Legend of Swordsman

Chapter 4975 - 4975 Immortal Remains Land

4975 Immortal Remains Land

Then, before he could react, Jiang Li turned around and walked forward.

Rubbing his nose, Jian Wushuang followed suit.

The endless remains of the Yan Immortal under his feet had disappeared for an unknown period of time. There was no longer any Immortal aura, it was filled with silence and desolation.

As far as the eye could see, there were only the remains of the Yan Immortal, other than that, there was no other living aura.

But the more so, the more vigilant he had to be. This was an irrefutable principle.

Yan Fan walked at the forefront, carefree as always, seemingly unconcerned about any danger.

However, there was one detail that caught Jian Wushuang’s attention.

Even the remains of the Yan Immortal under his feet did not suffer any external injuries and were preserved perfectly.

One had to know that this was practically an impossible thing in the Endless Sea.

If he wanted to build a continent in the Endless Sea, he would have to kill the Yan Immortals and use their bones to form the land for the continent.

This naturally could not avoid conflict, as long as there was conflict, the skeleton would be incomplete.

However, from the looks of it, these skeletons were too complete, as if they had died voluntarily.

Jian Wushuang felt that something was wrong, but he did not know what it was.

“Strange, why don’t I feel the aura of that fruit?” Yan Fan asked doubtfully with a dark chin. They had been in this Sealess Domain for a long time.

If there were fruits with such extraordinary effects, it would be impossible to hide their aura. That was the reason behind Yan Fan’s perplexity.

However, not long after he said this, an unimaginably dense aura followed.

The rich aura contained an unimaginable amount of fate energy, which made Jian Wushuang unable to remain calm.

“Good heavens, it’s right ahead!” Yan Fan was overjoyed. “That old fellow Cang Ting didn’t lie to me. Disciple, hurry up and take the fruit as soon as possible!”

Jian Wushuang nodded and sped forward without any hesitation.

Regardless of the outcome, he had to grasp this opportunity. After all, he had no way to break through to the Grand Yan Immortal realm. He could not give up any chance.

When they arrived at the center of the entire Sealess Domain, they finally saw the object that contained the supreme aura of great fate energy.

It was an unimaginably huge tree that towered into the sky.

Its brown branches and emerald green canopy were even larger than the Immortal Osmanthus Tree that had supported the entire Gui Yue Immortal Palace.

The supreme great fate energy that was so dense that it almost could not be dispersed flowed out from the towering giant tree.

“Good heavens, it seems that there is more than one fruit on this Immortal tree,” Yan Fan said with a smile. He seemed to be extremely satisfied.

Then, he looked at Jian Wushuang and raised his eyebrows. “Disciple, I’ll pick a few hundred for you to try.”

Without waiting for Jian Wushuang’s reply, Yan Fan’s body flashed and he flew forward.

Jian Wushuang felt even more uneasy.

As if to confirm his thoughts, when Yan Fan rushed to the front of the Immortal Tree, the Yan Immortal remains under his feet suddenly shook!

Then, the Immortal Remains Land split open instantly, and thousands of extremely huge tree roots drilled out from the earth’s core.

Each root was so huge that even a True Dragon could not compare to it!

These tree roots immediately surrounded Yan Fan.

However, Jiang Li seemed to have predicted it and suddenly drew her sword!

This was the first time Jian Wushuang saw Jiang Li attack in front of the Gui Yue Immortal Palace. Although it was only one attack, it shocked all the Grand Yan Immortals.

This time, Jiang Li drew a sword from her waist and slashed forward!

Although it was only one attack, it instantly split into thousands of Sword Intents!

Each of them was a powerful Sword Intent!

Nearly a thousand Sword Intents slashed forward, instantly cutting the giant tree root into pieces.

Yan Fan had already reacted. He reached out and crushed the remaining tree roots with a finger.

But then, an even more majestic force burst out from the Immortal Tree, forcing Yan Fan to retreat.

“Those who covet my Dao Fruit shall die!”

A heaven-shaking sound came from the Immortal Tree. Then, the branches split open, revealing a huge mouth.

Jian Wushuang was slightly shocked when he saw this. The Immortal Tree that was nourished by countless Yan Immortal skeletons had produced an unimaginable power.

This kind of power even surpassed the might of a Six Revolutions Grand Yan Immortal, it had the might of a Nine Revolutions Grand Yan Immortal!

Yan Fan smacked his lips. “Good lord, I was wondering why Cang Ting advised me to be vigilant. It turns out that this strange tree has already reached Nine Revolutions.”

“You’re scared?” Jiang Li pouted.

“Would I be scared? I’m a Sword Immortal, alright?” Yan Fan was furious. “How dare you look down on me?”

Jiang Li raised her head and pointed at the Immortal Giant Tree in front of her. “Go chop it down and prove yourself in front of me and my disciple.”

“Alright, Jiang Li, just you wait.” Yan Fan was filled with hatred, and then he rushed forward angrily.

“Those who covet my Dao Fruit shall die!”

The Immortal Giant Tree made another earth-shaking sound, then twisted its roots that were even bigger than a True Dragon and smashed them at Yan Fan.

Yan Fan, who was furious, did not draw his sword. Instead, he pointed out with his finger.

In an instant, thousands of Sword Intents shot out, easily crushing the tree roots into powder.

“Are you planning to hand it over yourself, or do you want to find it yourself after I cut you in half?” Yan Fan said coldly.

The Giant Immortal Tree that had its roots cut off seemed to have tasted the pain. The crown that was so huge that it connected to the sky began to tremble.

However, it also seemed to be extremely angry. The huge mouth on the branch said crazily, “Today, even if I die, I will not hand over a single Dao Fruit. I will turn all of you into nourishment!!”

“How noisy!” Yan Fan pricked his ears and then rushed forward.

What followed was an extremely shocking scene.

A battle that was almost one-sided and without any suspense began.

Facing a true Sword Immortal, a Nine Revolutions Grand Yan Immortal, this Immortal Giant Tree was destined to be a huge sandbag.

Broken tree roots, broken tree crowns, and almost non-stop wails spread in the center of the entire Immortal Remains Land.

Jian Wushuang could not bear to watch the fight until the end.

The Immortal Giant Tree’s fate was truly tragic, but it was indeed tough. Other than wailing, it did not even beg for mercy.

Just as Yan Fan was about to chop off the Giant Immortal Tree’s waist, a feeble but extremely terrified voice rang out.

“Don’t, don’t fight anymore… I’ll give it to you, I’ll give it all to you…”

“Why didn’t you say so earlier? You insisted that I tear you apart before handing them over.”

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