The Steward Demonic Emperor

Chapter 1295 (First Ending) Bleak Outlook

Chapter 1295 (First Ending), Bleak Outlook

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With a crazed smile, the Heavenly Sovereign’s ten golden halos in his eyes shined brightly. Zhuo Fan felt the pain of having something pulled out of him.


He cried out as a prismatic glow flew out, vanishing in the huge eye.

“Tyrant Emperor path, check!” The Heavenly Sovereign smirked triumphantly as Zhuo Fan roared in constant agony as prismatic glows flew out of him.

Chu Qingcheng panted and witnessed his torture with worry.

She felt the scene familiar, making his shouting far more painful then what she went through.

Chu Qingcheng sobbed and crawled at a painfully slow pace, far too weak, “Zhuo Fan…”

Sword Child was frantic, wanting to help but Divine Eye of the Void’s power was too great, pressing him down into the ground.



The prismatic glows entered the huge eye and Zhuo Fan bled from every inch of skin.

As the last glow left him, Zhuo Fan had no strength to even shout.

“The final path, the Emotion Sovereign’s. Ha-ha-ha…” The Heavenly Sovereign laughed, “I’m the winner in the end! The Heavenly Daos will be rid of humanity and become pure!”

Sword Child roared, “You got what you wanted, now let my father go!”

“So young and yet to already have awareness. You’re quite filial for a demonic cultivator like Zhuo Fan.” Heavenly Sovereign mocked, “Too bad you’re wrong in assuming that I got everything. He can’t go yet.”

“What more do you want?”

“The peak of the human path, Zhuo Fan’s Demon Transformation Art trained to the peak.” The golden rings in his eyes shined even brighter.


Zhuo Fan felt like he was flayed alive by thousands of knives and pokers. His eyes bulged as blood flowed out of him.

He howled at the top of his lungs as the black energy seeped out of him and vanished in the huge eye in the sky. Zhuo Fan’s roars didn’t stop. Following his strength being robbed, his very soul came out as well, stripped of everything.

Zhuo Fan quieted, looking near dead.

Sword Child roared in anger, “You took everything from him and still want more? His soul will be destroyed and die!”

“It’s the path he chose. He lost and like our agreement, he will now help with my path.”

The Heavenly Sovereign smiled at the frail soul, “Little brother, I won in the end, and you lost. Without you, I couldn’t have won. You’re my stepping stone and I won’t forget you, destroying you for good. Farewell…”


“Zhuo Fan!”

Sword Child and Chu Qingcheng shouted, but Zhuo Fan was silent. He was still in a haze.

[What the hell is going on? Who did I mess with to have the Sovereign toy with me?] [I’m dying and still don’t know why. No one is more wronged than me in the world…]


A sudden shudder passes through the world and sky, causing the huge eye to quake and the golden rings to dim.

Zhuo Fan’s frail soul relaxed, feeling strength again, enough to exist.

Sword Child finally stood up and looked at the sky, “The pressure’s gone?”

“Who’s there?”

The Heavenly Sovereign’s right eye shone in twelve golden halos, while his left flickered with purple lightning, glaring at the empty sky.

Sword Heart was grave, “Who can barge into the Heavenly Sovereign’s world?”


A familiar figure appeared before them, her cold eyes glaring at the Heavenly Sovereign.


“Miss Yuyu!”

Zhuo Fan cried. Chu Qingcheng rejoiced at newfound hope. But why was she so strong? How did she just enter the Heavenly Sovereign’s domain?

Bali Yuyu looked at the weak soul, “I’m not Bali Yuyu, I’m the Emotion Sovereign. I’m using Bali Yuyu’s body to save them.”

“Save them? You dare talk big using a trace of your soul to take over a mortal body? You’re nowhere near strong enough!”

The Heavenly Sovereign mocked, “This is my world and not yours. What can you possibly do? You don’t even have your path, you’re only a half Sovereign at best!”

The Emotion Sovereign smirked and looked at the huge eye, “Who said I don’t. There it is.”

“You call the path I stole with my void path still yours?”

“All the more reason why you’ll lose it.”

The Emotion Sovereign gave a taunting look, “Heavenly Sovereign, remember your fall? Heaven has emotion and will pierce everything. You fell for my bewitching and spent all the following ages in this abode without stepping a foot outside. You were afraid of the world’s energy infecting yours and ruining the heartless Heavenly Daos you hold dear.”

The Heavenly Sovereign raged, “That was a cheap blow you did when I was weakened from fighting the others. If not for my unworthy little brother’s help from the shadows, you’d never have succeeded. Moreover, I reduced you to a mere trace, only hanging on with the help of your path. Once my little brother is back, you’ll have nothing to be smug about!”

“It’s no boasting, but a fact. My emotion path is the bane of your heartless Heavenly Daos. Once a void path has emotion, it can no longer be empty. You worked hard in removing all human emotions to cultivate the void path and when emotion seeps back in, demise is nigh.”

“This time I have the Demon Transformation Art to remove your emotion and the bewitching you placed on me. Emotion Sovereign, you lost!”

“We’ll see. The crux is if you can remove them.”

The Heavenly Sovereign’s face grew dark.

The Emotion Sovereign smirked as she made a sign, a pink glow spread throughout the sky. The huge eye shuddered and its aura grew weaker.

“Heavenly Sovereign, you have taken my path, but have yet to absorb it. I can still control it. I will have emotion reach its peak and infect your void path and ruin your heartless Heavenly Daos cultivation.”

“Think again!”

The Heavenly Sovereign shouted, making a sign to have the huge eye shone brighter, “My void path is the righteous way of the world. It can’t be infected. You’re just a trace relying on a puny human to steal a sovereign path. How long do you think you can hold on for? In a minute you’ll die along with that trace.”


Zhuo Fan looked in shock at Bali Yuyu.

[Is she the Emotion Sovereign’s vessel, or…]

“More than enough.”

The Emotion Sovereign turned to Zhuo Fan, “I’ll stall him for a minute. Run!”


He was too weak to even move.

The Heavenly Sovereign sneered, “Your minute will be wasted.”


A shadow flashed as Sword Child reached Zhuo Fan to hold his soul, “No, it won’t. Thank you senior, I and dad won’t forget you. Though we can never repay you…”


Sword Heart blocked Sword Child.

Sword Child looked grave. He had no confidence he could win against this incredible enemy.

They were going to fail.

The enemy had two experts. Even with the Sovereign being stalled, they couldn’t do anything about the second.

The outlook was bleak…

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