Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 3295 - 3295 Rain

3295 Rain

“You may leave!” Jun Jueshang said lightly.

Upon hearing this, the middle-aged man responded: “Yes.”

After he had turned around and walked away, he found it strange that when Young Mistress Wanyan’s family came to take her home a while ago and she had refused to leave, so why did she leave in the middle of the night now? Could it be that there was some conflict with the Sect Master? Also, he didn’t really understand what the Sect Master meant either. Could it be that he didn’t have any more feelings for Young Mistress Wanyan? Otherwise, why would he let her go like that?

With the departure of the middle-aged man, the bamboo grove returned to tranquillity. Jun Jueshang, whose eyes had been closed, opened his eyes slowly and looked outside with calm eyes, deep in thought. After a long time, he closed his eyes and continued sitting cross-legged as he did before.

As the night got darker, Wanyan Qianhua walked slowly, step by step on the road going down the mountain from Insouciant Sect in the densely wooded forest. At this moment, there was no smile on her face, there was no longer any need for pretending.

Sadness poured out of her body, even if there was no expression on her body, one could still feel her sadness.

The clouds in the night sky surged, and a flash of lightning flashed across the sky. In an instant, half of the night sky was illuminated, then a loud roar of thunder sounded and rang through the sky…

At this time, the people in Insouciant Sect who had gone to sleep had already fallen asleep, and those who were cultivating in their rooms were still cultivating. When they heard the thunder, someone walked out of his room and looked up into the sky and said in amazement: “Huh? It’s going to rain? Why is it raining all of a sudden?” Then he hurried back into his room and closed his windows and door.

In the bamboo grove, Jun Jueshang, who was sitting cross-legged with his eyes closed, opened his eyes when the thunder sounded. He looked outside and saw the rain drizzling from the night sky like needles. The rain drops grew from small to large, then fell to the ground and disappeared into the soil.

He frowned when he looked at the sudden downpour. The rain had come a little strangely. The weather today was normal during the day with a gentle breeze. It was especially cool and refreshing at night. It shouldn’t be raining. Why did it rain suddenly?

He stood up and walked out, then he stood by the door and watched the rain that was falling harder and harder. His eyes moved slightly as he was deep in thought. After a while, he stepped into the rain.

He was dressed in white and exuded a layer of spirit energy. This layer of spirit energy formed a protective cover and shielded him from the rain. Even though he wasn’t holding an umbrella, the rain that fell didn’t fall on him.

He walked forward, his figure flickered, and in an instant, he was out of the bamboo grove. Because of his extremely fast speed, the boots on his feet barely touched the mud and rain on the ground, and they were still white and flawless.

The night wind was blowing and the trees in the forest shook. The raindrops fell on the leaves, and when the drops of rain fell on her body, they hurt a little. On this night, on the mountain road, Wanyan Qianhua didn’t take shelter from the rain, nor did she use anything to shield herself from the rain. She walked slowly and let the rain drops fall onto her body, blurring her vision.

No one knew whether it was rain or tears mixed with the rain on her face…


Another stroke of thunder sounded and spread through the night sky. The thunder and lighting in the wind and rain made the surrounding exude a gloomy and cold atmosphere, but Wanyan Qianhua ignored it and continued to walk, step by step.

However, behind her and around her, due to the cold and yin qi agglomerating, ghosts appeared and loomed…

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