Legend of Swordsman

Chapter 3858 - Battle With Demon Monarch Ancient Night

Chapter 3858: Battle With Demon Monarch Ancient Night

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Another collision, and Jian Wushuang and Demon Monarch Ancient Night were separated.

“Haha, little guy, you really surprised me. A Principles Master has such a high understanding of the universe origin of sword principle. Today, you will definitely become the number one general under my command!” Demon Monarch Ancient Night laughed, Demonic Qi surged out of his body, and the power of his two fists instantly increased to a whole new level.


Jian Wushuang frowned.

Although he could resist Demon Monarch Ancient Night’s fists with his swordsmanship just now, he knew that Demon Monarch Ancient Night was holding back his power.

As a master at the peak of the second level, his divine power was much more powerful than Jian Wushuang’s.

“Bang! Bang!”

Jian Wushuang was already struggling with two consecutive punches.

“It seems that I can’t hold back.” Jian Wushuang’s eyes turned cold. He slashed out with the Netherworld Divine Sword, and a swift and fierce sword light descended. At the same time, it slashed toward Demon Monarch Ancient Night, a special power surged into the sword light.

With the addition of this special power, the power of Jian Wushuang’s sword instantly increased by several times.


The void suddenly trembled, and Demon Monarch Ancient Night took three steps back. At the same time, his right fist was slightly numb and slightly painful.

However, Demon Monarch Ancient Night ignored the pain in his arm and stared at Jian Wushuang.

“That power just now, that supreme power…”

“It can’t be wrong, it’s the universe principle! It’s definitely the universe principle!”

“This Blood Sword Master has actually comprehended a trace of a universe principle?”

Ancient Night Demon Emperor’s eyes flashed with unprecedented shock.

The universe principle was supreme. Even a Ruler would find it extremely difficult to comprehend a trace of it.

Any Ruler who comprehended a trace of a universe principle could undergo a qualitative change in power.

For example, although he was a second-tier pinnacle Ruler, the universe principle had always been unattainable to him.

As for Principles Masters…the universe acknowledged that Principles Masters were able to comprehend a sliver of the universe principles. They were super geniuses that were hard to come by even in the trillions of Astral Worlds.

Such super geniuses were enough to cause all the major powers in the vast universe to go crazy for them. Countless top-tier autarchs were eager to take such super geniuses as their disciples and inherit their legacy.

Demon Monarch Ancient Night was at the peak of the second level, and he came from the depths of the universe. He had seen many geniuses, but he had never seen such a super genius in the billions of Star Worlds, but he had never seen one.

“Blood Sword Master, follow me. I guarantee that you will break through to become a Ruler within 100,000 years. I’m not just a solitary Ruler. I also have a master in the depths of the universe. My master is quite powerful, and there are even supreme-level experts. Follow me to the depths of the universe. I’ll ask the supreme-level experts of my master to personally take you as a disciple!

“Yes!” Demon Monarch Ancient Night said excitedly.

He no longer wanted Jian Wushuang to be his subordinate.

He could not control a super genius of this level, but his master could.

He could not wait to take Jian Wushuang back to his master.

“Master?” Jian Wushuang’s expression changed, but he did not doubt it.

There might be a master behind Demon Monarch Ancient Night, but that master was not that strong. Otherwise, how could Demon Monarch Ancient Night have been imprisoned in the Eternal Dark Prison for so many years, he did not care about the master behind Demon Monarch Ancient Night.

“Demon Monarch Ancient Night, I am not interested in you or your master. Now you should think about how not to be defeated by me.” Jian Wushuang’s voice was cold, and the Netherworld Divine Sword in his hand turned into a crescent moon in an instant, when the attack was launched, the sword light contained a trace of universe principle, which instantly increased the power of the sword light.

At the same time, the vast Magic Light Domain merged with the Mystic Light Realm and directly pressed toward Demon Monarch Ancient Night.

When the two domains merged, even a master at the peak of the second level, such as Demon Monarch Ancient Night, was greatly affected by this domain.

Demon Monarch Ancient Night paused and immediately fought with Jian Wushuang. However, after a few exchanges, Demon Monarch Ancient Night found that he was at a slight disadvantage.

“Blood Sword Master has an extremely high comprehension of the origin of the universe of sword principle and grasped a trace of the universe principle. His swordsmanship is also very good. Although his divine power is much weaker than mine, he is able to subdue me by relying on the wonders of the universe principle and the surrounding domains?” Demon Monarch Ancient Night could not help but exclaim in his heart.

He had long heard rumors that after a cultivator comprehended a trace of the universe principle, their strength would increase by many times. Now it seemed that it was true.

When Jian Wushuang did not use the universe principle, his battle strength was only at the level of a second-level Advanced Ruler. But now that he used the universe principle, his battle strength was definitely at the peak of the second-level.

“Haha, Blood Sword Master, your strength is very good. In that case, I won’t hold back anymore.” Demon Monarch Ancient Night’s laughter echoed, and then he slapped, a pair of black gloves appeared on each of his hands. The black gloves emitted an extremely strong destructive aura. It was an extremely powerful supreme true treasure.

“Demon Monarch Ancient Night has finally taken out an attack true treasure.” Jian Wushuang narrowed his eyes slightly.

From the beginning of the battle until now, he had noticed that Demon Monarch Ancient Night had been fighting with his bare hands.

His two fists were extremely stiff and could definitely be compared to an ordinary supreme treasure. They collided with his Netherworld Divine Sword time and time again, but there was no damage.

However, after his swordsmanship was integrated with the universe principles, he could not hold on any longer. Now, Demon Monarch Ancient Night had finally taken out his most powerful supreme treasure, the divine weapon.

“The prisoners in the Eternal Dark Prison are indeed impressive. They are so powerful. I used many methods and the universe principles to force them to take out their attack Supreme Treasures.” Jian Wushuang sighed quietly.

The fight with Demon Monarch Ancient Night made Jian Wushuang more interested in the prisoners in the Eternal Dark Prison.

He had decided that he would go to the Eternal Dark Prison to train after this matter was over.

Of course, he still had not finished off Demon Monarch Ancient Night.

“Blood Sword Master, watch my fist!”

Demon Monarch Ancient Night’s eyes flashed with a bright light, and his whole body turned into a wild beast.

Demon Monarch Ancient Night was directly in front of Jian Wushuang with an overwhelming violent aura. He did not hold back his strength at all and completely poured out at this moment.

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