Epic Of Caterpillar

Chapter 2175 Pampering Astraea And Andromeda

Chapter 2175 Pampering Astraea And Andromeda




Once we secured enough branches, we decided to move to the depths of the World Realm's underground, where the World Realm Core was located, and where Origin, Andromeda, and Astraea were as well. The two girls were constantly managing the System, they were apparently "made" for that, but I always told them they needed to take a break from time to time.

Though, it wasn't as if they were ever tired either. Andromeda's true existence was within the System too, and Astraea was a Supreme Goddess of the System, born when all System Gods combined together due to their love for me.

"Dearie, you've come to visit us!" Astraea greeted me with her radiantly adorably smile. Her flawless and beautiful face was adorned by a pair of silver and white colored eyes and long, she had silvery-white hair, she was truly a beauty. Meanwhile, her voluptuous and incredibly sexy body wore a semi-transparent white dress, only making her look more erotic.

"Of course, I am a bit saddened you can't come to the surface to see me though. Do you need to stay watching the World Core all the time?" I wondered, feeling slightly sad as she hugged me tightly. Her big breasts pressing on my own.

"I'm sorry… I just need to make sure everything is always fine with it." She said. "Also taking care of little Origin is always fun! Don't worry about me." She smiled with such purehearted gentleness that I couldn't really get angry at her.

"Well, it's okay then." Our lips met quite quickly, her lips were so big and meaty I didn't stop kissing her and sucking on her delicious tongue for a couple of seconds. "Hmm~ I missed these lips."

"Ahhh~ Kireina-sama…" She moaned a bit, as my hands grasped her really big ass cheeks tightly.

"You're as erotic and sexy as always, my Astraea. I still dream sometimes of our first time together." I said, caressing her back. "Let's make sure to catch up a lot now that I can stay here for a bit, alright?"

"Y-Yes, gladly…" She nodded. "But is it okay with you? I am still pregnant… My belly is getting very big, maybe that's not really attractive?"

"Of course not, it's really cute actually." I smiled, kissing her again. "Don't worry, you're very adorable."

"Heheh… I-If Kireina-sama says so." She smiled cutely.

"Did you bring something for us, master?" Andromeda wondered, appearing above us. "Geez, you're giving all the lovey-dovey to Astraea. Can't I get some too?" Her adorable robotic appearance greeted us, her slender form and humanoid appearance was very realistic, despite being made of synthetic materials. Her big, neon blue eyes were the most attractive thing, but her wide hips and new, larger and bouncier breasts were cute as well.

"Of course Andromeda, I haven't forgotten about you." I smiled, as I quickly greeted her with yet another kiss. Her tongue was blue, made of synthetic silicone, yet it was sweet, warm, and slimy like any other. Her lips were so soft and small, and her hips, although slightly cold and metallic, were also quite soft.

"Hmm~ Ahh, master! You're kissing me so much. You really love an A.I. like me?" She teased me a bit.

"You shouldn't be asking such things at this point, Andromeda." I laughed, slapping her ass a bit.

"Aah~! D-Don't slap my ass in front of everyone…" She blushed a bit, her neon blue eyes changing into red color, showing big, pixelated hearts.

"Let's have some fun with Astraea later, alright?" I asked her.

"Y-Yes, of course." She smiled happily, with great expectations.

"Anyways, let's do what I came here for initially." I quickly summoned a group of floating Double Realm Core Branches. "Can you two absorb these? It'll help you raise from Supreme Goddess to World Realm- Ah, right, eat these desserts first." I gave them some cake slices and tea made with Cosmic Treasures.

"So many sweets! Alright!" Andromeda got immediately excited to eat them.

"Ooh, that cake looks so delish!" Astraea was drooling.

I know what my two cuties like, so I happily spoiled them with their delicious sweets. In fact, I decided to just host a teatime party for everyone present. The children also wanted some sweets and pastries, and I didn't mind eating some with everyone while chatting and relaxing.

"So that's what has happened so far, I see. Well, we've seen a lot of it through the System itself, but even then." Said Astraea. "We can't just see everything…"

"Amazing how strong you are, Kireina-sama. You just keep folding all the evildoers!" Said Andromeda, very inspired. "And now that you finally evolved once more, you even defeated that damned evil Shub Niggurath!"

"I wasn't going to stop until I killed her, she was one of the ones that took Scarlet away after all…" I nodded. "Well, she's dead now, but there's a few others I need to take care of first. All spread through Abyss. It won't be so easy to find and fold them this time, without the Maxima Universe being nearby to give me all the bonus stats I had back then…"

"But you'll have us, mom!" Scarlet said. "So we'll work hard together to beat them all!"

"Yeah!" Nirah nodded as she drank tea. "Me too, I will help too, okay?"

"Heheh, well, if you really want to help dear, then you're welcome." I smiled, giving them both a head pat. "Though, while I'm here I want to grow as strong as I possible can before that, that also incudes everyone here. Sadly, our entire family is not here yet. The other half is fighting outside, and at this very moment we are constantly moving towards their destination. We have to make sure to use this time well."

"Alright! Then let's begin the whole process." Said Andromeda. "I am ready, this body has finally reached Supreme Goddess at the Peak Stage of Rank 10!"

"Me too… I feel so powerful now." Astraea nodded. "My Divinity is constantly overflowing, and my connection with it has been strengthened drastically."

"Good, now that you both are Supreme Gods at Rank 10, it's time." I said.




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