God Emperor

Chapter 2594 - The Gods Are Immortal but Dead

Chapter 2594: The Gods Are Immortal but Dead

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The crimson demonic cloud surged together with Guye Jing and flew around Bai Qing’er like a swimming dragon.

An instant, a blood-colored demonic hand seal the size of a millstone struck Bai Qing’er’s back.

Bai Qing’er did not turn around. Instead, she clasped her hands together as if she was meditating.


The eight hundred Golden Bodhisattvas phantoms appeared and emitted a golden light that was hundreds of thousands of meters tall. The sound of Buddha’s voice was vast and mighty. The next instant, all the Golden Bodhisattvas merged into one and turned into a Vajra Buddha.

The Vajra Buddha punched out, colliding with the blood-colored devilish palm print, exploding with eight hundred ripples of Buddhist light.

The demon palm print shattered with a bang, and Guye Jing’s true form appeared. Her boundless demon-energy eyes seemed to be astonished.

She was about to retreat when Bai Qing’er suddenly turned around and pushed out her palm lightly.

Clouds filled the sky, and the wisps of Qi flowed like silk.

Guye Jing was shocked once again. Bai Qing’er’s palm was extremely mysterious. It seemed to be pushing toward her, but it was actually pulling her like countless strands of silk, making it impossible for her to retreat or escape. Her body leaned forward.

Guye Jing was also mighty. At this critical moment of life and death, she used all her strength to mobilize the divine patterns in her body, forming a higher knowledge, the Finger of Death.

A dazzling divine light illuminated the entire altar when the finger force was released.


Guye Jing flew backward. Her two fingers were bleeding and trembling.

Not only had the Rāhu Physique been broken, but even the Finger of Death had also been broken.

“Taiqing Cloud-Pushing Palm!” Zhang Ruochen chanted with a complicated expression.

Taiqing Cloud-Pushing Palm was the first move of the Eight techniques of Genesis taught to Zhang Ruochen by the Intergold Tiger. He did not expect Bai Qing’er, who had secretly learned it from the side, to understand its profound mysteries and reach such an amazing level.

Bai Qing’er said, “If your Rāhu Physique had not been damaged earlier, it would not be so easy to break. As for the Finger of Death, it’s just so so. You must show your true ability if you want to fight with me.”

Guye Jing snorted softly. The blood stains on her two fingers disappeared and turned into a state of glazed jade.

On the other side, a fully materialized Hand of the Death God condensed above Yuan Qianmo’s head. It was hundreds of feet long and fell from the sky, pressing down on Bai Qing’er.

Even in the distance in the array-formed camel, Zhang Ruochen and Le felt their bodies sink as if the “Sky” was pressing down on them.

Yuan Qianmo’s Hand of the Death God had the terrifying power to smash a planet.

Bai Qing’er rolled up her sleeve, and the hundreds of feet long Hand of the Death God was directly taken away by her and put into her sleeve.

Then, the Hand of the Death God flew toward Xue Lingxian, who was attacking with a sword.


Xue Lingxian merged his sword into one, and his speed was as fast as a flowing light as he crashed into the Hand of the Death God.

The Hand of the Death God exploded and turned into a ball of death qi. Xue Lingxian’s sword momentum was blocked, and his body retreated to the original place.

Yuan Qianmo’s face changed again and again. The higher knowledge, Hand of the Death God, was taken away easily by his opponent, and it was even turned into her own power to attack. She had become even more potent than in the Oort Cloud Asteroid Belt!

‘Was she doing all this on purpose?’ Yuan Qianmo thought.

Was she using the powers of the top-notch powerhouses of the significant forces in the Infernal Court to hone her Path?

“I’ve already said that you are no match for me if you attack alone.”

Bai Qing’er’s eyes were filled with contempt for all living things. She released her Precept Domain and the Primeval Chaos Saintwill, pulling Guye Jing, Yuan Qianmo, and Xue Lingxian into the primal chaos.

The space within the chaos was boundless. It was as if they were still on the altar but as if they had entered another space.

Master Ye You stared at the chaotic cloud churning violently, his eyes filled with admiration and fanaticism. He said, “This Fairy of a Hundred Flowers is so powerful. She’s arrogant and domineering, pulling the three great powerhouses into her Precept Domain. Could it be that she’s not afraid of her Precept Domain being penetrated?”

“What she has cultivated is the perfect Grade Two Saintwill. When the Grade Two Saintwill is combined with the Precept Domain, who can break through it if the gods don’t appear?” The Seven-Armed Elder said.

“She’s not Ji Fanxin. Ji Fanxin can’t be this powerful,” the Kai Luo said coldly.

No one paid attention to him.

Zhang Ruochen asked Granny Begonia, “What do you mean by the gods are dead?”

Granny Begonia didn’t seem to care about Xue Lingxian’s safety. She explained patiently to Zhang Ruochen, “How many gods have been born in Kunlun since ancient times?”

Zhang Ruochen thought for a moment and then shook his head.

“How many gods have been born in the myriad Macroworlds and Microworlds of Celestial Court and the ten clans of Infernal Court since ancient times?” Granny Begonia asked.

Zhang Ruochen shook his head again.

Granny Begonia said, “Do you know that once you become a true God, in a sense, it means that you are immortal?”

Zhang Ruochen knew this and nodded.

The soul of a true god was powerful. Not only did it have a soul in the body, but part of it was in the world outside the body. There were also divine thoughts wandering in the vast universe.

That was why even if the body died and the soul in the body was refined, a true God was still not completely dead.

This was because mortals could communicate with the true God’s remaining soul or divine thoughts in the world through sacrificial rituals.

Back then, Chi Linyuan, the Lord of the Sect of the Blood God, had used sacrificial rituals to communicate with the soul of the dead Blood God.

Granny Begonia said, “After the true God died, the remaining thin soul in the world went to another space dimension. Only by using a similar sacrificial ritual can one break through the dimension’s wall, communicate with them, and even obtain their power.”

“That space dimension is what we call the Divine Realm?” Zhang Ruochen asked.

Granny Begonia said, “Perhaps some ignorant mortals call it the Divine Realm, but all the worlds call it Trayastrimsa.”

Zhang Ruochen was familiar with Trayastrimsa, so he did not think much about it. He asked, “Did Trayastrimsa bestow the Shenwu Mark on cultivators?”

Granny Begonia shook her head, “No, the gods are dead. Even if remnant souls are left in Trayastrimsa, they can’t do anything. They’re like a ball of Qi and a wisp of smoke. How can they affect the secular world so much? But Trayastrimsa is huge. Otherwise, the Celestial Court and Infernal Court gods would have entered and absorbed all the souls!”

Zhang Ruochen thought it was normal. The true gods’ souls wandering outside his body were probably not even one in ten thousand. Even with his current cultivation, he could defeat them.

Granny Begonia said, “The Shenwu Mark is one of the ultimate secrets of the universe that I don’t know about either.”

Zhang Ruochen thought carefully, and he said, “I understand now. After reaching the Paramount Realm in the four realms of Martial Arts, the gods’ resonance was breaking some precepts between heaven and earth and connecting to the remnant souls of the gods in Trayastrimsa.”

“The Shenwu Marks that merged with my sea of Qi were given by these remnant souls, right?”

Granny Begonia nodded and said gently, “You are brilliant. That’s true.”

“But why did these remnant souls of the gods do this?” Zhang Ruochen asked curiously.

Granny Begonia’s eyes became sad. She said bitterly, “Because the marks were given to you by the past fallen gods of Kunlun.”

“They are already dead, but they are still selecting talents in the future to protect you and guide you. In the future, when you reach the height of Xue Lingxian and the others, you will suppress them with your own spirit and destroy their remaining consciousness. When you break into the divinity, the remnant souls of their gods in Trayastrimsa will fly into your body and strengthen your divine soul. They will die completely and disappear from the world.”

“What if my spirit can’t suppress them? Will I never be able to be a king in the future?” Zhang Ruochen asked.

Granny Begonia shook her head and said, “I don’t know! But… It is said that to be a king, one must reach the Avacaniya Realm. To reach the Avacaniya Realm, one must go to Trayastrimsa. Maybe it has something to do with this.”

Zhang Ruochen was silent for a long time. After a long time, he sighed and said, “The gods are dead, but their heroic souls are still alive.”

In the distant chaotic cloud, the deafening sounds of battle rang out like thunder.

The cloud sometimes grew bigger and sometimes shrank.

Although Bai Qing’er was strong, the battle seemed very difficult.

Zhang Ruochen hated himself for his attainment in cultivation was too low. Otherwise, he would have charged in and turned the world upside down. He would not be like now, where he could not see the battle clearly.

Suddenly, Zhang Ruochen’s gaze fell on the sword island in the center of the blood lake. He had an idea. He said to Kai Luo, “Control the array. Let’s go and take a look.”

“Are you crazy?” Kai Luo said in fear.

Master Ye You and the Seven-Armed Elder’s faces changed significantly. They quickly tried to dissuade him.

“Why are you so nervous? I just want to go to the lakeside to take a look,” Zhang Ruochen said.

Kai Luo had no choice but to do as he was told.

Master Ye You did not dare to go near the blood lake. He wanted to leave the array-formed camel, but when he saw the cultivators of the Fane of Death and Wuma Jiuxing standing on top of Creo Dragon’s head, he had no choice but to follow them.

When the Fane of Death cultivators saw Zhang Ruochen and the others going to the blood lake, they did not stop them. Instead, they all sneered.

“Lord Qianmo has suffered a great loss. How dare they approach the blood lake?”

“Zhang Ruochen is audacious. He probably wants to die!”

Wuma Jiuxing looked over and showed a hint of interest.

The closer they got to the blood lake, the more the people in the array-formed camel felt invisible pressure and fear. It was as if there was a giant beast with its mouth wide open waiting to devour them.

Kai Luo, Master Ye You, and the Seven-Armed Elder were sweating profusely. They tried to dissuade Zhang Ruochen several times.

The array-formed camel stopped 30 meters away from the blood lake. It could no longer move forward. If it continued to move forward, the strange power of the blood lake would be able to break down the array of inscriptions.

Zhang Ruochen walked out of the array-formed camel and came to the bank of the blood lake, accompanied by Granny Begonia.

Zhang Ruochen did not believe that the blood lake’s water could destroy everything. So he took out a piece of the Divine Sky-connecting Tree’s wooden pillar and threw it at the blood lake.

The wooden pillar floated on the surface of the blood lake for only half a breath’s time before it turned into dust and disappeared into the water.

Then, Zhang Ruochen took out the Regal Artifact, Godstone, Divine Bone, Sainthood Source… all kinds of treasures and tried them out. Without exception, once it touched the water of the blood lake, it would turn into dust.

Only the Divine Bone could last longer.

The cultivators of the Fane of Death were stunned by this display of wealth. They began to plan secretly. They felt that snatching Zhang Ruochen was more reliable than grabbing the Divine Artifact on the sword island.

Zhang Ruochen calculated the success rate and risk he would get the Divine Artifact on the sword island using the bridge form from Divine Bones.

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