still uncertain if the Dragon Palace has been discovered. The appearance of the Dragon Palace right now is just a drop of seawater. It’ll take them a lot of effort to find this unusual drop of seawater in the sea!”

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