Epic Of Caterpillar

Chapter 2211 Testing The Dungeon Key

Chapter 2211 Testing The Dungeon Key




The feast was long, but once it came to an end, we moved to some personal rooms inside Mammon's giant castle. We decided to stay a few nights inside of hell because of its even faster time dilation, which gave us more time to rest and think about our next moves.

I believe that tomorrow in the morning we'll be definitely moving to Abyss to snatch that sun, and I personally can't wait! However, for now, as the children played around each big room and annoyed the many demon servants walking through the corridors, I took a nice warm shower and then moved to one of the rooms.

They were rather small and only had a single bed inside, so we were unable to just go to the same room to sleep all together like back home, but the girls accepted it surprisingly easily, nobody complained, and I felt rather happy that they were so understandable.

Honestly, being so much with my family is very healing, but it can get slightly tiring, so being alone was nice for a few hours as well. Maybe this was something I didn't develop before, but after my journey inside of Grand Terra, I began to appreciate what was some time for myself without anybody bothering me.

Those nights where I just spent by myself inside my room, checking things, looking at the night, drinking or eating, were surprisingly calming and healing, and helped me get through the sadness I felt because I was so far away from home.

Nonetheless, now that I was in my own room, I looked at some of the items I had… There were the treasure chests left to open, and also there were a lot of tickets, skill fusion tickets mostly, a bunch of weird ones of all kinds.

And then keys, dungeon keys, apparently using these things would help me get inside some mysterious dungeons. I don't exactly know how that work, so I'll try using one right away because why not.

"Let's see…"

I used the [Random Otherworldly Dungeon Key (SS Grade)], which had a question mark shape and was made of gold. By merely imbuing Cosmic Power into it, the key pierced through space itself, opening a ripple in space.

A gate opened, leading to a long, dark and damp corridor. The interior looked like your average dungeon, dark and damp, barely any light. I could already sense some living beings inside.

[You have used the [Random Otherworldly Dungeon Key (SS Grade)] x1!]

[A Random Dungeon Gate has been opened!]

[The Dungeon chosen has become: [Abandoned Temple of the Lich King]: Recommended Rank: World Realm: Tier 5+]

[Until you defeat the Final Boss, you can enter and come out of the Dungeon through opening a gate using the key as you please.]

[New Monsters won't spawn, the Dungeon already has a limited, yet very large amount of foes.]

[This Dungeon has a Hidden Boss! Do you think you can find it?]

[Once you defeat the Boss and the Hidden Boss, you'll receive special Dungeon Rewards.]

"These dungeons are definitely not the same as the others from Genesis or Grand Terra, aren't they?" I wondered. "I wonder how they work. Astraea, Andromeda, do you know something?"

[The key seems to be some sort of Lesser Cosmic Treasure, master.] Andromeda voice echoed.

[I believe their creation is thanks to both the Origin System and your connection with the Cosmos, which seems to have its own rulers established. It could even be called an internal system.] Astraea said.

[The keys connect to these Cosmic Laws and weave them together, opening the way to a Forgotten Fragment of a World long lost.] Andromeda answered.

[Maybe something or someone, a greater will, a consciousness within the known Cosmos, weaves such things for the Origin System willingly. I believe this is also thanks to Frank's System which is a Trait! Therefore, it interacts and transforms the cosmos.] Astraea said.

"Interesting, so the Origin System is quite literally wielding the laws of the cosmos." I smiled. "It has endless potential as I imagined. Without Frank's help it wouldn't have been completely possible to get this far though, I am quite grateful to have met that boy."

[Will you explore the dungeon?] Wondered Andromeda.

"Yeah, let's go for a swift little trip inside."

I nodded as I steppes inside the dungeon, the first thing I felt was a powerful aura surging from its depths. A being noticed my presence appearing, a long forgotten undead, perhaps the Lich King or something.

"Huh, standard dungeon fanfare here."

As I made my way inside, I was quickly greeted by hundreds of Zombies. They didn't look like your bog-standard zombies though, these guys were enormous, five to ten meters of height, muscular, and armored with bone armor.

[You have entered the Dungeon's Floor 1/5]

[The [Armored Nether Zombies (World Realm: Tier 4+)] have set their gazes on you!]

[Their hunger surpasses entire worlds; they charge towards you furiously.]


The Zombies roared, rushing towards me the moment their putrid eyes set their gaze on me. I summoned my Fallen Angel Hammer and my Demonic Relic Shield to battle them.



The army of over a hundred Zombies clashed against me. Their bodies were not normal either, incredibly tough, hardened with large quantities of Cosmic Energy and Nether, they weren't World Realm for nothing, a few of these zombies could easily end a world's life within days.

However, their charge wasn't enough, incapable of making me even give a single step back with my shield in front of me. I swung my hammer against the nearest zombie, a single hit was all it took.


A shockwave of corrupted light was unleashed, demonic holiness leaving dozens of explosions over the Zombies, their bodies exploding into pieces, over half of them were killed with that single attack.

"Hooh, not bad at all!" I smiled. "This hammer is really cool! Alright, let's clear floor 1 at least~!"

I kept moving through the corridor, smashing the zombies with my hammer with a single hit, an explosion of chaos composed of holy light and corrupted light easily overwhelmed them.

Exploring and grinding inside a dungeon like this brought me memories of my younger days back in Genesis~

"Oh, a boss!"

And it seemed that every floor also had a mini boss!


[The Boss of the First Floor: [Three-Headed Mutant Zombie Serpent (World Realm: Tier 6)] roars back at you!]




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