Madam’s Identities Shocks the Entire City Again

Chapter 2666 - Chapter 2666: Ji Ziyin: You Hacked into the Privy Council’s System?

Chapter 2666: Ji Ziyin: You Hacked into the Privy Council’s System?

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Ji Ziyin’s eyebrows twitched.

She walked over with the cola and placed it on the coffee table in front of the girl. Then, she looked at the girl’s enviable face. “Why are you looking for me?”

“No hurry.”

The girl who had dragged a chair and sat in her living room took the initiative. She picked up the TV’s remote control on the table and raised her chin to signal her. “Sit.”

Ji Ziyin pursed her lips as Qiao Nian turned on the television. She walked to Qiao Nian’s side and sat down, then couldn’t help but ask, “What do you want?”

The girl had already turned on the TV. The 40-inch screen flashed and displayed a scene.

Ji Ziyin was irritated. Just as she was about to say something, the scene on the TV attracted her attention.

“This is…

She was extremely surprised.

Qiao Nian put down the remote control and casually said, “The Privy Council’s voting meeting. ”

Ji Ziyin was speechless.

Ji Ziyin was mind-blown. Her face was filled with disbelief, and she could not hide her emotions. “You hacked into the Privy Council’s system?”


Qiao Nian took a sip of the cola. Then, she placed her hand on her knee and nodded casually. Looking straight at the television, she said, “Let’s watch it together.”

Ji Ziyin looked at the television. Her heart was in a mess, and she could not figure out what was going on. She squeezed her hands tightly and maintained an expressionless mask. She did not say anything else as she stared at the television with Qiao Nian.

On the Privy Council’s side, the short discussion time passed.

Leonard returned to his seat with heavy steps. The representatives of the radical faction immediately surrounded him.

“Elder Leo, how is it?”

“Elder Leo, what should we do next?”

Isn’t the Empress going to show up?”

Questions came one after another.

Leonard’s expression darkened.

He sat without a word and then looked around at everyone. Then, he said with a cold voice, “It’s not suitable for the Empress to appear. We’ll just insist that the evidence is fake.’

“This…” Someone in the radical faction expressed doubt.

Leonard immediately looked at the man with a straight face. “Do you have a problem with that? Or do you have a better way to resolve the current predicament?”

How could he dare to provoke Leonard? He immediately bowed and apologized, ‘            I have no objections.”

Leonard nodded. He did not want to continue arguing with him, so he said coldly, “Then it’s decided!”

He narrowed his eyes. He was furious.

He contacted Shadow and wanted him to settle this matter.

If Ji Ziyin did not wipe her tail clean, how could he resolve this matter?

Leonard knew very well that the radical faction and he were forced to the forefront of the storm this time. He could only refuse to admit this no matter what.

Leonard suppressed his anger and looked to his left, wanting to see the attitude of the neutral archbishop.

The man was talking to Jacob and did not look in his direction.

The meeting was about to resume, and Leonard couldn’t possibly talk to him in public.

He could only wait restlessly for the meeting to resume.

Soon, the suspended meeting was reopened by the emcee.

Leonard took a deep breath and stood up. Under everyone’s gazes, he raised his head and said, “l want to ask where Elder Xue found the screenshot.. Is the source reliable?”

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