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Chapter 1571: An Emergency Meeting. II

1571 An Emergency Meeting. II

As the discussion reached a crescendo, a notable change swept over the chamber.

Lord Marduk, the embodiment of cosmic authority and considered the most powerful primogenitor after the death of Lord Shiva, had made his entrance.

His overbearing presence commanded immediate attention, a testament to his stature among the Primogenitors.

The voices gradually diminish, not out of fear, but respect and acknowledgment of Lord Marduk's wisdom and leadership.

"It's good to see you again, Lord Marduk."

"It's been a while."

"Is there any advancement in deciphering the inscriptions? It will be an honor to listen to one of your lectures."

No one showed him an ounce of disrespect, knowing that he was the only one solely focusing on their mysterious inscriptions.

Since it was believed that those inscriptions held countless techniques in them like the elemental conversion technique, everyone wanted to be on his good side for the sake of receiving them someday.

"I am not here to talk about the inscriptions." Lord Marduk responded indifferently while walking towards Lady Sphinx and the rest of Felix's masters.

"Who blabbered?" He asked her.

'Looks like he believes that one of the elemental lords broke the pact.' Thor said.

Only the ones with context understood him whilst the rest were left turning their heads left and right in puzzlement.

"It's an old friend of yours." Lady Sphinx answered composedly.

"Huh? It can..."

Before Lord Marduk could react, a sudden and inexplicable alter permeated the air...A hush fell over the council, a silence so profound it seemed to echo through the cosmos.

From the very fabric of space within the chamber, a figure emerged, commanding and serene – Lord Shiva.

His entrance was both majestic and enigmatic, defying the laws of reality and existence.

Almost all the council members were left stunned into speechlessness. Eyes widen in disbelief and awe as they behold the figure of Lord Shiva, whose presence was relegated to a forgotten legend and memory.

The air around him shimmered with otherworldly energy, and a faint aura of cosmic dust trailed his movements, a reminder of the cataclysm he was once part of.

The only peculiar thing that broke this enigmatic scene was the fact he would holding into a colorful cartoonish manga book in one of his four hands while wearing sunglasses and a tropical outfit.

He resembled an old retired man spending a vacation in Hawaii or Maldives.

"Sup losers." Lord Shiva greeted impolitely, not giving a sh*t about anyone's reaction.

Lord Marduk, a being seldom surprised, pauses mid-sentence, his usual composure momentarily unsettled.


The sight of Shiva, a peer long mourned and revered, stirred a rare flicker of emotion in his ageless eyes.

"Marduk, time sure has done some damage on you. No wait, you always looked this sh*tty." Lord Shiva sneered while stepping in front of him.

"What the hell is going on here?" Erebus exclaimed under his breath whilst leaning closer to Siren's ear, taking advantage of the situation to get a sniff of her.

"How would I know? We were told Shiva died imploding his soul, so how can he be here?" Siren murmured in confusion while pushing Erebus' creepy face away from her.

Kumiho, Aspidochelone, Jorōgumo, and the rest of the primogenitors were just as clueless about this situation.

"I am not in the mood to explain anything to anyone. I am above you, before and now."

Lord Shiva remarked egotistically whilst sitting next to Lady Sphinx and putting one leg above the other on the platform in front...Then, he lowered his sunglasses and opened his manga book without a care in the world.

Lord Marduk's fists tightened in anger at his nonchalant attitude after what happened before them. But, before he could force Lord Shiva to engage with him.

Another unforeseen development unfolded, further intensifying the atmosphere of astonishment!

The air in the chamber, already thick with cosmic energy, shivered with a new, darker intensity.

A portal, swirling with shadows and ominous energy, materialized at the far end of the hall. From this portal stepped Felix, his presence a stark contrast to the ethereal beings of the council.

He exuded a sense of demonic power and evil, his eyes alighted with an enigmatic purpose.

Behind Felix, emerging from the same shadowy portal, were Darkins and Elder Kraken.

Darkins, now bearing a more demonized appearance, their forms twisted and formidable, radiate an aura of menace and strength.

Yet, they had their heads lowered in obedience and shame as they walked toward the center of the wall amidst the prying eyes of their peers.

Meanwhile,Elder Kraken was walking with a wide kind smile, waving his hand left and right in greetings.




The council, still processing the return of Lord Shiva, found themselves facing yet another shock.

The appearance of Felix and Elder Kraken, all believed to be lost to the annals of time added another layer of disbelief and awe to the gathering.

As for the darkins? None of them would have imagined a day when they would be seen walking behind Felix subserviently.

"No seriously, what the f*ck is going on!!"

In the end, Erebus couldn't handle it and exploded in a thunderous stupefied exclamation.

"Landlord is still alive? Elder Kraken too? Is this the day of revival?"

"Is Loki messing with us and has put us in an illusionary domain?!"

Without hesitation, everybody turned to Lord Loki and Lord Quetzalcoatl, having a strong belief that one of those two had a hand in this!

"Don't look at me, I am just as clueless as you." Lord Quetzalcoatl acted innocent, not wanting to be associated with any of this.

"I am not that bored." Lord Loki murmured to himself, "Though it's a great prank, I should have thought about it before."

Seeing those two were as useless as always, everyone's focus was brought back to Felix.

"Greetings elders, it's been a while." Felix greeted respectfully without bowing his head this time.

The primogenitors noticed the unshakeable confidence in his eyes and lack of fear from them, which had never been the case before.n./1n

Still, no one bothered to address such a matter when there were three revived people amidst them.

"Little cutie, mind explaining this situation? Are you the one who wanted this meeting to happen? Were you even dead? And what's the deal with those two-faced dogs behind you?" Kumiho fired a series of questions with a deadly charming look.

The primogenitors, their attention now fully on him, waited with bated breath as he prepared to speak.

His voice, when it finally broke the silence, carried a calm certainty like what he talking about was a Tuesday afternoon.

"I, once dead and now revived, have enslaved the Darkins in retribution, and it is I who have orchestrated this council, not to herald my return, but to offer the truth of your existence, obliviously, for a price."

In this single, loaded sentence, Felix unveiled the depths of his journey and intent. His revelation of death and resurrection painted a picture of a being who has traversed the boundaries of life itself.

Meanwhile, the enslavement of the Darkins spoke to a tale of vengeance and power, a testament to his resolve and strength!

Most intriguingly, Felix claimed responsibility for convening the council and offered to reveal the purpose of their existence.

A single sentence was enough to let everybody understand close to the full picture and most importantly, that Felix wasn't here to muck around.

The hall fell into a deeper silence, the magnitude of Felix's statements hanging in the air.

Even with all of this attention on him from the most powerful beings in the universe, Felix felt like he was being watched by mere mortals.

A feeling he never thought he would experience in this room so soon...

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