The Rise Of The Tamer Family

Chapter 541 - Chapter 541: End of the Battle Descending of the Emperor Evil Demon

Chapter 541: End of the Battle, Descending of the Emperor Evil Demon

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“So, that punch and your evasion of the Vermilion Bird Crossbow were all illusory Daos?”Shen Daokong asked.

“That’s right.” Yang Chen nodded.

“The first stage of this illusory Great Dao is illusory inanimate objects. Martial arts were also considered dead objects, so they could naturally be illusory.”

“However, there is a prerequisite. The spiritual energy contained in this martial art cannot exceed my own strength by too much.”

“Fortunately, you weakened it, Patriarch Dao Kong, so that King of Fiends has less than 10% of its strength left. At most, I’ll only use up a little more of my power to illusionary its martial arts.”

The second stage was the illusory self. This is also why I’m not afraid of the Vermilion Bird Crossbow.”

After explaining why he was safe and sound, Yang Chen looked at the location of the battle.

Over there, the King of the Outworld Fiends floated in the air, trembling. He had already lost most of his strength.

At this moment, the King of the Outworld Fiends could barely unleash the strength of a cultivator at the first level of Dao Origin.

The only reason he was still alive now was because of the Evil Demons and the powerful vitality of the King.

Seeing Yang Chen looking at him, the King of Outworld Fiends fled as if he had seen a ghost.

But how could Yang Chen let a cooked duck fly away?

Just as the King of the Outworld Fiends was about to flee, Yang Chen appeared in front of it,” King, since you want to go back so badly, why don’t I send you off?””

“Don’t worry, I don’t accept spirit stones.”

With that, numerous Spiritual Sword phantoms appeared around Chen Yang. These Spiritual Sword phantoms were like sharp blades, and in the blink of an eye, they had reaped the life of this King of Outworld Fiends.

After doing all of this, Yang Chen looked at the Summoning Token on his wrist with a smile. It was great, he had an additional 1,000,000 merit points and 10 special merit points.

When Yang Chen returned to Shen Daokong’s side, he sighed,””This illusory Great Dao is indeed worthy of being the strongest Great Dao that the human race can comprehend. It actually has such divine effects.”

“In my opinion, if you make good use of it, you might even be able to kill a monarch-level demon.”

“It’s still a little difficult to deal with emperors and demons.”Yang Chen continued,” My Illusory Great Dao looks powerful, but it also has to follow the Great Dao laws.”

“If the emperor uses the Great Dao of the Third Plane to suppress me, I won’t be able to use the Illusory Great Dao.”

“Besides, even if the emperor doesn’t use the third realm’s Great Dao to suppress my illusory Great Dao, I won’t be able to hold him back with my strength.”

“No matter what, this Evil Demon Calamity is still a place for you to show off.”Shen Daok, somewhat gratified, looked at Chen Yang.

How long had it been, and Yang Chen was already able to participate in the battle of the kings?

If it had been a little longer, Yang Chen would have been involved in the battle between the emperors.

After sighing for a while, Shen Daokong returned to the frontline with Yang Chen’s help.

There was nothing to explain about the following battle.

Although Shen Daokong was severely injured, he was still able to unleash his power at the peak of the Dao Origin Stage. Coupled with the second stage of the Fire of Extermination, he was able to unleash his full power.

Even if he wasn’t a match for a King, it was still relatively easy for him to deal with Evil Demons below the King level.

After all, none of these demons had surpassed the seventh level of Dao Origin, so they were not an obstacle to Shen Daokong.

With Yang Chen’s help, it was much easier to resist.

As for the Evil Demons, due to the death of their King, they no longer had the courage to continue fighting.

Not long after Shen Daokong and Yang Chen appeared, the demons fled back one by one.

This battle that threatened the safety of the Shen family had completely come to an end with Yang Chen’s help.

In the Shen family camp.

The group of Shen family elders sat paralyzed on the ground, panting heavily as they tried their best to recover from their injuries.

From time to time, they would look at the young man who was conversing with Shen Daokong with respect.

They didn’t expect Yang Chen to support them alone.

What was even more unexpected was that Yang Chen alone had completely turned the situation around.

Only a King would be able to do such a thing.

One had to know that Chen Yang was only at the Dao Origin.

All of a sudden, both the 13th Elder and the other elders had already regarded Chen Yang as a king.

Naturally, one had to be respectful to Kings.

It seemed that it was still the eyes of the patriarch and ancestor Kong that were good. It was also fortunate that they saw through Chen Yang’s evildoer, allowing the Shen family to avoid this disaster.

“Progenitor Dao Kong, I still have some matters to attend to, so I won’t stay any longer. If there’s anything, you must tell me as soon as possible.”

After chatting for a while, Yang Chen did not intend to stay any longer.

Yang Chen immediately stood up and cupped his hands, then turned around and left the Shen family.

When Yang Chen passed by these elders, they subconsciously made way for Yang Chen and watched him leave the Shen family camp.

After Chen Yang’s figure disappeared, Shen Daokong slowly stood up and swept his gaze across the elders.” From today onwards, anyone who dares to gossip about us supporting the Chen Family will be executed without mercy!”

“Yes, sir.” The elders lowered their heads.

Even if Shen Daokong didn’t say anything, they wouldn’t dare to say anything.

Who would dare to speak ill of an existence who could kill a king tier?

By the time Yang Chen returned to the northern mountain range, the battle outside City 18 had reached its climax.

Whether it was humans or demons, their eyes were completely red from killing..

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