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Chapter 1712 NullVoiders! II

Chapter 1712 NullVoiders! II

1712 NullVoiders! II

The quantum realm was the alter ego's home for a very, very long time. If he said he could get him out of the maze, then all he could do was trust his word.

Without hesitation, he veered towards it, pulling Felix along with a determined grip.

'We going in?!'

'It's the only way forward.' Apollo nodded without explaining much.

Meanwhile, the maze's entrance loomed before them, a gateway to a labyrinth of endless possibilities and paths.

Once inside, Apollo maneuvered through the maze with surprising agility, taking turns at random, hoping the sheer unpredictability of their path would throw off their relentless pursuers.

Despite his efforts, the Nullvoiders remained on their trail, as persistent as shadows, always a few steps behind.

Realization dawned on Apollo's face, his features tightening with frustration.

It became evident that the Nullvoiders were not merely tracking them by sight or sound but were drawn to something far more intrinsic.

'What the hell is your problem? Are you pushing off pheromones, making them want to mate with you?'

He cast a sidelong glance at Felix, understanding that the source of their unwavering pursuit was Felix himself.

'F*ck off, how could I know.' Felix cursed in vexation.

'I always imagined a day, where I get to work alongside my superstar.' Apollo sighed with a look of disappointment, 'I never expected it to end with you being more harmful than useful.'

All Felix could do was swallow his insults and give him an irked look, knowing that the weak had no voice.

At the moment, he couldn't even lift his weight if left alone.

Realizing the need for a new plan, Apollo began to brainstorm while being led toward the maze's exit by his alter ego.

"We need a decoy," Apollo muttered under his breath, his brain working feverishly to adapt to their dire situation. "Something to mislead them, give us the breathing room we desperately need."

With a flick of his hand, Apollo conjured a series of luminous orbs, each a mimicry of Felix's unique energy signature.

He released them into the maze, sending them scattering in different directions, a constellation of false leads designed to confuse and divert their relentless hunters.

Alas, the Nullvoiders ignored the light orbs and stayed on their tail against Apollo's wishes.

'F*cking hell, did you kill their parents in your past life?' Apollo cursed, starting to get angered with their constant chase.

'It's really weird that they have their eyes on him.' Lilith rubbed her chin thoughtfully.

She had an inkling of why it was happening, but she couldn't see the full connection between her assumption and the real answer.

If even Lilith and Apollo were ignorant about this, there was no need to mention the others. Even Lady Sphinx merely had a basic understanding of the quantum realm.

As the chase intensified, both Felix's and Apollo's minds raced for solutions.

'Think, think, think...'

With Felix being completely hopeless and no longer having access to his overwhelming strength, he felt like he had returned to the early days of his life, where he had to utilize his intelligence more than his muscles to seek solutions.

Thus, his eyes scanned the peculiar quantum maze and the Nullvoiders behind him, who seemed to resemble homing missiles, having them locked as their targets.

'Their reaction speed is almost identical to us. But, if we played our cards right, we might pull it off!'

After an in-depth analysis of their movement and behaviors, Felix came to realize that they had only one way to lose them before exiting the maze.

'Apollo, slow our pace and keep them relatively ten meters or more away from us.' Felix commanded with a solemn tone.

'What?! Are you crazy?!' Apollo scolded, 'Haven't I told you that everyone and everything has a standardized force? This also applies to speed and reaction speed. If we slowed our pace, we will never be able to lose them and what's worse, we will enter their attacking range!'

It was clear that everyone's speed could reach a similar standardized peak unless they could surpass it by manipulating reality or laws.

In Apollo's case, he could bypass the restriction and travel at the speed of light due to his control over the laws.

Asking him to slow down was a surefire way to let the Nullvoiders catch up, leaving them with no chance of recovery.

If he did that, it would invalidate everything they had done and put them in a different problem.

'Just trust me and do it.' Felix informed him of what he had in mind to convince him. When Apollo finished listening to him, he couldn't help but feel a bit sick in the stomach.

'It's too risky, but damn it, we don't have much of a choice!'

Realizing that Felix's strategy might be the only way out, Apollo slowed the pink cloud's speed until the Nullvoiders were a mere ten meters behind them!

Skreee!! Skreee!!

The moment the Nullvoiders got this close to them, they began to launch an onslaught of pitch-black seeds from their mouths!

"Dodge those bullets!" Apollo called out, weaving through the barrage with deft movements. "They're made of annihilation energy, capable of erasing anything on impact!"

Felix, following Apollo's lead, narrowly avoided the deadly projectiles, his movements a blend of desperation and determination.

The seeds zipped past them, obliterating fragments of reality wherever they struck, leaving voids in their wake!

'Head towards that portal!'

Apollo, with Felix in tow, darted towards a chaotic portal that shimmered on a spring-like wall ahead, the Nullvoiders hot on their trail.

The portal, a whirlpool of colors and energies, promised an unpredictable escape or possibly a trap!

'Hold, hold, hold...'

As they neared the threshold, Felix kept repeating in Apollo's mind for him to hold whilst squinting at the portal.

Just as there was barely half a meter between them and the portal, Felix shouted, "Now!!!"

"I know!!"


Apollo executed a sudden sharp, upward pull on the pink cloud they rode, veering away at the last possible moment!


The school of Nullvoiders, driven by their relentless pursuit and unable to match Apollo's sudden maneuver, plunged into the chaotic portal without hesitation!

The moment they crossed, the gateway wobbled wildly, then snapped shut behind them, cutting off their pursuit and leaving Apollo and Felix alone in the vastness of the quantum maze.

Breathing a collective sigh of relief, Apollo glanced back to ensure the Nullvoiders had indeed been tricked into the portal.

"Well, that worked better than I expected...Nice plan," he admitted, a wry smile forming on his lips.

Felix, still catching his breath from the close call, managed a weak smile.

He had expected the quantum realm to be a dangerous place, but to almost die in the hour even with a unigin as his guide was something he never imagined.

"Let's keep moving," Apollo suggested, steering their pink cloud back to their original course.

"We've bought ourselves some time, but we can't afford to reduce our guard. The quantum realm is full of surprises, as you've just seen."

As they resumed their journey, the sense of danger from the Nullvoiders' chase lingered, a stark reminder of the hazards that awaited them in this uncharted territory...

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