Side Character Transmigrations: The Final Boss is No Joke

Chapter 827

Chapter 827 The Enlightened State Teacher (40)

Shi Sheng was already immune to Mu Bai killing himself.

Mu Bai immediately committed suicide after failing to trap her, afraid of being caught by her.

Is she that scary-looking?

I don’t understand what is the retard thinking.

Mu Bai knelt too fast. He Lian Yu didn’t even get to react. Why did the person who had been confident before committing suicide in a blink of an eye?

He Lian Yu was ready to leave with his people. He might have some chance of winning against one person. But besides that woman, Yin Wei was there as well.

He was no match against these two.

He Lian Yu glanced at black gas next to him. He gestured to the people behind, and several people evacuated immediately.

Shi Sheng wanted to go after him but was pulled by Yin Wei, “He won’t get away.”

The Divide Guards were waiting in front, and He Lian Yu was surrounded by guards as soon as he ran out.

When he fought with the Divine Guards, He Lian Yu was injured severely but still escaped.

Shi Sheng wandered around the formation that Mu Bai left behind, how could this thing look so similar…

[Like what? Host, do you know who that Mu Bai is?] The system’s voice immediately popped out.

I don’t know.

Who the hell is the system? What’s the point of having you?

[…]If it weren’t for you, would I be like this now?

How dare you have the nerve to blame me?

I won’t take the blame!

Shi Sheng looked at the surging black gas for a moment and asked in the back of her mind, “Why did nothing happen when Mu Bai laid hands on the female lead?”

The system was silent for a while and replied seriously, [… it’s nothing happened, just the force was reduced, he might have held it in.]

What do you mean by reduced force?

[The protagonist’s plot armor can be weakened. The plot that you changed is already enough to weaken the protagonist’s plot armor. So the further you go, the weaker the plot armor is, the less the external force is overcome.]

In other words, as long as the main character’s plot armor is weakened,. The male and female hosts can be killed?

[Theoretically, yes.]

The reason the main characters have such high luck values is their plot armor. They are the same as ordinary people without the plot armor.

Shi Sheng’s gaze fell on the formation again. The female lead was still inside …

“Let’s go.” Shi Sheng suddenly pulled Yin Wei away.

“What’s wrong?” Yin Wei looked puzzled.

“It’s going to explode.”

Yin Wei: “…” What’s about to explode?

Yin Wei was dragged far away by Shi Sheng, and suddenly the black energy rushed into the sky behind her. Suffocating energy instantly invaded heaven and the earth. The bright sky above the city turned into black clouds immediately.

“The retard is quite capable.” Shi Sheng looked at the scene in the distance, grinding his teeth and laughing somewhat gloatingly, “It’s a pity that the unlucky ones are the people on this continent.”

“Demons.” Yin Wei wasn’t exactly unfamiliar with this scene.

Humans fell into demons.

“Hand over that jade.” Shi Sheng reached out her hand at Yin Wei.

This was the opportunity she was waiting for.

As long as there is an evil spirit, she could make the strange thing in the black jade surrender and let Yin Wei absorb it voluntarily.

Yin Wei frowned subconsciously.

Shi Sheng waited for a long time and glared over impatiently, “Bring it!”

Yin Wei shook his head.

She wanted the jade at this point. It must be related to this matter. He wouldn’t give it.


Shi Sheng yanked Yin Wei and forcibly fumbled the black jade out.

“Wait for me here!”

Shi Sheng said as she flew over to the sky filled with the evil spirit.

In the blink of an eye, her figure could no longer be seen.

Yin Wei’s face was on ghastly expression. He wanted to go after her.

Just as he moved his body, an extra iron sword appeared in front of him, erected in front of him. The iron sword showed his appearance clearly like a mirror.

Yin Wei wanted to pass through the iron sword, but the iron sword tilted horizontally, making it clear that he was not allowed to pass.

No matter how Yin Wei tried to get through, the iron sword would block his way precisely.

“She’ll be in danger.” Knowing that this sword was not an ordinary sword, Yin Wei attempted to use a soft tone since he couldn’t get past forcibly.

The iron sword buzzed twice.

Its master didn’t do things that she wasn’t sure of. Although she wasn’t afraid of death, she cherished her life.

She wouldn’t joke with her life.

Since she dared to rush up, there must be a way to save herself.

Yin Wei didn’t understand what Iron Sword was trying to convey. Since the gentle way wouldn’t work, he was ready to use force.

The Iron Sword could enter the sky from above and break the ground from below. Yin Wei was no match to the Iron Sword.

Yin Wei felt this sword was odd before. He felt even stranger at this moment.

No one harnessed it to display such strength. If someone uses it to exert its strength, what kind of scene would it be?

Yin Wei felt that all those divine weapons he had heard of before were weak compared to this iron sword.

“Boom boom boom!”

Deafening sounds came from the sky as lightning streamed out through the dark clouds, slashing down from the sky as if to split the sky in half.

“Let me pass!” Yin Wei was anxious.

“Buzz ……” No, master won’t let you go through.

Just as Yin Wei was tangling with the iron sword, Shi Sheng had already collected the required amount of evil spirit and was ready to exit there.

As she turned around, black energy swept from behind her. The ferocious poise seemed to swallow her.

“Be careful!”

The corners of her mouth twitched as she looked at the person darting at her. She quickly flew towards him.

The black energy behind her was getting closer and closer.

The wind was blowing furiously.

Murderous malicious were everywhere.

With a leap, Shi Sheng landed in front of Yin Wei and wrapped her arms around his waist. Yin Wei immediately used his space manipulation skills to bring the two of them to safety.

“Are you stupid!” Shi Sheng was so angry that she blew up. How the hell did you learn the female lead’s skill?

Yin Wei aggrieved, “I’m worried about you.”

Shi Sheng was so angry that she could not swallow the breath in her throat. She murmured, “I must’ve owed you in my last life.”

Yin Wei contemplated his sentence and said slowly: “I know you have a way to protect yourself, but I don’t want you to rush ahead of everything. I want to shelter you from danger.”

“Heh…” Shi Sheng threw the black jade into Yin Wei’s arms, “With your broken body, you will die in the next minutes. What can you do?”

Fury is the demon’s favorite thing; it can grow their strength. If Yin Wei took the black jade, the thing inside the black jade can take over his body immediately.

With this broken body still wants to save the damsel in distress!

Shi Sheng wanted to slap him to death.

Yin Wei did not speak for a while. Shi Sheng reflected on herself on what she said, which was rare. Maybe her tone was too heavy, “Are you angry?”

Yin Wei shook his head, tugging the black Jade tightly, “Am I useless?”

For needing his girl to face the danger alone.

“You’re lucky.”

Yin Wei raised his eyes. His eyes broke into Shi Sheng’s eyes without warning. He seemed to see a vast starry sky with twinkling stars, and he was the only one closest to her in that starry sky.

Her voice passed through the stars. It was blurry yet extremely clear, “No one can let me do anything for you. You are very lucky.”

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