The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce

Chapter 2063 - Chapter 2063: Chapter 2065 -Inform You

Chapter 2063: Chapter 2065 -Inform You

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Although Qi Xibei and Qiao Yanyu said that they believed Han Rui, they were not that naive.

This time, only Han Rui and Little Tune of Great Horn knew that they were here.

Therefore, the spy must be one of them.

Although Han Rui was less suspicious, he was not completely unsuspicious.

But now, it seemed that Han Rui’s concern for them was very real.

“We’re fine.” “We were just caught,” said Qiao Yanyu.”

“If there’s nothing… Catch him?” Han Rui heaved a sigh of relief and then took a deep breath.” What did you say?! I didn’t hear it clearly!”

“I said, we were caught and almost died.”Qiao Yanyu sighed.

“How could that be?” Han Rui was anxious.” Is it that dangerous? Why were you captured?”

“We suspect that someone tipped us off.”

“Inform them?” Han Rui was shocked.” Only Great Horn and I know about this.

It can’t be…’

“I’m not sure either.” Qiao Yanyu shook his head.” But I think it should be one of them.


Han Rui was a little flustered.” How could that be?! How could they betray you?”

Qiao Yanyu didn’t say anything. Only Han Rui’s voice could be heard.” Big Horn and Little Qu are the best performers in our team. There’s nothing wrong with them normally! This…”

Han Rui couldn’t believe Qiao Yanyu’s words.

If what Qiao Yanyu said was true, then wouldn’t there be a dangerous spy by his side?!

This possibility made him shudder.

“Not long after we arrived here, we were discovered and captured. If it weren’t for an accident, we might have died inside.”Qiao Yanyu said lightly.

On the other end of the phone, Han Rui was silent. His breathing became heavier and more chaotic.

“Don’t worry, I’ll give you an explanation! “In the end, he gritted his teeth.” I will definitely investigate this matter thoroughly!”

Even though Qiao Yanyu had made it sound like it was nothing serious, it was not as simple as it seemed.

“Are you guys alright now?”

“I’m fine.” Qiao Yanyu shook his head.” I’m just telling you about this matter.

You should be on guard.”‘

.. Alright.” Han Rui’s voice was muffled.” It’s good that you’re alright.” I’ll give you an answer as soon as possible.” “Alright, I’ll do it. Be careful.”


The two sides talked for a while before hanging up.

After telling Han Rui about this, they did not think too much about it.

Han Rui was in more danger now, not them.

Moreover, Han Rui would not know about their future actions, so there was no danger of being betrayed.

After settling this matter, they could finally rest.

After a night, the two of them were in high spirits.

The energy that was consumed by the parasitic twin worms had recovered after one night.

Moreover, their strength seemed to have increased a little, to the point where they were about to break through.

This was a blessing in disguise for them.

After all, their previous dual cultivation wasn’t that fast.

The twin worms were harmful to their bodies, but after they were removed, the rest were all benefits.

Although the Gu worm’s poison was very strong, its energy was also very strong.

The few of them went out to eat and then split up to look for materials.

After finding all kinds of materials, they went to the mountains to find Little Green and treat it.

After a day of treatment, Little Green’s body was much better. It could finally shrink its body.

And they could go back..

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