The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife

Chapter 1769: More Than 20 Years Ago

Chapter 1769: More Than 20 Years Ago

A light flashed in Xi Yue’s eyes. She said in a deep voice, “Why? Do you know Anling Yue?”

“No… no! No!” Anling Yan shook her head in a panic and took a few steps back. “I must have made a mistake. It’s not the same person. It can’t be the same person.”

Xi Yue frowned and wanted to ask more questions, but Anling Yan lowered her head in horror, not daring to look at Xi Yue.

This reaction was even more baffling to Xi Yue.

She looked at Qing Yuanzhi and said calmly, “Do you also know Anling Yue?”

“Who… who doesn’t know Anling Yue!?” Qing Yuanzhi showed a look of disdain and sneered, “The Anling Family is in this situation now because of the Moon Embracing Palace. Although it has been over 20 years, many people in the Dark Cloud Realm still know about it!”

A cold light flashed in Xi Yue’s eyes. The Li Shui Sword in her hand seemed to sense her mood, and it was unsheathed without making a sound.

She said slowly, “Tell me everything you know about the Anling Family and Anling Yue from beginning to end. Otherwise…”

Xi Yue didn’t finish her words, but Li Shui Sword flew to Qing Yuanzhi’s neck. It rubbed against his fragile neck back and forth, as if it would behead at any time.

Qing Yuanzhi shuddered and said in a trembling voice, “I’ll say it. I’ll say it! I’ll say everything! You must not kill me!”

With Qing Yuanzhi’s explanation, Xi Yue gradually understood the gist of the matter.

It turned out that the Dark Cloud Realm, one of the thirty-seven realms of the Siam Continent, was one of the weakest realms among the thirty-seven realms.

More than 20 years ago, there were several major forces in the Dark Cloud Realm: the Qinglei Family, the Anling Family, the Golden Crow Tribe, and the Ancient City.

There weren’t any particularly powerful cultivators in the Anling Family, but the female cultivators in their family had special physiques.

Any man, who married a woman from the Anling Family and engaged in dual cultivation, would have his cultivation progress doubled.

In other words, almost every woman in the Anling Family had a body with a pure Yin constitution.

These female cultivators would be married into every major family. Lingyun Realm was one of the most powerful three realms in the Siam Continent. The Moon Embracing Palace there would select a girl from the Anling Family every five years to serve as a maid.

Since the Anling Family was protected by the Moon Embracing Palace, the small Anling Family with no distinguished cultivators managed to survive very well.

This situation lasted until more than 20 years ago.

Moon Embracing Palace found a girl with excellent qualifications in the Anling Family — Anling Yue. It was said that the leader of the Moon Embracing Palace cheered heartily, saying that they finally found the candidate for the saintess. Rumors said that the Moon Embracing Palace would soar to great heights because of this and receive blessings from the high priest.

Anling Yue was quickly taken away, and the Anling Family also ushered in its most prosperous period. Moon Embracing Palace praised the Anling Family very much and gave them many precious treasures. The women of the Anling Family even became rich. Their women were sought after by hundreds of families. The Anling Families was in great glory.

However, the good times did not last long. Two years later, Moon Embracing Palace suddenly became furious and vented its wrath on the Anling Family, turning the headquarters and formations of the Anling Family into ruins.

The people of the Anling Family fled in panic. Only after the Patriarch clan sacrificed his life were most of the clan members saved.

However, the lives of these surviving tribesmen were even more miserable.

No one knew what happened, nor why the palace owner of Moon Embracing Palace was infuriated.

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