War God Supreme

Chapter 541 - Chapter 541: Terrifying Restriction (1)

Chapter 541: Terrifying Restriction (1)

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“Then let’s hurry back,”

” However, Big Brother Ling Tian, I can’t pass by the city when we return to the city. Otherwise, I won’t be able to leave in the future.

Xuanyuan Yingying was overjoyed as she allowed Li Lingtian to caress her hair. This feeling was very good and very attached. However, he suddenly thought of the matter in Tianhe Saint City. As the princess of the Xuanyuan family, if she entered Tianhe Saint City when she was twenty years old, she would not be able to leave.

Unless it was a heaven-defying treasure like Li Lingtian’s Divine Dragon Ring, only a treasure like the Divine Dragon Ring would be able to evade some mysterious restrictions.

“Don’t worry.”

-You always know how to play. Let’s see if you can still be like this when you get married in the future.”

Li Lingtian said tenderly as he led the girls to the spaceship. Finally, they arrived at the deck chair on the spaceship.

Martial Saint Ming Luo and the others followed him but they did not know where Li Lingtian was going.

Since all the guards were like blocks of wood, it was more convenient for Li

Lingtian and the others.

As the few of them chatted happily, Li Lingtian lay on the chair while Shun Mei

‘er and Tang Zimeng massaged him.

The flying ship was flying at a high speed. Although it was within the territory of Youzhou Province, no one dared to stop it. Besides, there were Martial Emperor powerhouses on the flying ship. There were even Martial Saints hidden inside. Who would dare to provoke them?

After flying for half a month, they finally arrived at the Tianhe Zone.

Martial Saint Ming Luo and the other two were puzzled as to where Li Lingtian was going because the spaceship had never stopped.

They didn’t ask, but they dared to ask Long Da. After all, Long Da was their commander.

“Commander, where are we going?”

Martial Saint Yunhao asked Long Da, but he didn’t look arrogant. His tone was calm as if he was talking to someone of the same generation.

In the past, they would never have bothered to speak to a Martial Supreme. However, things were different now because Li Lingtian was standing behind Long Da. They had witnessed Li Lingtian’s murderous presence with their own eyes.

Although Li Lingtian was only a Third Firmament Martial Emperor, the three of them combined would not be enough to defeat him in a real fight.

” From now on, we can only carry out Young Master’s words. I hope this is the last time.”

“Young Master doesn’t like people who talk too much. Young Master said that he doesn’t want to take action in the future. We have to do everything.”

Let’s return to Tianhe Sacred City.”

Long Da’s aura turned cold, and his eyes were extremely sharp. Even if he was facing a Martial Saint, he was not afraid at all. Even if Martial Saint Ming Luo and the other two were not his subordinates, he would still block them.

This was because it was Li Lingtian’s rule. As his subordinate, he could not say things that he should not say so easily. He could only follow the rules.

Moreover, Martial Saint Ming Luo and the other two were his subordinates, so he had the responsibility to manage his subordinates well.

He did not know why the three Martial Saint powerhouses followed Li Lingtian but he was certain that they knew Li Lingtian’s strength and future.

At the end of his sentence, he stated his objective.

Back in the Demon Suppression Secrets, Li Lingtian had already mentioned that he would not act rashly in the future and that he would leave everything to them.

He wanted to cultivate seriously to increase his cultivation. He could not fight against some trash martial artists at all.

Unless they encountered a heaven-defying expert, they would only take action. Otherwise, why would they use some guards? There was no need for them to do anything themselves.

Moreover, he did not want to be so ostentatious. He did not want to hide his cultivation and become stronger step by step.

“This subordinate understands.”

Martial Saint Ming Luo and the other two saw Long Da’s gaze and were slightly angered. However, they soon understood that Long Da was definitely protecting Li Lingtian.

They quickly suppressed their anger and thought to themselves that they still had a lot to do if they wanted to truly follow Li Lingtian. At the very least, they would have to change their identities.

However, he was surprised. What kind of place was Tianhe Saint City? It was the most powerful core place in Tianhe Zone.

Li Lingtian must be from Tianhe Holy City if he returned.

People who could enter Tianhe Sacred City were not as simple as they thought. The flying ship flew quickly through the endless sea and finally arrived at a vast island. Rather than calling it an island, it was better to call it a continent. The spiritual energy was extremely dense and the environment was beautiful. It was completely a paradise for cultivation.

Even after hundreds of years of experience, they had never encountered such a powerful and dense spiritual energy here.

After flying on the island for an hour, they finally saw endless pavilions and palaces.

Heavenly River Holy City!

It was the core of the Tianhe Zone, but there were no city walls here. There were pavilions and palaces everywhere, as if they were heaven and earth. Spiritual qi was abundant, birds were singing, and flowers were fragrant. General Long’s flying ship landed, and the group of people walked towards the pavilion. Countless experts were busy with their own tasks.

Because the land here was an island, the demonic beasts on it had all been killed. There were only some low-level demonic beasts below the fourth rank. If other martial artists wanted to obtain resources, they would have to enter the sea.

Therefore, most of the warriors of Tianhe Holy City trained in the sea. Martial Saint Ming Luo felt an atmosphere here. There was very little killing intent. Even if there were foreign experts, they wouldn’t dare to use their True Essence and killing intent here.

Li Lingtian led the group forward at a moderate pace while Shun Mei ‘er and Tang Zimeng held Li Lingtian’s arms from both sides, appearing extremely affectionate.

The two peerless beauties following Li Lingtian attracted countless gazes but no one dared to harbor any ill intentions.

When Xuanyuan Yingying left the spaceship, she entered the Divine Dragon Ring to face the influence of Tianhe Sacred City.


Martial Saint Ming Luo and the other two followed behind Li Lingtian. Their expressions were calm, but their expressions changed drastically when they arrived a thousand meters away from the Palace Pavilion.

He spat out a mouthful of blood and his face turned pale.


With a wave of his hand, Li Lingtian cast a light screen over the three of them with a calm expression on his face.

” Don’t use your True Energy. Don’t have any killing intent. When your True Energy reaches the Martial Saint level, you will instantly disappear.” ” In here, there are heaven-grade divine powers and a Martial Saint’s Quintessential Essence. In an instant, they can be killed. Let alone a mere Martial Saint, no matter how powerful he is, he will be killed.

Li Lingtian said coldly as if it was his daily meal.

If he hadn’t joined the Xuan Yuan Clan, he wouldn’t have known about these secrets. This was the secret of the Xuan Yuan Clan.

Only a few experts knew about it, and he was one of them. Moreover, there were only a few people who could resist this restriction, and he was one of them.

The spell that blocked the restriction was the spell that opened the secret chamber and also the spell that opened all of Tianhe Sacred City.

The light curtain that had helped Martial Saint Ming Luo and the other two to block the attack had a spell. Otherwise, even a Ninth Heavenly Layer Martial Saint would not be able to block this terrifying restriction, let alone a Martial Supreme like him.

Upon hearing Li Lingtian’s words, the three of them quickly suppressed their Slaughter Energy and their cultivation base to the Martial Emperor Realm.

They were extremely shocked. No one was more afraid than the three of them because the three of them felt that invisible pressure that could directly crush them into ashes.

He didn’t have any sense of resistance. What kind of existence was this?

It was like a person lying on the ground and being hit by a huge hammer that weighed ten thousand pounds. This kind of thing was something that he had never even imagined, let alone encountered.

If it were not for Li Lingtian’s intervention, they would have vanished into thin air in an instant.

“Thank you, Young Master.”

Martial Saint Ming Luo and the other two were extremely shocked. They trembled with lingering fear.

The terror just now was tens of thousands of times more terrifying than that of the Seven Demon Venerables. In their hearts, they would rather meet the Martial God than encounter such a restriction again.

He did not expect that there would be such a destructive restriction in this place. Naturally, Martial Emperor powerhouses would not be able to discover it. Only Martial Saint powerhouses would be instantly killed if they came here.

It was a terrifying existence. If a Martial Saint did not know that there was a restriction in this place, he would definitely be killed in an instant.

No wonder Heavenly River Holy City didn’t have a city wall. This was on a completely different level compared to those city walls.

However, he was now even more fearful of Li Lingtian. The powerful pervert in the Demonic Tower and the Heavenly Demon Princess were extremely intimate with him. The two of them must be lovers.

The fact that he was able to easily withstand the destructive restriction here must mean that he had used the techniques of Tianhe Holy City. Otherwise, Li Lingtian would not have been able to do it so easily. Judging from Li Lingtian’s expression, it seemed as if he had known about the restriction beforehand. Only the core members of the Heavenly River Holy City would know of such an existence. They were curious about Li Lingtian’s identity.

Shun Mei ‘er held Li Lingtian’s arm once again as the three of them walked forward. Little White chattered non-stop while the three girls let out sweet laughter from time to time.

After walking for a long time, they finally passed through the pavilion and arrived at the central area of Tianhe Sacred City.

The center of Tianhe Sacred City was a million miles in size. The Spiritual Qi inside was also denser than outside. The buildings were also more orderly. They were all in patches and rows.

“Young Master.”

“Young Madam.”

When they arrived at the central area, there were two Martial Ancestor Realm martial artists standing guard at each intersection.

However, in front of the main passage, there were eight Martial Royal Realm experts standing guard. Although their cultivation was nothing but a decoration, it also demonstrated the power of Tianhe Sacred City.

The path that Li Lingtian and the others were going to take was the main passageway that led directly to the plaza of Tianhe Sacred City.

The eight Martial Royal Realm guards bowed in respect when they saw Li Lingtian and the others. They looked extremely sincere.

As the guards of Tianhe Sacred City, with their cultivation, they naturally knew some important figures in Tianhe Sacred City.

Undoubtedly, apart from the Four Great Clans and some powerful existences, Li Lingtian was the most influential figure in Tianhe Sacred City. Even the Family Heads of the Four Great Clans could not compare to Li Lingtian. This was because Li Lingtian was the young master of the Xuanyuan Clan and the Heavenly River Sacred City.

The Xuanyuan family was not some trash family. Naturally, the young master of the Xuanyuan family was a heaven-defying existence.

Furthermore, some powerhouses were aware of Li Lingtian’s heaven-defying abilities. They knew that Li Lingtian had become a heaven-defying legend in his teens.

Li Lingtian had also become the most prominent figure in the Xuanyuan family. He was also an existence that countless geniuses in Tianhe Sacred City looked up to..

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