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Chapter 522 - Chapter 522: A man has to support his family (3)

Chapter 522: A man has to support his family (3)

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Wu Lili was bored. She picked up an apple with a toothpick and chewed while watching TV.

On the side, Father Wu and Zhang Qingdu flew into the air, and the entire living room was peaceful.

Soon, Mrs. Wu came back with a basket full of vegetables. There was meat, fish, and prawns. Wu Lili felt a chill run down her spine.

She was already so enthusiastic when she was still young. Thinking back to when she brought Lin Zhi back, Mother Wu was also so enthusiastic…Sigh! Wu Lili sighed deeply in her heart.

“Lili, give me a hand.”Mother Wu called out from the kitchen.

Wu Lili put down the toothpick, stood up, and walked over.

“Come, peel this garlic for me and pick this leek for me.”Mother Wu ordered.

When Wu Lili was working on a small bench, Mother Wu whispered,” How is it? Did you get along with Little Zhang?””

Wu Lili was stunned. She had been watching TV and eating fruits while Father Wu and Zhang Qingdu had been eating plate after plate. They hadn’t had any conversation at all!

She could only say,” It’s alright.””

“Hahaha!” Mother Wu smiled and started to wash the rice.” I knew it. This young man is not bad. Besides, he must have feelings for you. Otherwise, why would he come over with just a phone call?”

Wu Lili wrinkled her nose.” Maybe she’s too embarrassed to reject her elders.””

“Nonsense!” Mrs. Wu glared at Wu Lili.” Let me tell you, you have to make good use of this opportunity. I think he’s much better than the previous Lin Zhi, both in terms of work and personality.”

“Mom, how long have you known her? Do you know what kind of person he is?” Wu Lili was full of disdain. She had also said that Lin Zhi had a good character, so she was assured to date him. Didn’t she cheat on him in bed after that?

“Mom has been through this before. Do you think I’m like you?”The more Mother Wu spoke, the angrier she became.” Let me tell you, women should talk more about boyfriends. Only then can they understand men more and choose the one they like and are compatible with each other! I regret not knowing more men back then and choosing your father, who doesn’t strive for improvement!”

Wu Lili was unhappy to hear that.” Mom, what’s wrong with my dad?”

Mr. Wu was a teacher in a key middle school in D City. He had just retired last year. Although his salary was not high, he was honest and reliable. He lived with Mrs. Wu in a down-to-earth manner. Wu Lili felt that this was quite good. She did not have to worry about food and clothing, and she could live a happy life.

Mother Wu clicked her tongue and did not continue the topic. She advised,” Anyway, Little Zhang, you can try dating. If it really doesn’t work, we can talk about it later. After all, you’re already 26 years old. A woman’s youth doesn’t wait for others. You should give yourself a chance.”

Wu Lili pursed her lips, unable to say a word.

At the dinner table, Mother Wu also intentionally or unintentionally shifted the topic to Wu Lili. Zhang Qingdu was calm and composed. Occasionally, he would look at Wu Lili with a pair of clear eyes and a smile on his lips. In Mother Wu’s eyes, he was secretly happy.

After dinner, Zhang Qingdu looked at the time and was about to leave. Mother Wu quickly pulled Wu Lili and said,” Lili, the corridor is too dark. Help me send Little Zhang off.””

Wu Lili rolled her eyes in her heart. It wasn’t like there weren’t lights in the corridor!

She went back to her room and put on her coat. After changing into her shoes, she walked out..

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