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Chapter 563 - Chapter 563: Broken Through Again

Chapter 563: Broken Through Again

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“They even found someone and wanted me to marry him. I didn’t agree, so they put me under house arrest. Every day, I tried to think of ways to escape, but I couldn’t.”

“I fought for a year, and they put me under house arrest for a whole year, not letting me leave. After that, I pretended to compromise and let them release me. Then, when they weren’t paying attention, I immediately came back to look for you.”

“But when I returned to Jiangnan town, you were already gone. I’ve been looking for you for a long time. That year, I lived in the old town of Jiangnan for half a year and searched all the nearby cities, but I couldn’t find you.”

“Luo Ying, I haven’t given up looking for you. After that year, I flew to China whenever I had time, hoping to see you again. However, it has been twenty years, and I haven’t seen you again.”

“There’s an old saying in China that heaven rewards those who work hard. This year, my nephew said that he wanted to come to China to play. I suggested that he go to the old town in Jiangnan, and he went. He met Yang Yang in the ancient town of Jiangnan. She is our daughter, Yang Yang!”

When Lancelot said this, tears gradually filled his eyes. He could not hold it in anymore.

Tears silently rolled down from the corners of his eyes, and his voice was a little choked.

“Luo Ying, I’m sorry. I didn’t know you were pregnant back then. If I had known, I definitely wouldn’t have returned to the British Isles!”

Lancelot raised his hand to wipe away the tears from the corner of his eyes. Suddenly, he heard the sound of the door opening behind him.

The hand he raised at the corner of his eye froze and he quickly wiped the tears off his face.

In the evening, the lights were not turned on in the ward, but the light was still sufficient.

Feng Qiyue opened the door and entered the ward. When he saw someone sitting in front of Luo Ying’s bed, he was stunned.

The person was not wearing a white nurse’s uniform or a white coat. Clearly, he was not from the hospital.

Upon closer inspection, the tall, black-haired figure seemed a little familiar.

Lancelot knew that someone had come in. It was most likely Luo Ying’s husband.

He quickly collected his emotions and took one last look at Luo Ying, who was still unresponsive on the bed.

Then, Lancelot stood up and calmly turned to look at the person at the door.

“Sorry, I went to the wrong ward again.”

Lancelot looked at Feng Qiyue, who was standing at the door and was not in a hurry to walk in, and said calmly.

With that, Lancelot walked towards the door calmly.

“Sir, do you know Luo Ying?”

Feng Qiyue looked at the calm Lancelot.

The foreigner in front of him spoke fluent and pure Chinese.

When he saw this foreigner standing in Luo Ying’s ward in the afternoon, he felt a little strange.

He had only left for a while when the foreigner slipped in again. It was obvious that he did not barge in rashly.

Besides, even if he went to the wrong ward, how could he go to the wrong ward twice in a day?

Lancelot looked at Feng Qiyue, who was holding a lunchbox in his hand.

He didn’t answer Feng Qiyue’s question. He brushed past him and walked out of the ward.

The moment Lancelot walked out of the ward, both Lancelot and Feng Qiyue, who was standing at the door, were stunned.

Neither of them noticed that Luo Ying’s right index finger, which was resting on the hospital bed, suddenly trembled..

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