The Long-awaited Mr Han

Chapter 1300 - She's Not Even Marginally Qualified

Chapter 1300: She’s Not Even Marginally Qualified

Only the big bosses of the entertainment industry such as Han Zhuoli could sit at the center segment.

Take Han Zhuoli, for example—he did not simply dominate the local entertainment industry. The Han Corporation’s influence globally was also ever-expanding.

It had recently just acquired a Hollywood old-name big production company and became its greatest shareholder.

From then on, the Han Corporation had been able to have some solid influence within Hollywood.

With such power, there were no doubts over Han Zhuoling and Han Zhuoli sitting at the center.

But this also served to emphasize the significance of the center seat.

Not to mention Wang Juhuai with his distinguished position.

Xia Qingwei came with Wang Juhuai. As his wife, it made no sense to separate them both.

So no one made any comments about her sitting there.

But Lu Man was different.

She was Wang Juhuai’s stepdaughter. With the “step” word in there, they seemed detached in relations in the eyes of the others.

In this case, it was highly inappropriate for Lu Man to obstinately follow Wang Juhuai and sit in the first row.

Especially when her seat was stuffed there purposefully afterward and she was not supposed to be there originally.

So many people were there. Who felt that that was fair?

“Indeed. Under such circumstances, anyone who knows their worth would’ve rejected. Lu Man’s not qualified to sit there. She should’ve rejected Wang Juhuai’s proposal then and not have made things hard for the organizers,” Wang Shuyi said.

Though that was what he said…

If it had been them in that situation, who would have declined?

All of them yearned for the chance to sit at the center, regardless of how they were going to be lambasted after that.

It should be noted that this award ceremony was being live-streamed.

The many local and international A-listers who came were extremely eye-catching.

Many netizens were watching the live-stream for their idols.

A seat on the first row, especially beside Han Zhuoli, was especially eye-catching for the camera shots.

Though they were all saying Lu Man shouldn’t have gone over and should’ve rejected the offer automatically, in reality, they all yearned with all their hearts to be able to replace Lu Man.

“Director Liang, d’you think Lu Man can win the Best Newcomer Award?” Wang Shuyi asked.

He was quite a ridiculous person actually.

Lu Man had problems with Zhang Lun and Liang Chengbing, but never with Wang Shuyi.

Wang Shuyi was simply trying to curry favor from Zhang Lun since he was Zhang Lun’s disciple.

As long as Lu Man was involved, he too would get involved.

Yet in reality, Lu Man had never made trouble for him.

He was the only one treating Lu Man as the enemy and being active about it.

Liang Chengbing sneered. “Her? She’s lucky to get nominated. As I’ve said before in an interview, there are far more outstanding newcomers than her. Many of these newcomers can’t even get nominated, all squeezed out of the competition by Lu Man—this is already very unfair. To win the Best Newcomer Award? She’s not even marginally qualified. Let’s wait a few years, then see.”

Wait a few years?

Lu Man would no longer be a newcomer in a few years. What Best Newcomer Award would there be for her?

Liang Chengbing spat on Wang Shuyi. “You too, for asking such a question. You go and ask around among the attendees, who thinks Lu Man can win?”

Liang Chengbing’s voice was not soft by any means, and the people behind and in front of him all heard his words.

Those who heard all scoffed at him.

Speaking of the competitiveness for the Best Newcomer Award, Liang Chengbing was totally wrong. Lu Man was the one who was most likely to win.

Her time in the industry was the shortest, the newest newcomer among all the newcomers.

But her results were spectacular. Every event and on-screen appearances ever since her induction was a record-breaking existence.

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