The Sovereign’s Ascension

Chapter 2456 - Sovereign Divine Runes Gathered!

Chapter 2456 - Sovereign Divine Runes Gathered!

“Why are you talking in this tone?” Lin Yun asked, looking at Lil’ Purple in puzzlement.

“Hmph, you scumbag,” Lil’ Purple responded.

Hearing that, Lin Yun could only smile bitterly. What Mu Xueling said set off ripples in his heart, catching him by surprise. The Nichang Dress Song could only be played perfectly for someone you love, like how he played it for Yue Weiwei.

Seeing Lin Yun was dazing off, Lil’ Purple rolled her eyes, “Come and find me at the Heavenly Fragrance Divine Mountain if you’re free.”

Lin Yun was briefly stunned before he smiled. So it turns out that Lil’ Purple was repeating what Mu Xueling said. Caressing her head, he smiled, “Alright, stop making fun of me. The Black and White Emperors are here, and I heard that brought treasures for me. I have a guess, and you come with me.”

“The Black and White Emperors?” Lil’ Purple became excited upon hearing that. She said, “Let’s go. They must’ve brought you treasures.”

Lin Yun looked into the distance and saw the Scarlet Firmament Peak still bustling with people. Many people were here to congratulate them, which made him feel complicated. After all, no one came to help when his master was undergoing his tribulation, but they came forward after his master became an Emperor. What an irony.

But they could not do anything about that or ignore them, especially those with status. Even Emperors came over with their juniors, and the Sword Sect still had to interact with them in the future.

“No hurry. Let’s wait till my master is free. My master has been in seclusion for so long by himself.” Lin Yun lay on the ground with Lil’ Purple, and they could watch the Scarlet Firmament Peak’s situation from here.

“Okay.” Lil’ Purple let Lil’ Red out, sitting quietly by the side.

Looking at Lil’ Purple from the side view, Lin Yun noticed she had grown slightly taller. She wasn’t as cute as before but more like a young woman now. He smiled, “You’ve grown taller and more beautiful.”

Hearing Lin Yun’s praises, Lil’ Purple immediately smiled, “Really? I didn’t notice it.”

Lin Yun couldn’t help smiling and said, “I didn’t know you could be so humble.”

“I have always been a humble person. Do you think only your Saint Elder can be a quiet woman? I’m much better than her!” Lil’ Purple said unhappily.

Hearing that, Lin Yun couldn’t help smiling with a gentle gaze. He would think of Lil’ Purple after leaving Kunlun Realm and feel something was missing. After chatting with the Iris Sword Saint, he would feel a heartache for her after knowing her origin. He couldn’t let her cry again and felt satisfied looking at her like this.

“Why are you looking at me?” Lil’ Purple asked as she was feeling uneasy after being stared at.

“I’ve missed you when I’m in the Heavenly Barren Realm and Azure Sky Realm,” Lin Yun sighed, recollecting his gaze. He continued, “After having you by my side for so long, I suddenly feel lonely outside.”

Lil’ Purple felt warmth in her heart and blushed, “Don’t be like that. You look like a real scumbag now.”

Lin Yun said nothing and merely smiled at Lil’ Purple.

“Stop looking at me. Tell me about the Heavenly Barren Domain. You must’ve met Iris, right?” Lil’ Purple urged.

“Yeah.” Lin Yun sat upright and shared his experience outside Kunlun Realm with her.

When he mentioned that he chose Sword Dao over Eternal Daos, Lil’ Purple became nervous, and she asked, “So, you’ve picked the sword?”

Lin Yun nodded in response.

“According to what you say, you might become a Sword Immortal in the future, not a Deity,” Lil’ Purple replied.

“Perhaps, but being a Sword Immortal might not be bad. Who said that I can’t open a path for myself?” Lin Yun said with determination flashing in his eyes. He continued, “Most importantly, my heart no longer wavers, and this is why it was so easy for me to grasp the Heavenly Barren Sword Intent upon my return.”

When Lin Yun shattered the Bodhi Tree back in the Azure Sky Realm, his attainment in sword dao improved significantly. Not only did the ninth-grade sword intent, but he even hoped to reach beyond that. More accurately speaking, Lin Yun’s attainment in the sword might be stronger than the Iris Sword Saint a hundred thousand years ago.

At that moment, Lin Yun realised that his talent in the sword even exceeded his senior brother, Jian Jingtian. Then again, that was only his talent and not his attainment in sword dao. If Jian Jingtian was lucky, he might have a chance to catch up.

Lil’ Purple held onto her chin and said, “I heard that Ancient Kunlun has immortal, genuine immortals.”

“That’s right. The Blue Dragon King told me that he was the reincarnation of an Immoral Lord. After bringing Ziyao back and reforge the Heavenly Path, we can ask him if he can bring the Kunlun Realm to Ancient Kunlun,” Lin Yun said.

“But the Empress is terrifying,” Lil’ Purple said softly.

“Don’t worry about it. Look at what this is,” Lin Yun smiled and shook his right hand, the bone armor manifested by the Heavenly Dragon Bone. He explained, “This is the Heavenly Dragon Bone, something the Southern Emperor left for me. This is meant to restrain her. The Heavenly Dragon Bone has been in the Heavenly Fragrance Divine Mountain. The Southern Emperor exhausted his vitality to save his wife, but he didn’t disregard everything and left behind a backup plan. I have yet to refine it now, and my foundation will be complemented after I refine it.”

More accurately speaking, it was the Heavenly Dragon Divine Bone. The Heavenly Dragon was the lord of all dragons, surpassing the seven-colored divine dragons.

Seeing this, hope rose in Lil’ Purple’s heart because she knew about the origin of the Heavenly Dragon Bone.

Lin Yun said, “Before I leave, the Iris Sword Saint taught me the secret technique of slaying deities. Even if I only have four sovereign divine runes, I can injure the Empress executing it.”

The Nirvana Divine Rune was in his hands, but he still had no time to refine it.

Lil’ Purple felt relieved upon hearing that.

Right then, a golden-purple radiance swept over with dragon aura. It was the Golden-Purple Dragon Throne, which Ye Guhan brought over with Tian Xuanzi’s white cat.

Lin Yun’s eyes dazzled as though he could see Tian Xuanzi sitting on it when he saw the throne. But when he looked at it again, he discovered it was his senior brother, Ye Guhan.

Ye Guhan descended the throne and placed the cat on the ground as the black and white cats got together.

“She didn’t take it away?” Lin Yun asked curiously. The Golden-Purple Dragon Throne was a treasure. Not only was it a Sovereign Saint Artifact, but seven dragon clan’s saint swords were behind.

If he wanted to compare, his Azure Dragon Sun-Moon Umbrella couldn’t be compared to the Golden-Purple Dragon Throne.

Ye Guhan smiled, “I hid secretly. But it’s also because she left quickly after being embarrassed by our master and Yu Qingfeng.”

Lin Yun laughed upon hearing that. This was the first time that no one gave the Empress any face.

Ye Guhan sighed, “You should keep the Golden-Purple Dragon Throne. If Tian Xuanzi is here, I believe he will agree.”

Lin Yun kept his smile and felt complicated, not knowing what to say. Tian Xuanzi was a chess piece throughout the entire affair. If he was determined to ruin the Radiant Sword Emperor’s tribulation, he would have destroyed the Sword Sect’s saint vein at the very last moment.

After all, Tian Xuanzi was the perfect candidate to do this. With him around, no Emperors could interfere, and the Empress would remain at the back of the screen.

But at the last moment, Tian Xuanzi broke free of her control. Then again, he ruthlessly forced Sword Sect so they could not catch their breath.

“I didn’t expect him to be a painting, which is too surprising,” Lin Yun said. He could guess that Tian Xuanzi was a chess piece by the Empress, but he never would’ve guessed that he was only a painting.

Now that he thinks about it, it was apparent when they first met. When they first met, Lin Yun found Tian Xuanzi unrealistic, as if he were from a painting.

“I also didn’t expect that, but I understand him now. I can understand all his actions now. I don’t resent him because he didn’t have a choice. Perhaps death was his best ending,” Ye Guhan smiled bitterly. It was like how Tian Xuanzi said he wasn’t afraid when he lay in Ye Guhan’s embrace.

“Senior Brother, what is your relationship with him ?” Lin Yun asked.

Ye Guhan muttered, “I don’t know. Friends? Brothers? Enemies? Or maybe confidantes.”

Shaking his head, Ye Guhan continued, “Everything has become the past now. You should meet our master, and you can take the Golden-Purple Dragon Throne with you. There are no restrictions on it.”

Nodding his head, Lin Yun left with Lil’ Purple. As for Lil’ Red, it was playing around with the white cat, flaunting the treasures it had collected throughout the years. But the white cat was aloof and paid no attention to Lil’ Red.

He didn’t expect to see Lil’ Red try and flatter someone one day, but it was unknown if it could win the white cat’s heart...

“Junior Brother!” Ye Guhan called out to Lin Yun. He said, “Help me snatch that painting back.”

“Okay,” Lin Yun replied after a brief stun. Sitting on the Golden-Purple Dragon Throne, Lin Yun turned into a streak of light and arrived at where his master went into seclusion.

Aside from his master, there was a white and a black figure. When they looked at him, it instantly placed him under great pressure.

“Greetings, seniors.” Lin Yun cupped his hands together, knowing that these two were the Black and White Emperors.

The White Emperor was happy to see Lin Yun as he drank wine. The Black Emperor smiled and said, “You don’t have to worry about Su Ziyao’s safety. There will be people protecting her in the Divine Dragon Empire. Aside from the Golden Dragon and Silver Dragon’s lineages, the other Dragon Kings gave their promise to me.”

Lin Yun rejoiced when he heard that because the Black Emperor was really reliable.

As the White Emperor drank his wine, he smiled, “The Nirvana Divine Rune is on you, and we have brought you the other two sovereign divine runes.”

“Not only that, but I will also teach you how to refine the Heavenly Dragon Bone,” the Black Emperor said.

When Lil’ Purple got down the throne, she was stumped to hear that. This meant that all seven sovereign divine runes were gathered!

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