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Chapter 2171: Hell

Chapter 2171: Hell

Even Zu An was stunned. With their statuses and knowledge, they had both already seen countless impressive sculptures. The statue of the Dragon Deity earlier had already been quite impressive. But even the things they had seen before added together paled in comparison to the one before them right now.

The statue stood on one side of the endless abyss. Its body seemed to be as large as the world itself. Its feet were in the deep abyss, while its head towered into the clouds. It was as if it was as tall as the sky itself. On its head was a tasseled crown, the curtain of beads in front blocking its face and preventing others from seeing what it really looked like.

Zu An frowned. Forget about pearl curtains, even real curtains wouldn't be able to block his perception, and yet he couldn't see this individual’s face. He could only feel an incredibly dignified and holy air. This individual was even more powerful than he had imagined. The feeling was even comparable to the being who showed up when Qiu Honglei performed Dance Offering to the Universe.

“Hm? This world actually still has a human as powerful as you?” The indomitable giant was clearly surprised that Zu An could notice it and disperse the dense death energy to look at it. It gave Zu An a look and said, “So you were borrowing the power of the dragon veins. No wonder the will of the world permits a being like yourself.”

Zu An was shocked.

This guy could even tell something like that?

Also, judging from what it was saying, it seemed that the will of the world would eliminate those who were stronger...

“You seem to wish to participate in that trial as well, no?” the giant statue asked. Just its voice alone made one feel the urge to prostrate oneself. It was only thanks to Shang Liuyu being inherently proud, and because Zu An helped her shield against a large portion of the pressure, that she didn’t kneel down.

Zu An didn’t reply to the question, and instead asked, “Who are you? The one who was calling out to me before seems to be you. Why are you calling me the destined one?”

“Who am I?” The giant statue replied indifferently, “I cannot tell you. If you hear my name, you will only be throwing away your life in vain.”

Zu An was surprised. He had already seen some powerful beings. Just knowing those individuals' names would result in one's destruction. This individual was clearly that sort as well.

“Master empress, do you know who this is?” Zu An secretly asked. But the only thing he received in reply was silence. Mi Li didn’t answer.

That giant statue said, “The one who called out to you before was indeed me. I could sense that you possess something that shares great karma with me.”

Zu An was stunned.

Just what is it?

The voice hadn’t spoken until he started to treat himself.

Could it be the Primordial Origin Sutra?

Wait, don’t tell me that this guy is Qin Shihuang?

But he immediately rejected that thought. He had seen the first emperor before in the secret dungeon. He looked completely different from this giant statue.

“Hm?” The giant statue was looking at Zu An when it suddenly seemed to have noticed something and voiced its surprise.

Zu An and Shang Liuyu exchanged a look and only saw confusion in each other's eyes. The statue's voice sounded cold and indifferent, as if he was a deity that one needed to worship. But his surprised voice sounded as if he had noticed something that was extremely shocking.

“So it was you, old friend.” The giant released a deep sigh. His voice became a bit more intimate.

“Old friend?” Shang Liuyu looked at Zu An with wide eyes.

He’s actually old friends with this kind of being?

Zu An was now completely stunned. Even though he wanted to continue with the act, the current situation really wasn’t one in which that was wise. It was just too absurd!

“So you haven’t recovered your memories yet.” The giant voiced its surprise. “That makes sense. Even though your current self is quite strong in this world, you are still too weak compared to the vast universe. Recovering your memories would indeed be too dangerous for you.”

Shang Liuyu’s pretty brows frowned. She gave Zu An a look, feeling that this man was becoming more and more mysterious.

Zu An remembered how Mi Li often spoke in riddles. Was it because of this?

Could it be that she was also one of my old friends?

“Let me take a look. Your current self...” Thegiant statue closed its eyes and seemed to be sensing something. Soon after, it opened its eyes. “So you are fighting over this world’s World Law Beacon.”

Zu An calmed his emotions. When he heard what the statue said, he immediately asked, “If we're good friends, can you loosen up that authority and help me obtain the World Law Beacon?”

Why would he bother struggling with that Skin-Flaying King if he could just take a shortcut?

“That is what I would like as well, but I am merely a strand of remnant will in charge of fulfilling a past agreement. I am unable to do that. If you want to obtain the World Law Beacon, you must fully obtain the authority of this world first,” said the giant statue.

Zu An was speechless.

A waste of my good intentions!

But he naturally wouldn’t dare to speak those words out loud. He could only ask, “Then that authority you're talking about, how do I get it?”

“Participate in the trial I left behind in the past. Whomever obtains the final victory will receive the authority. The altar’s laws will then permit that person to cross through,” said the giant statue.

“And that Skin-Flaying King just now went to participate in the trial?” Shang Liuyu hurriedly asked.

“That’s right,” replied the giant statue.

“Even someone like that can participate in the trial? Are you even trying to guard this place?” Zu An was really unhappy with this so-called old friend of his.

“As long as he satisfies some of the conditions I left behind in the past, he has the qualifications to participate in the trial. That little ghost has indeed satisfied the conditions,” the giant statue replied.

“Little ghost?”

For better or for worse, Ka Qier was the Skin-Flaying King, and yet he was being called a little ghost! Even so, for an being like this, 'ghost king' or 'little ghost' indeed didn’t make much of a difference.

“What kind of condition?” Zu An immediately asked. He thought that, since he had to give it a try too, he definitely couldn't let the Skin-Flaying King complete the trial.

“In order to have the right to join the final trial, one must be a king of a certain region in Hell,” said the giant statue.

Since he was called the Skin-Flaying King, he was probably the king of the Skin-Flaying Hell. That did indeed satisfy the condition.

“Wait.” Zu An’s expression suddenly changed. He looked at the pitch-black abyss below. “I remember the Skin-Flaying King mentioning that only the dead can enter. Doesn’t that mean that there’s no way for me to join the trial?”

The giant statue briefly fell silent. A while later, it said, “That is indeed the case.”

Zu An and Shang Liuyu were speechless.

“Then what did you call me here for?” Zu An was a bit annoyed. He had never expected there to be such a trial. Could he only watch as the Skin-Flaying King succeeded in the trial? It would be one thing if something else passed the trial, as it wouldn't necessarily affect this world. But if the Skin-Flaying King succeeded, there would just be too many unknown variables, and he hated unknown variables the most.

“At first, I wanted to give you another kind of opportunity, but since I now know who you really are, I changed my mind. Letting you win this trial would be better,” the giant statue said.

Zu An frowned. “But I’m a living person and not dead. How am I supposed to enter the underworld and participate in your trial?”

“That is indeed a bit tricky. I’ll do my best to delay the opening of the trial. During that time, you should find something related to the underworld, and you must be quick. I am but a strand of will, after all, and cannot influence the trial for too long,” said the giant statue.

“Something related to the underworld?” Zu An suddenly thought of something. With a wave of his hand, a drop of turbid yellow water appeared. There was still the color of blood vaguely swirling within it. “Is this enough?”

This was something he had obtained from the War Priest. He really had to thank that guy, who had left behind quite a few riches.

“Naihe Oblivion Water? I didn’t expect you to actually have that! It seems that this is heaven’s will.” The giant statue was also quite moved and couldn't hold back his emotions.

“What do we need to do now?” Zu An asked.

The giant statue replied, “With this drop of Naihe Oblivion Water as the medium, I will forge a link between you and Hell, allowing you to become one of its members.”

Shang Liuyu’s expression changed. “But everyone in Hell is dead!”

If saving the world required Zu An to sacrifice himself, what meaning would there be left in saving it?

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