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Chapter 2098 - 2098 Taking A Giant Leap Forward! (4)

2098 Taking A Giant Leap Forward! (4)

First, there were the Spirit and Enlightenment attributes. There were many of them, allowing Wang Teng’s Spirit and Enlightenment to rise greatly.

Spirit: 75100/200000 (cosmos realm)

Enlightenment: 230500/300000 (universe realm)

“This senior sister’s Spirit and Enlightenment are not weak,” Wang Teng muttered to himself as he looked at the changes on the attributes board.

It was understandable. After all, the other party was at the peak of the universe stage. Even if she only dropped a small portion of his Spirit and Enlightenment attributes, it was still a huge gain for him.

Wang Teng didn’t dwell on it and continued to look further.

There were three types of Force attributes.

Yu Yenan released three Forces at the last moment and dropped many attributes.

If Yu Yenan had used only one type of Force for that final punch, Wang Teng’s attack would have been unstoppable.

There was a cause for every effect. If Wang Teng hadn’t used all his five basic Forces, Yuyaen wouldn’t have been forced to release her three types of Forces.

Getting attribute bubbles wasn’t easy. He had to work hard.

Wang Teng couldn’t help but feel emotional. He then glanced at the attributes board, quite satisfied with the gains from this encounter.

Constellation Earth Force: 22200/50000 (cosmos stage fifth level)

Constellation Water Force: 22600/50000 (cosmos stage fifth level)

Constellation Metal Force: 21300/60000 (cosmos stage sixth level)

Then, there were the three domains.

“All of them are at the seventh rank. This senior sister managed to grasp three seventh-rank domains at the peak of the cosmos stage. Impressive!” Wang Teng exclaimed in his heart.

If he didn’t have the system, even at the peak of the cosmos stage, he might not have been able to comprehend seventh-rank domain power.

On the other hand, Yuyaen completely relied on her understanding to comprehend three seventh-rank domain powers, which was the true mark of a genius!

He didn’t know that Yu Yenan was cheating. When she was at the peak of the cosmos stage, she only had a sixth-rank domain. She didn’t have a seventh-rank domain.

Metal Domain: 3500/7000 (seventh-rank)

Earth Domain: 2900/7000 (seventh-rank)

Water Domain: 2800/7000 (seventh-rank)

Wang Teng immediately looked at the last attribute bubble.

The attribute bubble directly merged into Wang Teng’s body, transforming into a peculiar force that swept through his entire body, causing some mysterious changes.

“Divine Level Physique Talent!” Wang Teng was astounded. He guessed that Yu Yenan possessed some kind of physical talent but he didn’t expect it to be of this level.

He received this Divine Level Physique Talent from Gallup when he was refining his physique in the Lightning Valley.

Wang Teng was able to absorb a large amount of essence blood power in the blood pool this time not only because he practiced various powerful body refinement techniques but also because of this divine level physique talent.

Generally speaking, the higher the physical talent, the stronger the body’s ability to withstand various enhancements to physical strength.

Hence, Wang Teng was quite fond of this Divine Level Physique Talent.

At this moment, Yu Yenan had dropped 18500 points of Divine Level Physique Talent attributes. To Wang Teng, this was enough to raise his Divine Level Physique Talent by a huge level.

Divine Level Physique Talent: 19850/50000

Senior Sister Yu Yenan’s talent must be more advanced than Gallup’s. I’m lucky this time. I wonder when I’ll have the chance to spar with her again. Wang Teng thought to himself as he felt the changes in his physical talent.

As Wang Teng was taking stock of his gains, he followed the others outside.

After some time, they returned to the hall. Yu Yenan stood at the entrance of the great hall and seemed to be waiting for something.

“Senior sister?” Wang Teng asked in confusion

“Wait,” Yu Yenan said calmly.

“Oh,” Wang Teng sighed, realizing that she wasn’t in the mood to talk. To avoid getting scolded, he obediently stayed quiet on the side.

Cang Yu and Little Qing’er found it amusing that this guy could also be timid.

After waiting for some time, space fluctuations appeared, and suddenly, an illusory figure materialized in front of the hall.

The person’s figure was blurry, making it impossible to see her face.

Some details suggested that the person might be a woman.

Wang Teng was surprised. If the person hadn’t appeared directly in front of them, he wouldn’t have even sensed her presence.

He couldn’t help but open the Real Eye to look, only to be dazzled by a bright light, forcing him to close his eyes.

The figure glanced at Wang Teng with surprise, smiled slightly, and said, “Young one, don’t casually probe unfamiliar strong beings.”

“I was reckless. Please forgive me!” Wang Teng opened his eyes and looked at the person, feeling somewhat embarrassed.

Yu Yenan looked at Wang Teng in surprise. Then, he could not help but feel a bit pleased. Serves him right!

“It’s alright,” the figure shook his head and replied calmly.

“Master!” At this moment, Yu Yenan came forward and greeted her respectfully.

“Master?” Wang Teng was shocked.

This person was Yu Yenan’s master!

How powerful was she to be the master of a universe-stage martial warrior?

Wang Teng didn’t dare to imagine. When he probed earlier, he didn’t see everything, and the person in front of them seemed to be a projection, not the real body.

A projection with such overwhelming power—how terrifying would the actual person be?

It was unimaginable!

Tong En and the others stood at the side obediently. They were equally astounded. The person before them was actually Yu Yenan’s master. They felt fortunate to encounter such a prominent figure today.

Encountering such a big shot was indeed rare, and today they were fortunate to meet a real one.

“Are these the two snakewomen genius you mentioned?” The figure nodded and glanced at Cang Yu and Little Qing’er.

“Yes, they were brought by Junior Wang Teng. I’ve tested them, and their talents and strength are good. That’s why I troubled master to come and take a look,” Yu Yenan explained.

“It’s rare to encounter two snakewomen geniuses.” The figure sized up Cang Yu and Little Qing’er, then spoke gently, “Come forward.”

Cang Yu and Little Qing’er looked at Wang Teng.

Wang Teng nodded naturally. Faced with such a powerful figure, they would do whatever was told. If the person had any malicious intent, they wouldn’t be able to resist anyway, so it was better to lie low and comply.

Of course, it wasn’t likely. After all, this was an instructor from the Stellar Academies. How could he be a bad person?

The figure had a deep and profound gaze. Seeing this scene, there was no trace of impatience.

Cang Yu and Little Qing’er immediately walked over when they saw Wang Teng nodding.

“Relax!” The figure stretched out his hand and placed it on Cang Yu and Little Qing’er’s wrist, seemingly sensing something. She nodded slightly and said, “Very good talent!”

“Elder, can they enter our academy now?” Wang Teng asked with a flattering smile.

“Where did you find them?” The figure smiled slightly and inquired.

“Poison Erosion World, Scorpion King Star,” Wang Teng replied.

“So that’s where.” The figure nodded, then glanced at Cang Yu and Little Qing’er, suddenly saying, “I have a few Naga legacy here. Are you willing to be my disciples?”

A look of surprise appeared on Wang Teng’s face. The figure wanted to take them as disciples.

He initially thought it was already great that Cang Yu and Little Qing’er could enter the academy. He never expected their luck to be so good, being noticed by such a powerful figure who wanted to take them as disciples.

Yu Yenan’s master must be an extraordinary figure.

This was definitely a large shot!

How could such a good thing not involve him a bit?

On the other side, Tong En and the others were too shocked with wide-open mouths. Senior Sister Yu Yenan’s master wanted to take Cang Yu and Little Qing’er as her disciples.

Oh my god!

This was like ascending to the heavens in one step!

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