My Wife Is a Transmigrated Master Cultivator

Chapter 1653 - Chapter 1653: Give Her a Taste of Her Own Medicine (4)

Chapter 1653: Give Her a Taste of Her Own Medicine (4)

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“Right, I almost forgot to show you the reward first.”

Lu Zijia ignored Shi Shuangshuang’s murderous gaze and took out a mid-stage Mystic Rank spiritual sword that she casually refined more than a year ago from the space.

She didn’t draw any inscriptions on this spiritual sword. She injected her spiritual power into it and only a layer of white light quickly lit up, without any inscriptions flashing.

However, even so, it was enough to make the cultivators present envious. “It’s really a mid-level Mystic Rank spiritual sword!”

One of the sword cultivators said with ardor and zeal coursing through their blood.

Another cultivator also said, “I feel it too. What powerful sword energy!”

Lu Zijia waved the spiritual sword in her hand at them and said, “The reward I mentioned just now is still valid until the assessment ends.”

After saying that, Lu Zijia waved her spiritual sword under the burning gazes of the dozen or so cultivators and disappeared without a speck of dust.

“Are you tempted?”

After Lu Zijia left, Liang Baixiao looked at the dozen or so cultivators and warned them, “You don’t have to doubt that Shuangshuang is the eldest daughter of the Shi family. If any of you dare to make a move, you’ll be making an enemy of the Shi family. You have to think carefully!”

The cultivators who were warned looked at each other awkwardly. “Miss Liang, you must be joking. How would we dare to attack Miss Shi?”

“Yeah, we didn’t hear anything just then. Miss Shi, you can definitely rest assured.”

“Right, right, right, we didn’t hear anything.”

Staring at the dozen or so people in front of her who were trying to please her, Shi Shuangshuang was very frustrated.

Not long ago, these people even said in front of her that they would protect her and definitely not let her get injured. They would even escort her to the top of the mountain safely.

In the end, as soon as Lu Zijia, that b*tch, appeared, these bastards became terrified. They were simply despicable!

The dozen or so cultivators felt guilty under the glare and found an excuse to part ways.

In Hongtian Academy.

In the meeting hall.


“Outrageous! Not only did this person bully the weak and snatch her classmates’ belongings, but she also incited people’s hearts. She’s simply despicable and shameless! Such a person can’t enter our Hongtian Academy!”

Chen Liqi slammed the table and stood up, glaring fiercely at Lu Zijia through the Heaven Prying Mirror.

Hearing that, everyone present looked at Chen Liqi with a strange gaze, including Liao Zhenshan, who had always been on his side.

“Chen Liqi, I think the bigger your brain is, the more confused you become!”

Du He glanced at Chen Liqi in disdain and sneered. “If that girl from the Shi family didn’t cause trouble first, why would so many people send themselves to Lass Lu? Besides, Lass Lu is just giving someone a taste of their own medicine, to pay back in one’s own coin. Why are you calling her despicable and shameless?”

In terms of despicableness and shamelessness, who could compare to the two old fellows from the Alchemy and Weapons Refinement Departments? They were simply the scum of Hongtian Academy!

Of course, no matter how dissatisfied Du He was with Liao Zhenshan and Chen Liqi, he wouldn’t really say what he was thinking in their faces.

After all, the pills and spiritual weapons of the Martial Academy came from these two old fellows. He had nothing to do with it, but he couldn’t implicate the students of the Martial Arts Department.

Ke Zhong stroked his beard and said with a smile, “I remember that not long ago, Dean Chen seemed to have said that one’s clan behind them is also a capital. So, what’s wrong with this Lass Lu fighting back with her own capital?”

Chen Liqi, who was slapped in the face by his own words, turned pale, but he couldn’t find any words to refute. He couldn’t help feeling even more furious..

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