You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

Chapter 922 (My Hair Will Grow Back)

Chapter 922 (My Hair Will Grow Back)

"Whoever wants to be his son is a lunatic," Yang Haotian rolled his eyes. He was already unlucky enough; he didn't want to end up in another dangerous place.

The three Overlords almost knelt down. Young man, just leave. Don't linger, or that androgynous baldie might start killing people indiscriminately.

"Young man, this person is here to save you," Kong Feicheng almost wanted to take action. They had never seen someone like this, preferring to stay locked up rather than go out.

"He looks so ugly, definitely a bad guy. How could he be here to save me? You're trying to trick me; it's impossible!"

"Young master, you shouldn't speak like that; it's very impolite."

"Yes, don't judge people by their appearance."

"Just because someone is ugly doesn't mean they're a bad person, unless they're really ugly."

"But I really think he's really ugly."

The three Overlords silently nodded.

"So, I've decided to stay here permanently."

"Elder brother! Can't you call him elder brother? Even if he's a bad person, you still have to go, or we'll be finished." Kong Feicheng couldn't care less and just called him elder brother.

Yang Haotian did feel that the person was terrifying, which was why he refused to go. It wasn't a joke.

In other words, if he went over there, it would be a disaster.

At least here, there was food to eat.

Ren Yao sighed deeply, realising that he had to resort to the backup plan.

He shouted, "It's Shuang'er who asked me to come and save you."

As soon as Yang Haotian heard that it was Shuang'er, his spirits lifted. After all, his red envelope was still on her butt.

"In fact, I think people who are ugly have good hearts, just like him. Goodbye~" Yang Haotian said and flew towards Ren Yao.

The three Overlords finally saw the little ancestor leave and felt relieved.

When Yang Haotian saw Ren Yao in front of him, he smiled and said, "Brother, did Shuang'er really ask you to come and get me?"

"Do you think I wanted to come?! They're a group of malicious women!"

Yang Haotian's face became more and more surprised, then he grabbed Ren Yao's shoulder, "I feel the same way. They are a group of vicious women, torturing me to death."


"We're all unfortunate souls."

Yang Haotian and Ren Yao sighed deeply, expressing their helplessness in the face of this situation. Since resistance was futile, they decided to enjoy the refreshing whipping.

However, as Ren Yao left, he turned back and said, "Next time, dare to call me ugly or bald again! I'll damn well kill you all. My hair just hasn't grown back yet!"

The immense pressure made the three Overlords kneel down, frightened into quickly saying kind words. This person was unexpectedly powerful and terrifying. Luckily, they didn't resist earlier; otherwise, they would have surely ended up dead.

'May the heavens bless our Aquapolis.'

The things left behind by the ancestors are indeed formidable.

Yang Haotian sensed Ren Yao's strength and was astonished.

"Brother, are you really this strong? We can join forces," Yang Haotian felt there was a way, and they could definitely capture those vicious women, securing his red envelope.

Ren Yao sighed, "Young brother, please dispel this crazy idea. I still want to breathe fresh air; I won't accompany you to your death."

"Just kidding. Look at how serious you are. They are so kind, all good people. I, Yang Haotian, am truly fortunate to be by their side," Yang Haotian immediately began to flatter upon seeing the figure not far away, his soul trembling in fear.

Not only Yang Haotian but Ren Yao as well.

Qing Yutong was waiting nearby for the two. "You guys are quite fast."

"Haha, just a small gesture," Ren Yao had no choice but to submit to Qing Yutong.

Yang Haotian immediately shouted, "Elder sister, you came to rescue me! I'm so lucky." He was about to rush forward to hug her thigh.

Qing Yutong kicked him away, saying, "Stop the nonsense; get on the boat!"

Yang Haotian grinned, "On the boat... on the boat... elder sister, where are we going?"

"To a fun place, Baldie, follow me," Qing Yutong said.

"Well, good..." Ren Yao reluctantly followed behind. The three of them rushed upwards.

On the sea, the ship was still there, but it had turned from daylight to night.

After landing on the ship, Yang Haotian immediately shouted, "Shuang'er, I'm back."

A murderous voice sounded from inside the ship, "If you dare to call me Shuang'er again, I'll punch you into pieces!"

"Okay," Yang Haotian immediately cowered.

Qing Yutong walked into the cabin, with the two following behind like attendants.

However, Yang Haotian was much weaker than Ren Yao.

"Yutong, where are we going next?" Brittany asked curiously. Today has been quite interesting and fun.

Qing Yutong pursed her lips, "How about we go play in Yang Haotian's empire first? Then we can make plans."

"This idea is not bad, let's go then," Kai Yun immediately agreed. After all, it was just for fun.

Yang Haotian actually wanted to say, "I'm an emperor, at least consider my opinion before deciding." You guys are too overbearing; my mom won't let me play with you anymore.

The troublemaking group of five didn't stop causing trouble; they just couldn't stop. In the end, things escalated to an uncontrollable extent.

Meanwhile, in a small village in the northwest of the Voidless Empire.

At this time, every household was staying indoors for warmth, with snow falling heavily outside. The temperature was well below ten degrees Celsius.


A strange sound of footsteps echoed, especially the sound of steps on the snowy ground, which seemed particularly eerie.

The faint light from the windows illuminated a figure holding a scythe, casting his shadow on the nearby wall.

This was a black-robed figure with a scythe.

This was the Death Mage, and everything had been arranged according to the script. This was the first scene.

Male protagonist: Death Mage.

Cameo: Ye Hua.

Screenwriter: Mu Ran.

Lines: Improvisation.

The Death Mage expressed that it was his first time doing something like this, and being the male protagonist made him a bit uneasy, making him feel a bit embarrassed.

Waking people up in the middle of the night seemed inappropriate.

After all, the Death Mage was a cultured young man.

Therefore, the Death Mage decided not to knock on the doors and raised his Death Scythe high!


Imperial Translation: "!Summon the evil spirits!"

The Death Mage shouted angrily, and countless evil spirits flew into the hundred households.

Instantly, the entire village echoed with cries. Everyone was driven to the central square by the evil spirits. Some people hadn't even put on their clothes and were shivering in the freezing cold.

Countless evil spirits hovered in the air, and everyone knelt on the snowy ground, pale with fear. Some children hid in their parents' arms, too scared to look. Some bolder children secretly glanced at the evil spirits.

Slowly, the figure of the Death Mage appeared in front of the crowd. When they saw it was an undead, despair filled their faces!

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