My Ferocious Tigress Wife

Chapter 544 - Chapter 544: Chapter 544-Frightened

Chapter 544: Chapter 544-Frightened

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Xie Xian left this matter to Ming Yue and put it aside.

She had been by his side for so many years. If she couldn’t even handle such a small matter, then all his years of teaching would have been in vain.

It must be said that this Jiankang County Magistrate Yan Dong was from a poor family and was recommended by Xie Xian back then. He was very smart and capable.

However, he was also the most impatient to deal with aristocratic families. Just Cai Erlang’s ability to wrangle had already made Yan Dong extremely annoyed. The most annoying thing was that this was not a matter of a single aristocratic family. Three families were involved in a row, and all of them were relatives. Yan Dong came to a conclusion from this. Their Xie Pushe was fair and impartial. Firstly, he trusted that he could handle it, and secondly, he did not want to be criticized and did not want to compromise.

Originally, Xie Xian’s policies against the noble clans had already caused the noble clans to be unfriendly to him. What unpleasant things had not been spread before?

From the previous emperor to the new emperor, there were no less than seven or eight versions of the story of the emperor’s favor. It was naturally extremely ugly.

But in contrast, the Humble Class Shu Family had a very good impression of Xie Xian.

Not only did he target the drawbacks of the aristocratic families, but many of the policies he assisted in were beneficial to the people and the poor families, and to a large extent, restricted the aristocratic families.

This time, it was the Xie family alone who challenged the Xi and Cai families.

Yan Dong was biased in his heart, but he was still an upright person. He did not reveal it directly, but he did not listen to the statements of the Xi and Cai families. He looked around for witnesses and evidence, busy from night to the next day.

Chief Justice Xi didn’t appear at all. He just sent someone to pass the message to Jiankang to handle it impartially.

Yan Dong:” All of you aristocratic families have asked me to handle it impartially, but once I didn’t handle it as they expected, you all jumped out and said that he was unfair.”

He was clearly using the word ‘public’ as the word T.

The public was themselves.

The first person to leave was Twelfth Xi. His wife had a miscarriage, so he was naturally not in the mood to stay in court and stay up all night with them.

If it was an ordinary person, it would be fine. Forget about trivial matters, you would have to accompany them for a few days. However, it was not necessary for the sons of aristocratic families. Some people’s heirs had higher official positions than the elders of the poor families who had climbed for half their lives.

Twelfth Xi didn’t have an official position, but he had the airs of an aristocratic family.

But even so, it was still tormented until the sky was dark.

Xie Qing followed closely behind and left. Her mother was also giving birth. This was also a big deal.

Ming Yue returned to the residence and went to Xie Xian to report. The young masters of several families were arguing with each other, each saying their own reasons. Even when they returned to their respective residences, they still did not figure out who was right and who was wrong.

“You will accompany me tomorrow.” “There’s no need to say anything. We just need to see how Yan Dong decides.””

At this moment, Xiao Baoxin came back from outside.””Do you want to see if the Jiankang Token will side with the Xie family?”

“I want to see if he has any potential.””

It is not a material that can be made, but a material that can be used.

That meant that this person was indeed a talent.

Xiao Baoxin was not very interested in the matters of the court. If Xie Xian was willing to talk, she would listen. If he did not want to talk, she was not interested in asking.

It was just like how she did not pay much attention to Xie Jiu’s conflict with the Cai and Xi families. She did not understand politics, but she was not ignorant of the ways of the world. This was not a matter of the three Langjuns. It was the three aristocratic families who were involved. They were all related by blood.

It was not something that Xie Xian could settle with a simple concession.

Xie Jiu was also a member of the Xie family. Regardless of whether he was right or wrong, no matter how Xie Xian dealt with it, it would not satisfy everyone.

Therefore, Xiao Baoxin clapped his hands in joy at such an extreme idea. At least he would be relieved. In the end, how to deal with it would be up to the Jiankang Order.

If you don’t accept it, you can’t be fair. Go to Jiankang County Magistrate.

To put it bluntly, they did not care about each other’s faces, but this was a matter between the younger generation. It could not hurt the overall situation of the few families.

Xie Xian let go of his hand so that they wouldn’t be able to cause much trouble. If he and Tingwei Xi were to fall out with each other, the Cai family was not prominent in the court. Although they also ate the salary of the court, they couldn’t be compared to the Xi and Xie families, so he wouldn’t take them seriously.

Has Second Shen given birth yet?” Xiao Baoxin took the wet handkerchief from Tang Li and wiped her face. In the third stage of pregnancy, she basically wore no makeup every day, so she could wipe her face with a wet handkerchief. She had just gone out for a few rounds and was sweating again.

Cai Wei then said,”Probably not yet.””

She looked up at the sky.” Grand Madam and Old Madam both know that Madam is thinking about it. If there’s good news, they will definitely call someone over to inform Master Lang and Madam.”

The focus of the Xie family was on the Cai family’s production, so Cai Wei couldn’t go against the wind and sneak into Yi An Hall to inquire about the news.

Those who knew that she liked this kind of thing, but those who didn’t know would think that she was holding back something bad for her wife.

She still had to avoid this because she had a slim chance of survival during childbirth. Of course, they all hoped that Madam would give birth smoothly, but who could guarantee that there would be no ‘what ifes’?

If others were to find out, they wouldn’t suspect that their Furen had bad intentions, but they would inevitably lose the reputation of watching a good show.

“You haven’t given birth after so long?” Xiao Baoxin was also a little afraid. Madam Cai had already given birth to several children, so she should be able to do it soon.

She had also heard Xie Xian say that the first birth was more difficult, but it would be much smoother in the future.

Maybe it’s because I’m old.” Xie Xian consoled him, thinking that it might be because they hadn’t given birth after so many years.

She was even more terrified. She had already given birth to three children and was already on her fourth child. She had been tormented for so long and still had not given birth. What about Xiao Baoxin, the first child?

The couple looked at each other and then looked away. They didn’t want to discuss this topic.

It wasn’t until 11 o’clock that Yi Antang sent Zhilan over to report the good news.”I gave birth to a young master. He’s fair, fat, and very beautiful.”

Xiao Baoxin and Xie Xian let out a long sigh of relief. Madam Cai’s safe delivery was the greatest comfort to them.

Otherwise, if something happened to Madam Cai again, Xiao Baoxin would still be able to hold on, but Xie Xian would not be able to hold on. Even his liver would be trembling in fear.

“I’ll go over and take a look.”

Without waiting for Xiao Baoxin to get up, Zhilan stopped him,””Grand Furen specially instructed Furen not to be tormented over. It’s late at night and Furen’s body is heavy, so you must take care of your own body. If you have the heart, you can go tomorrow.”

He then said,”Grand Madame is also afraid that Furen will miss you, so she just finished seeing Thirteenth Wang and instructed this servant to quickly come over to report the good news.””

Xiao Baoxin asked about Madam Cai’s situation and knew that everything was fine. She did not follow him to Yi An Hall.

“Thank you for your hard work.” He only gave Tangli a look and rewarded her with a red seal when he sent Zhilan out.

As soon as Zhilan left and the door closed, Xie Xian let out a long sigh of relief and wiped the non-existent sweat from his forehead.

He kept feeling that his forehead was already covered in sweat, and his heart was trembling. Even when the plebeian Wang family forced the palace to rebel, he did not sit like this. He was already scared out of his wits..

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