Epic Of Caterpillar

Chapter 2068 She’s Here!

Chapter 2068 She's Here!


While all of this was happening, Kireina had left behind a Doppelganger body in the sea. As she was about to go help everyone else, she ended finding Yggdrantia and Faylen, who due to their exhaustion, were resting in the seas, and ended being surrounded by Miasmic Aberrations.

"Ugh, we can't even take a break after defeating the Titan!" Faylen cried, using her magic to fight the aberrations barely, and relying heavily on her Ego Equipment and her Ego Magic Bow, given to her by Kireina.

"We have to survive no matter what! Don't worry Faylen, in a few more minutes I should be able to recharge more Energy to- Ah!" Yggdrantia was trying to stay positive, but quickly noticed her roots being infected by Miasma.


And to make things worse, several of the Aberrations started fusing together, forming Giant Aberrations, attempting to infect Yggdrantia with their Miasma and inhibit her regeneration of energies.

"Good thing I came here to check you girls out!"


Nonetheless, help quickly came, Kireina appeared and quickly saved them, slaying the Aberrations with ease, conjuring enormous tiger-like claws made of frozen Atlantean Sea.


[You have slain [Miasmic Aberration (Supreme God Realm: Rank 1/10)] x52!]

[You earned 260.000.000 EXP!]

[Level Up!]

"I even gained a level out of these guys; they are sure nice EXP bags!" Kireina thought.

"Kireina-sama?!" Faylen was surprised to see her appear out of the blue.

"Mama!" Yggdrantia felt relieved, as Kireina channeled her [Yggdrasil Spirit] Skill to heal her quickly. "Hahh… Much better now!"

The two quickly noticed Kireina was riding a gigantic tiger made of water, which was shining with bright rainbow colors.

"You know I would never leave you to your deaths. You worked hard. You should have simply teleported back to my Divine Realm instead of staying to fight!" Kireina reprimanded the two. "I gave you the Path Jewels to do that, didn't I?"

"S-Sorry…" Faylen apologized. "We wanted to keep fighting to protect the seas…"

"Yeah, sorry mom…" Yggdrantia apologized too.

"Sigh… It's fine." Kireina smiled, giving Faylen a kiss. "I'm just relieved you two are okay… Faylen, don't be reckless, okay? I know you're trying to prove yourself after seeing Elfina… That she's an elf doesn't mean you have to compete with her."

"E-Eh?! I'm not trying to prove anything…" Faylen blushed while pouting a bit, Kireina found her way too adorable. "I'm just trying to gracefully help! Because… Well, I made a lot of people suffer when I was a Realm Menace, I want to save as many people as I can now."

"I suppose that's a noble thought." Kireina patted her head, giving her a kiss in her nose. "Then let's do it together." She held her hand, quickly dragging her over Aquamarine's back.

"Uwah! Ah? W-Wait, what is this tiger creature?!" Faylen finally realized that this wasn't just some spell.

"Oh, this? He's Aquamarine! My necklace. He can transform into a variety of shapes. He's a good boy, aren't you?" Kireina caressed his chin.

"I am!" Aquamarine was purring adorably.

Even if she was a Doppelganger with reduced Stats, she could still use all her Skills, and even brought Aquamarine, one of her strongest Ego Equipment which was a perfect match for these Seas. With him at her side, she would be almost unstoppable.

"Then let's go, we have to confront Oceanus before he ends up ruining everything." Kireina said, rushing across the sea as Yggdrantia turned into her Spirit Form and flew at her side.

"Oh, mom, I found this shiny jewel! What is this?" Suddenly, Yggdrantia gave Kireina something she had grabbed.

"Oh?!" Kireina smiled almost manically as she saw it. "Perfect… Excellently done, Yggdrantia! Mommy's proud of you!"

"Huh?" Yggdrantia was confused, but was happy to be praised, nonetheless.


The seas kept growing chaotic as Kireina kept moving forwards, finally reaching the battlefield in the oceans when Oceanus already got himself the second Ocean Tear Fragment, two of the three fragments scattered in the seas.

"We're here!" Faylen said, her bow pointing at the distance as she started gathering her energies to unleash her arrows. "Kireina-sama!"

"I know! Yggdrantia, stop him!" Kireina said, noticing the titanic spear looming above the heavens.

"Got it!" Yggdrantia rushed into the seas, growing within a split of a second.

"[Primordial Spear of Atlantis]!"


And as Oceanus laughed and unleashed the spear towards his targets, gigantic branches of spirit wood grew from the sea, piercing the spear several times at once, making it crumble down into debris!

"[Branches That Pierce The Cosmos]!"

Each of her spear-shaped branches were overflowing with Spiritual and Cosmic Energy at once, so strong that they even managed to destroy this Spear in seconds!


"Hahahah! Serves you right- Eh?!"

Oceanus quickly opened his eyes wide, realizing his attack was suddenly blocked, as he noticed not only Yggdrantia emerging from the seas as a gigantic, ever-growing tree overflowing with Spiritual and Cosmic Energy, but also the fairy sitting on top of those branches, riding a huge tiger made of divine water, and accompanied by a stunning Elven Princess pointing her arrows of magic at him.

"Hey, we finally made it. How are you doing, bastard?"

Kireina smiled confidently, giving him a cocky smirk and quickly getting into Oceanus nerves with her annoying comment.

He didn't even know who the hell was she!

"Who the fuck are you?!" Oceanus roared, his enormous body constantly growing larger.

"I'm the one that-"

"Ah, why do I even bother?! Just DIE!"

Oceanus didn't even let Kireina finish her words, rushing towards her with his titanic body of several kilometers…

Naturally, Kireina grew fucking pissed.

"Oi, gramps."

Suddenly, the seas around her started overflowing with her Chaotic Energies, turning deep black. Her steed also turned completely abyssal black, a blue jewel she took from Yggdrantia slowly glowing in her hands.


Oceanus was shocked by the enormous explosion of energy, not only Chaotic Energies, which as someone of Ancient Times, he found extremely rare, but also… Cosmic Energy!

"W-What is this?!" Oceanus muttered. "Who are you?! How can someone be this… powerful?! Is this really True Cosmic Energy?!"

"You should had let me finish my damn words if you wanted to know who I was!" Kireina roared with utmost fury, a gigantic black claw made of Abyssal Chaotic Seas and Abyssal Frost descended upon his face, tearing it apart.



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